Perhaps, there’s nothing more important than sex because it is the most powerful driving force behind individual actions. Specialists claim that the psychology of sexual attraction influences all aspects of human lives. The case is not only about sexual intercourse as such but about the way sexual energy motivates people to act this way or another. Read the following guide on our site with best Ukrainian brides to familiarize yourself with sexual attraction signs in a woman and to know what is sexual attraction.

what is sexual attraction

The Nature of Sexual Attraction: Biology and Psychology

Sexual attraction is the essence of all close personal relationships between men and women. Some even dare to say that friendship between a woman and a man does not exist, only love exists. Sexual attraction depends equally on the biology (physical appearance) of your body and psychology of your mind. Read the following points to know the science of sexual attraction.


Everything starts with looks. Two people get attracted to each other by what they consider beautiful in the appearance of each other. Your appearance depends not only on how your body looks. Looks are constructed from your clothes, movements, the manner you talk, stand, sit, etc. They way you do all of it represents you to the others. Some say that good looks is an open letter of recommendation winning you attraction points before you even get to say or do something. Most people who form close personal relationships find each other attractive and consider themselves beautiful because their partners view them so.

Some may say that attraction depends on beauty and that beauty depends on genetics. However, there’s no such thing as genetic sexual attraction. Attraction does not depend on beauty alone and even good looks do not depend on just genetics. For example, a particular hairstyle can make you look attractive while doing something else with your looks can make you unattractive. Therefore, genetics can influence how you look and act, but it is you who decide how to work with your looks and what to make from them. Moreover, all people have different tastes and one appearance can be attractive and unattractive at the same time for different people. In the same way beautiful mothers can have unattractive daughters or unattractive parents can produce a very attractive child. Genetics give you the material to work with but it is entirely up to you what to make from it.


It is obvious that something bigger motivates people to be attracted to each other, not just looks. Otherwise, there would be no difference between humans and animals. The premises of sexual attraction psychology imply that two partners fall in love not just because they like the looks. This is only a superficial façade. What happens beneath it is the romance of the minds, the friendship side of love, and platonic approach to each other.

Not all people who have sex are friends just as well as not all men and women who are friends have sex. But love implies friendship and the mental, not physical, side of the relationships between partners are not only any less important but, on the contrary, can be more important than looks.

Romantic Attraction vs. Sexual Attraction: Is There a Difference Actually?

romantic vs. sexual attractionNo Difference

The nature of opposition between romantic attraction and sexual attraction is random. The nature of this opposition is the same as with mind vs. looks discussion. Only those who want to see the difference can see it. In truth, sexual attraction goes alongside with romantic attraction. Where there is one, there will sooner or later pop another one if only one is patient enough. You simply can’t have regular sexual intercourse with a person without eventually falling in love with this person. In the same way, you can’t just be friends with a person of another sex without somehow being attracted to this person sexually.

Nevertheless, people often choose to see only one side of the coin which makes them ignore the other one. Some people choose sex and refuse to acknowledge their feelings. Some other people think sex can only ruin friendship. Both approaches are incorrect because where there is a real friendship between a man and a woman, there’s also love. And where there is sexual attraction, there will also be friendship. That is because a human being consists equally of physical matter and mental energy. Therefore, the issue of romantic attraction vs sexual attraction only exists in the minds of those who choose to ignore half of their being.


Romantic and sexual attraction is, essentially, one thing, the two sides of one coin. The illusive division appears when somebody chooses one side paying with the price of another one. For example, people who consider themselves unattractive prefer friendship to sexual relationships and have problems because of it. The so-called materialists, people who focus entirely on physical appearance and looks, choose to be driven only by physical attraction ignoring mental aspects, mind, and psychology or, in other words, something you cannot touch or see but only feel. They are also wrong. Love, just as well as the existence of an individual, should be balanced and harmonic in order to provide happiness. So, forget about the problem of romantic vs. sexual attraction and try to concentrate equally on them both because they are, essentially, the same.

Signs of Sexual Attraction in Women

There are many different signs of sexual attraction women give when they feel they want to be approached. It is, traditionally, up to a man to step up and make the first move. However, a man should know when the moment to make a move is appropriate. Everything is about the right moment. Usually, relationships start with sex because it takes more time to become friends and familiarize yourself with the mind of a woman. Therefore, one should know a sexual attraction sign when he sees one in order to know when to make a move and whether to make it at all. The following is the list of the most common and widespread female sexual attraction signs that will help you adjust your approach and, perhaps, get lucky.

Look in the Eyes

Making eye contact is a single most popular way to express interest. It is a sign of sexual attraction. When a woman makes long gazes regularly looking your way and enjoys looking you in the eyes for a considerable amount of time, it indicates that she is definitely attracted to you sexually, likes how you look, and considers you a suitable sexual partner. Your task is to maintain eye contact to show that you are also interested in the process of a gazing dialogue. However, don’t just stare for the long time because it makes you look spooky. Be moderate in your approach and make pauses. Then, of course, proceed and do your thing to get to know each other.


Women like to talk very much. They are naturally very communicative. Therefore, the more a certain woman talks with you, the more she likes you. Your ability to be interesting in the process of a conversation and contribute to the dialogue as well as your dialogue skills can attract a woman to you sexually even if she’s not crazy about your looks. Being good in conversation actually pays off because a woman considers it being a glimpse inside your mind. Therefore, sexual attraction builds through your mental appearance as an interesting person to talk to. So, you can easily try to approach a woman who, you think, likes talking to you.

intense sexual attraction signsTouch

In case a woman touches you at any occasion she has, consider it a sign of sexual attraction. She might be shy and hide everything as an accident or something else. For example, she might want to try the material your clothes are made of, but, in reality, this is just an excuse to touch you. She can pretend she helps you adjust your haircut but what she really wants is to touch you, to feel you a little bit. These are all the old tricks women do to show they are interested and to leave a chance to stay neutral in the case of a failure.


Sometimes a woman can show her sexual attraction in a very strange kind of way. She act violently and be aggressive in order to hide strong feelings. This kind of behavior is called passive/aggressive and when it works, it shows that a woman is really interested and attracted to you pretty strongly, so much she even doesn’t like it or feel it clearly. So, when a woman considers you to be her enemy, fight with you without any reason, argues a lot, and, in general, acts aggressively this might indicate that, paradoxically, she likes you. It is one of the most intense sexual attraction signs. She may actually be afraid to be rejected and rejects you in advance in order to safeguard her fragile ego. This is nothing else but mind games lovers often play with each other. You need to play along in order to win.

All in all, now you know the basic foundations of sexual attraction psychology. Keep in mind that love and happy relationships equally depend on physical and mental aspects of your personality. They way you look is also important. They way you think, feel, and live is just as important. Do not consider something to be more important than another one. Sexual attraction + friendship = love. You cannot have love without the half of what constitutes it. Try to avoid this usual mistake. And learn how to read the signs of sexual attraction. When a woman is interested in you sexually, she likes looking you in the eyes as if trying to get a glimpse of your soul. That’s why there is a saying that eyes are the mirrors of the soul. Stay balanced in order to be happy. Good luck!

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