Every nation has its peculiarities. No matter if they are stereotypical or not, no matter if they are inherent among the majority, we still can talk about them in a quite objective mood. Ethnic characteristics take a significant place in the apprehension of one’s mentality.

We are here to talk about Ukrainian women. What makes them so special? How to understand her thoughts and emotions? Let’s look at Ukrainian mentality in details.

The first (and the most important) characteristic that builds your apprehension of Ukrainians is heart’s supremacy over the mind. Overly, Slavic people tend to believe their feelings instead of a cold logic (which is quite unusual in the modern world). Ukrainian women put their passions and emotions higher than any financial calculations and schemes. It is both an advantage and a weakness. On one hand, they are devoted wives and mothers; they are also religious and prudent. On the other hand, they might seem impulsive and harebrained. However, it is only a major idea while particular cases look completely different.

What should also be mentioned is Ukrainians’ nonconformist independence. This feature derives from political and geographical peculiarities of Ukraine’s history. For more than ten centuries, Ukraine has been a buffer zone between Russia and European countries. Moreover, approximately eight centuries were spent in a role of a constituent part of different empires and reigns (for instance, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union etc.). Of course, it had a huge impact on Ukrainian mentality.

Likewise, Ukrainian characters are rather individualistic. They cannot sustain someone’s superiority and always have their own opinions. As well, Ukrainian people (including young women) feel the need to provide themselves. It gives them the deep feeling of total independence and autonomy.

Family values are traditionally highly valued. The concept of family and its genesis differs from what you have seen in the Great Britain, for instance. They do not start families in order to sustain the house or the family name. Ukrainians just feel that having children and creating a strong and healthy partnership is the most important assignment of life. Simply stated, most of them see it as the sense if their existence.

ukranian woman

Now that we gathered some important information about Ukrainian mentality, let us move on to the particularities of Ukrainian dating:

  • Do not make her feel subject to you. Ukrainian girls, just as any citizen of this country, have a strong need in being free (which is not the same as being single). Do not take her love, skills and appreciation for granted – she is willing to give it to you because you deserve it.
  • Be a gentleman. Courteousness is still a thing in Ukraine. Open doors for her, help her get out of the car, give her a hand when the floor is slippery. It will demonstrate your feelings much better than any words or presents. Slavic women need your attention and love, not your money and titles.
  • Do not rush into dating. Ukrainian women like when men do everything at a slow pace. It gives both of you a chance to little by little get to know each other and, therefore, understand if it is really what you have been looking for and if it going to work out properly.
  • Be easy-going. Women in Ukraine love everything to be simple. You do not have to be marvelously inventive or creative to win her heart. A bit of intelligence with a pinch of respect will undoubtedly help you. Nonetheless, you just have to be real you – she will feel lies and pretense.
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