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Everyone wants to have a healthy relationship with their significant other, but how do you know what are the signs of a healthy relationship? Today we will answer this tricky question.

10 signs of a healthy relationship

We spend a lot of time discussing how to recognize destructive relationships that bring nothing but disappointment, resentment, frayed nerves, and problems.

Much less often do we talk about real and fruitful relationships. We invite you to familiarize yourself with signs of a healthy long term relationship:

Early signs of a healthy relationship №1

You stopped hiding your shortcomings

No one is perfect. But if we persistently try to convince someone that we are the pinnacle of perfection, then we will never be able to feel truly comfortable with that person and we will never allow them to know our true self.

In a healthy relationship, we are open to each other and are not afraid to show our partner the real us, we know that he or she loves us despite all our flaws.

Signs you have a healthy relationship №2

You ask questions

Do you constantly ask the person closest to you how they are, where they are going, and who they saw today? What may seem like an attempt to control or jealousy actually shows that we care about the other person, which allows us to strengthen the relationship and show interest and intimacy. Partners who don't ask each other any questions become emotionally isolated from each other. 

Signs of a good healthy relationship №3

You respect personal boundaries

Respecting boundaries is necessary to show love and respect for each other. According to experts, there is no healthy relationship without the principles that underlie emotional intimacy. What should be agreed upon first and foremost:

  • How you address each other
  • the level of intimacy and public display of affection you are comfortable with
  • about your privacy and your space (which of your own things would you not want your partner to touch? Can he or she accept that you spend time alone?)
  • how you behave on social media (is it okay to post photos of you together? Can you change your relationship status?).

Signs of a strong healthy relationship №4

Basic orientation to values.

A good sign that your relationship will last is if your core values are closely synchronized.

Studies show that the more partners are involved in jointly addressing key life issues (such as money, children and their upbringing, religion, etc.), the more likely they are to live together for life.

That's why it's important to have a serious "values discussion" in the early stages of a relationship. This is a basic orientation to what is most important to a person. And this is unlikely to change.

Signs you`re in a healthy relationship №5

You accept each other's past

Each of us has our own past. Accepting the fact that in the past your significant other had a close and beloved person and that person was not you is painful, of course, but necessary.

Don't be afraid to talk about the past. You can't take the words out of a song, and if you flatly refuse to even hear that a person had someone before you, then you are simply cutting off a significant part of their life.

In a healthy relationship, as we said above, there are no taboo topics, no senseless jealousy, especially for something that is in the past.

Signs of a happy healthy relationship №6

You remain yourself

When we talk about "we" and "ours" in a relationship, a thriving relationship is one in which two people consider each other a couple and at the same time maintain their identity to be themselves. Individual experiences allow us to develop our personal lives, which can also be of great benefit to the relationship we have with our partners.

Signs of a healthy marriage relationship № 7

You don't give each other grounds for suspicion.

Even if your partner has done something that seems wrong to you, such as coming in late at night, you think their intentions are good and they did it unintentionally.

Instead of looking for someone to blame, you talk to your partner about how you feel. And then you see if you can change the situation in the future.

But if it can't be changed and you're not happy with it, think about whether the relationship is right for you.

Signs of a healthy relationship when dating № 8

You solve problems together instead of avoiding them.

The ability to solve problems "in a healthy way" is a sure sign of a good relationship. Problems are part of life and should not be seen as something bad to be avoided.

They can provide opportunities for growth and strengthen ties and commitments to each other.

It takes courage to tackle problems, but the reward is a stronger and safer relationship.

Signs of a healthy long-distance relationship № 9

You are independent

You can communicate with friends and family, plan your affairs, and meet your own needs. Your partner is neither a parent nor a crutch. You know that as dependence grows, the fear of losing the relationship increases, and then necessity takes precedence over desire. However, independence has no absolute value: everyone in a couple is independent in order to value intimacy more. The couple must find a balance that suits everyone.

The best sign of a healthy relationship № 10

You are developing

Your relationships are the force that pushes you forward. They allow you to grow and reinvent yourself. A healthy emotional attachment is interdependent and healing in nature, as it allows you to break the cycle of repetition of painful experiences and heal from some past wounds. You feel valued and accepted without trying to remake yourself.

Does your current relationship meet these criteria? If not, you might want to listen to your intuition. Deep down, you know if your current partner is right for you. Remember that loneliness, hormones, and butterflies in the stomach can cloud the mind of even the most sensible woman. But a clear understanding of what a healthy relationship is will help you clarify the picture - say "goodbye" to a hopeless romance and recognize your person when they appear on your doorstep.

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