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Astrologers believe the way to a woman's heart is through... but everyone's is different! We reveal the secrets of the zodiac signs and tell you how to win them over.

Noticing a passionate beauty, you probably wondered how this beautiful woman to yourself. How to win her over? The answer suddenly appeared in astrology. Ask your lady of the heart her zodiac sign, and we'll tell you exactly how to impress a woman.

How to impress a woman you like

#1. How to impress a leo woman

A Leo woman is as ambitious and as passionate about winning as a man. She is passionate about career advancement, loves new acquaintances, interesting events and, of course, interest and attention to her person. She always has admirers, she is all the royally polite, dignified communication. Man who wants to attract a Leo girl must be at minimum wealthy, attractive and charismatic. Women Leo not even notice the quiet romantic, boring intellectual or uneducated bumpkin, but a beautiful and unobtrusive courtship, a sense of humor and good taste will certainly interest ee.

#2. How to impress a capricorn woman

If a Capricorn girl's personality appeals to you, you can start winning her over. It won't be easy, but the effort will be worth it. If you prove yourself worthy of her affection, you'll get the near-perfect woman everyone dreams of.

Advice from astrologers:

  1. Capricorn girls do not wear rose-colored glasses, so it's difficult to surprise her with flowers and romantic surprises. And she will not appreciate expensive gifts. But the strong male actions she will definitely be interested. Show that you are able to solve problems, that you are courageous and you have the qualities of "real men".
  2. Don't limit her freedom and independence - she will quickly run away from that kind of behavior. She should always be left with some personal space. If you get jealous and possessive, try to control her or forbid anything, she will quickly leave you.
  3. It's important for her to be able to rely on her man. Show her that you have a stable life, that you have clear goals and are taking concrete action to achieve them. You have to have a plan for life, otherwise there is no chance of building a relationship with Capricorn.

#3. How to impress a taurus woman

To stand a chance of success, a Taurus woman's suitor must be confident, know what she wants and be brave enough to go for it. But the golden mean rule is important here - brutal brashness will be rejected, and very quickly. It's also not a good idea to sing serenades and stage various theatrical scenes.

Taurus is alien to the show and she doesn't like when communication with a man turns into it. It is much better to take her to a restaurant or to an exciting event than to act out something yourself.

#4. How to impress a libra woman

To win a Libra woman, you must understand how she sees her ideal man. First, women of this sign cannot stand boredom, monotony makes them nervous, aggressive and irritable, with the result that conflicts will become inevitable. Therefore, you will have to constantly discover something new for her (and for yourself), whether it's music, movies or extreme sports.

Secondly, a Libra girl can never be won over by a man without character, as she will only stay with someone whose authority she can recognise and whose strength she can trust.

#5. How to impress a sagittarius woman

A Sagittarius lady has an unconventional character, the main features of which are:

Freedom from prejudice - such a girl is independent in her judgments, thoughts and actions. She is not afraid of being judged by others and is very natural in her behavior. At times some people even consider her extravagant in many views and ideas.

  • Honesty and sincerity - all that Sagittarius does, comes from the heart - laughter, admiration, tears. It is absolutely not peculiar to falseness and ambiguity of actions.
  • Cheerfulness and lightheartedness - this lady is able to infect all around with her cheerfulness and joy. She is always boisterous and enthusiastic. She cannot hold a grudge for long. Therefore, people are drawn to her and she always has a lot of friends, and of different characters and social level.

#6. How to impress a virgo woman

Despite her coldness, she chooses a partner purely out of love. Settlement or mere sympathy is not for her, as she believes in and waits for her love.

She can only be attracted by sincerity in the relationship and honesty towards her. Also, she will definitely appreciate her partner's intelligence if he can interest her. She is intelligent and loves to talk, so it is possible to captivate her with various interesting ideas and thoughts.

#7. How to impress a gemini woman

She will be attracted to a man who succeeds in captivating her both physically and spiritually.

It is also a good idea to intrigue her, so to speak, for the future. Intimate. Sex means a lot to these girls. There are no barriers for them in bed, and she needs the same partner - uninhibited and risky, not afraid of experiments. This is a bossy person, but in this respect, she needs a man who will be more assertive than she is. But not overly so. He should be a leader and dominant - but not too cocky.

#8. How to impress a scorpio woman

Scorpio women look for a man who is strong, faithful and passionate, in accordance with their own temperament. Weak and petty men cause them undisguised abhorrence, and certainly if she began to sneer and mock, not every man's psyche can withstand. This sign can not control girls, you can ask for something, advise, suggest, but do not force or prohibit anything to her, this will cool her interest once and for all.

#9. How to impress a aries woman

Aries girls are incorrigible romantics at heart. They believe in love to the grave and read chivalrous novels. To earn the love, try to match the lofty ideals of his beloved: sing a serenade, do crazy things and make grand gestures.

Courtship for the representative of this sign, do not stoop to outright flattery. They should know the difference between honesty and falseness.

#10. How to impress a pisces woman

 To impress a Pisces girl, be that "prince on a white horse" for her: give flowers, nice little things in a beautiful package, walk with her by the hand, kiss at sunset. She will appreciate touching letters and romantic messages, romantic recklessness, feats in her honor. Rudeness, rudeness and lack of manners could repulse a woman of this sign. Neither will she tolerate pressure and criticism, insults and reproaches. Do not hurry her, "sail up" not in a hurry, because the woman fish should be sure that you are not impersonating someone else and do not deceive her expectations.

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