If you think that it's time to put an end to your bachelor life and propose to your Ukrainian girlfriend, these simple tips will help prepare for such a significant event and make everything perfect, so that you have an idea of how to propose. The thing is that for Ukrainian women, dating and marriage are the most important things in life, so there’s a huge responsibility on your shoulders.

It’s better to think everything over and plan such a serious step. When asking a Ukrainian girl to be your wife spontaneously, you’ll most likely get a positive answer, but at heart, your lady will be disappointed. Believe me, no girl dreams of a boring proposal. Even the most unpretentious Ukrainian girls for dating will appreciate a beautiful and romantic surprise.

Check your goals

Before you marry a Ukrainian woman, you should make sure that you not only love each other but also to figure out if your visions of the future of your life together match. Because if it turns out that you expect absolutely different things from your marriage, a breakup will become the end of your story.

Unlike Ukrainian women for dating, ladies with more serious intentions plan their future life ahead. So it’s important to make sure that you share opinions on such issues as:

  • The place where you will live after the wedding;
  • How many kids you’re going to have;
  • How much money you need and who will be providing for your family;
  • How much time you are going to devote to your job and family;
  • How the household duties will be distributed in your home and if your attitude towards it is the same;
  • The role of the parents in your family life;

All these points are important for Ukrainian women for marriage, so it’s better to answer these questions in one way or another. Any disagreements even in two or three points can cause conflicts in the future.

Propose unexpectedly

How to propose to a Ukrainian woman? Make it a surprise. If you have discussed all of the above-mentioned questions with your loved one, she probably already knows about your intentions. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that the proposal itself was a complete surprise for her. This way you’ll give her unforgettable vivid emotions, which is priceless for all Ukrainian girls for marriage. Approach this moment with creativity.


Choose the engagement ring

Perhaps the most difficult thing when planning a wedding is choosing an engagement ring. All Ukrainian girls for marriage dream of a beautiful ring.

You can’t buy it with your girlfriend’s help; otherwise, there will be no surprise. And choosing it yourself can be a challenging task. You need to know not only the right size but also your beloved’s preferences. The ring should be beautiful and comfortable, as your future wife will have to wear it. While finding out the right size is relatively easy (you may ask her friends or relatives, for instance), choosing the design is not.

Look at what rings your girlfriend wears in everyday life. Pay attention to their color, size, shape, style, and but something similar, that will harmonize with her other accessories.

Choose a day

Some believe that proposing on a holiday, for example, on a birthday, on eight of March, or on New Year's Day, is a good idea. In fact, it’s up to you here. If you propose on a holiday, your girlfriend will associate this holiday with this important event for the rest of her life. But some people want to choose a simple day and make it special. And think of some proposal ideas.

Write a speech

When proposing, there won’t be enough to just ask: "Will you marry me?" You need to tell your Ukrainian bride about your feelings for her, about how your life changed after meeting her, and why you chose her. Your speech should not be too long; the main thing here is to speak from the heart. If you think that you might forget the right words, write her a letter, put it into the envelope, and give it to her.

Share the news

If you have such an opportunity, tell your girlfriend’s parents about your intentions and ask for their blessing. It’s important if you’re going to marry a Ukrainian girl. It’s better to inform your closest relatives in person, and not by phone or on social networks.

All Ukrainian girls dating guys think about future marriage, so no matter how hard you try to make a surprise, your Slavic girlfriend won’t be too excited.

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