Every nation has its own apprehension of heterosexual relationships. Some of them are more loyal and allow (and even appreciate) such concepts as polyamorous relationships, open relationships, harems, and so on; others have strict rules and a narrower understanding of marriage and dating. Ukraine stands out of the list – it correlates with both remarkable liberalism and relatively solid moral traditions. Let’s find out what Ukrainians think about family and marriage.

Of course, we are going to focus our attention on what Ukrainian girls think about the concept of relationships. Basically, Ukrainian women are concentrated on starting a family and having children. However, this statement is quite superficial.

ukranian relationship

An average Ukrainian family is based on the concept of dependence. For instance, a woman stays home and raises children while her spouse works to provide his family. Well, that was accurate twenty years ago. Modern young couples frequently prefer building their relationship in the way they want. It is a well-acknowledged fact that the sexual revolution took place in post-Soviet countries much later than in most Western countries. Nonetheless, Ukraine is considered the most progressive in terms of social development (as compared to the Russian Federation and Belarus).

Ukrainians women have some basic ideas of how a family should look (and most of them would rather find a husband that readily shares their apprehension). Here are some of them:

Men should be initiative and take the leaderships in relationships. Slavic countries have a strong influence of patriarchal traditions. Men have been leaders and rulers for many centuries, and nothing is going to change in the nearest future. However, women also have an important role in social development. In fact, most Ukrainian families are surreptitiously ruled by females. Ukrainian girls are quite intelligent and creative. They persuade their men to make various decisions in such a way that their husbands remain unaware of external impacts. Yet the visible leadership and men are in charge of starting a family.

Women are responsible for bringing up children. Of course, members of a family share responsibilities and household tasks in a relatively equal proportion. However, there is one thing that Ukrainian women prefer to do themselves. Raising children in most cases is mother’s responsibility. On one hand, husbands are too busy working and providing their families. On the other hand, women have a stronger connection with children and make better parents. We are not assuming men are overly worse parents. By far, some things can only be learnt from fathers. However, Ukrainian women would likely spend more time with children.

The members of a family should have their own private space. This idea derives from housing issues in post-Soviet countries. For instance, big families of two to three generations have to share small apartments. Therefore, children often live in the same room as their parents. Just imagine how exhausting that is! That is why Ukrainian women prefer to have some free space – both literal and figurative. We are not talking about legal cheating! Most of the Ukrainian women are 100% faithful and demand their spouses to be the same. This “free space” consists of a spare room for hobbies and reading, and a certain amount of free time.

Much can be said about Ukrainian traditions. But one universal rule works for every woman in the world – they all want to be loved and appreciated. It also works perfectly for Ukrainian women.

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