If you think that you’re so cool and interesting, that any girl dreams to be with you, then we have bad news for you: sitting on the couch and feeding your ego, you risk spending your whole life alone. Women love self-confident men, and this is the main rule that you must remember. Even when giving your girlfriend expensive gifts, flowers, and so on, but staying indecisive and too shy to make a move towards her, you simply won’t stand a chance.

The same thing goes for Ukrainian ladies. If you’re still wondering how to attract girls from Ukraine, the answer is pretty simple and trivial - with your charisma and charm. No doubt, each woman is a unique personality that requires a different approach, but we put together the basic rules to help you figure out how to attract a girl from Ukraine.


1) Appearance


Rules: Pick the right outfit for each season; your shoes and clothes should always be clean and tidy; they shouldn’t be two sizes larger. And never come to the restaurant in beach shorts. The relevance is an important attribute when choosing clothes. Forget about cheap T-shirts with dull prints and caps - leave this crap to 17-year-old teens. To understand how to attract Ukrainian girls, learn to complement your image with good and high-quality accessories.

Your task: Revise your wardrobe, if there are clothes in it that you haven’t worn for more than a year, throw them out immediately, because you probably won't wear them again. Try to find your own style that will suit your personality perfectly. If you don’t have a taste at all, it’s better to seek professional help from a stylist. It’s pricey but still better than spending money on a bunch of T-shirts and jeans that you won’t wear because they don’t suit you at all.


Rules: You have to look after yourself, it’s common knowledge. You love beautiful and well-groomed girls, right? So why should they turn their attention to a guy who looks like a bum? You should get a normal haircut, have clean nails, look after your facial skin, and, of course, pump some muscles because most Slavic girls don’t pay attention to skinny guys.

Your task: If you want to know how to attract Ukrainian women, just make sure that you look awesome. Go to the gym and visit it regularly, get yourself a fashionable haircut, do a manicure and face cleaning. Today, men simply have to be well-groomed to attract attention. Create yourself an image that will appeal to you and the ladies around you.

2) Nonverbal communication

If you’re trying to figure out how to be attractive to girls from Ukraine, you need to understand that the way you behave means a lot to them. This is indicated by many factors, for example, posture, voice, gait, and your facial expressions. All this must be trained.

Your posture will give you a boost in self-confidence because a lot depends on it. When dating Ukrainian women, you should never slouch and avoid looking at the floor. Spread your shoulders, raise your head, your gait should be as confident as you are, and your face must be relaxed. When passing by the girl, be sure to smile at her, so she felt more relaxed if you suddenly decide to stop for a chat with her and get acquainted. You always must look directly at the girl. Speak slowly and clearly, make the right stresses, avoid parasite words as you speak. Ukrainian women fall in love through their ears, so if you have problems with your speech, you have almost no chance.

Non-verbal communication is one of your ways of expressing yourself, and if you learn to use this tool correctly, you’ll be able to get the girl's attention and make your conversation more interesting.


3) Self-confidence

What do girls find attractive the most? That’s right, a confident man. They are drawn to such guys unconsciously. If you have a lot of complexes, like many people do, stop whining, and start working on your problems. If you’re a bit overweight, sign up for the gym and stop eating a lot. Too skinny? Pump up your muscles. You have to think only this way because your complexes will eventually drive you to the bottom.

You should be impudent. That is, do what you want, without paying attention to morality. Just go and talk to the girl you like, and seduce her. Persistence is another important quality for any man, which implies the ability to overcome external and internal obstacles when achieving the goal and not give up while doing so. One more thing that also should be present is assertiveness, the opportunity to persuade and impose your desires on others, without regard to their opinion, achieve your goal at any cost and by all means.

4) Ability to keep the conversation going

This is what we have already talked about - girls like to hear a beautiful, literate, and clear speech from men. Therefore, you must work on your eloquence. When dating Ukrainian girls, you should choose the right topics for the conversation and ensure that your companion is interested in what you’re saying. Don’t ask too many questions; otherwise, she’ll feel like a criminal during the interrogation. The conversation must run smoothly. Speak with the right intonation and emotionally enough to make your words interesting for her to listen. Try some artistic techniques to make your speech rich in metaphors, epithets, hyperbolas, etc. You may not be the most beautiful guy in the world, but if you show that you have charisma and learn how to talk properly, then 90% of success is guaranteed.

5) Social status

What do Ukrainian girls find attractive about men as much as confidence? Personal achievements. So for a Slavic lady, your social status will play the role of a certain indicator and one of the defining attributes in choosing a partner. At the first stage, when you don’t know each other well, your status is not so important, but when your intentions concerning your companion become serious, you’ll have to work to become a respectable man. But here you should understand that social status means something more than a well-paid job. It demonstrates your ability to show leadership skills, which is among those things girls find attractive.

6) Dominant behavior

You may do what you want, but be sure to demonstrate that you’re the boss and the last word is yours. Your Ukrainian companion may say a million times that she’s not like other girls, that she can solve all her problems herself, and so on, but Slavic women can feel strong-willed men and want to hide behind their backs. Be gentle, be cruel, be romantic. You have to be different, act according to a situation.

7) Proper positioning

It’s all about how you position yourself, remember this. The girl who is next to you should clearly understand that you’re better than other guys and see why she chose you. Show your main advantages. How to charm a girl? The answer is simple - position yourself as a leader, make her think that you’re the best thing that ever happened to her, and you’re the man she wants to be with.

8) Touching

There are different kinds of touches - friendly, sexual, and intimate. During a certain period of your relationships, you need to choose the right ones. For example, if you have just gotten acquainted, don’t start touching her everywhere; limit yourself to shoulders and hands. If the girl doesn’t touch you at all, you’re friendzoned.

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