How often do you hear that online Ukrainian dating has nothing in common with in-person communication? Quite often, I’ll bet. Indeed, building a relationship with a beautiful girl from overseas may be more difficult than just flirting with her on a Ukrainian dating site. When you don’t see each other and have plenty of time to think out a creative answer to a particular question, it all seems to be fun.

Yet the things may change once you’ve met in reality and have to somehow establish the strong emotional bond. To make this process as smooth as possible, you need to master the basics of dating culture accepted in your significant other’s native society.

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Here are the most important facts to know about Ukrainian ladies

Every nation has its peculiarities. No matter if they are stereotypical or not, no matter if they are inherent among the majority, we still can talk about them in a quite objective mood. Ethnic characteristics take a significant place in the apprehension of one’s mentality.

We are here to talk about Ukrainian women. What makes them so special? How to understand her thoughts and emotions? Let’s look at Ukrainian mentality in details.

The first (and the most important) characteristic that builds your apprehension of Ukrainians is heart’s supremacy over the mind. Overly, Slavic people tend to believe their feelings instead of a cold logic (which is quite unusual in the modern world). Ukrainian women put their passions and emotions higher than any financial calculations and schemes. It is both an advantage and a weakness. On one hand, they are devoted wives and mothers; they are also religious and prudent. On the other hand, they might seem impulsive and harebrained. However, it is only a major idea while particular cases look completely different.

ukrainian dating girlsWhat should also be mentioned is Ukrainians’ nonconformist independence. This feature derives from political and geographical peculiarities of Ukraine’s history. For more than ten centuries, Ukraine has been a buffer zone between Russia and European countries. Moreover, approximately eight centuries were spent in a role of a constituent part of different empires and reigns (for instance, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union etc.). Of course, it had a huge impact on Ukrainian mentality. Likewise, Ukrainian characters are rather individualistic. They cannot sustain someone’s superiority and always have their own opinions. As well, Ukrainian people (including young women) feel the need to provide themselves. It gives them the deep feeling of total independence and autonomy.

Family values are traditionally highly appreciated. The concept of family and its genesis differs from what you have seen in the Great Britain, for instance. They do not start families in order to sustain the house or the family name. Ukrainians just feel that having children and creating a strong and healthy partnership is the most important assignment of life. Simply stated, most of them see it as the sense if their existence.

In addition to a strong sense of a family, Ukrainian females are gifted with a sense of monogamy. Most of them hope to find one and only partner to love and to build their further lives with. Not that there were no polyamorous girls in the Eastern Slavic region but their number is considerably smaller than the number of those who long for long-lasting fidelity. Keep this in mind if you think about dating a Ukrainian woman.

Another kind of love Ukrainians experience is love towards their Motherland. As the rule, they do love their country and are typically patriotic yet not aggressive towards other nations. I’d say they know where the golden mean is: on the one hand, a regular local girl is willing to live in her native state and improve it; on the other hand, she is eager to open new horizons by meeting strangers from around the globe.

The last but obviously not the least trait of Ukrainian ladies I want to tell you about is femininity. Yes, in comparison to women in the West, these female creatures are excessively girlish. They love spending hours on their makeup and outfit picking; they have taste in clothing and tend to follow global fashion trends. Yet this is just the outermost layer! If we dig deeper, we will see that femininity is encoded in their genes, their behavior, and worldview. But please do not mistake this characteristic for weakness: Ukrainian women tend to be strong-minded and determined.

Essential rules of Ukrainian dating everyone should know

Now that we gathered some important information about Ukrainian mentality, let us move on to the particularities of Ukrainian dating. I prepared some working tips on how to attract and date the woman of your dream. Do not make her feel subject to you. Ukrainian girls, just as any citizen of this country, have a strong need in being free (which is not the same as being single). Do not take her love, skills, and appreciation for granted – she is willing to give it to you because you deserve it.

Be a gentleman. Courteousness is still a thing in Ukraine. Open doors for her, help her get out of the car, give her a hand when the floor is slippery. It will demonstrate your feelings much better than any words or presents. Slavic women need your attention and love, not your money and titles.

Do not rush into dating. Ukrainian women like when men do everything at a slow pace. It gives both of you a chance to little by little get to know each other and, therefore, understand if it is really what you have been looking for and if it going to work out properly. Likewise, these ladies long for romantic adventures that happen at the initial stage of any relationship.

Be easy-going. Women in Ukraine love sophistication but it doesn’t mean they won’t be amazed at simple signs of attention. You do not have to be marvelously inventive or creative to win her heart: it is more important to be honest with your love interest and provide her with mental comfort.

happy_coupleDemonstrate your intellect. Slavs were always been famous for their impressive mind properties and their women fall for brainy men. It is a huge misconception that all females who go online in searches of love are stupid opportunists. A bit of intelligence with a pinch of respect will undoubtedly help you instantly charm Ukrainian girls online and live. Project sincerity. People in Ukraine dislike artificiality even though it comes from some etiquette rules. For example, they don’t tend to smile if they aren’t in the mood for it, nor do they like pretending to be in love with someone who wears a mask. You just have to be real you – she will feel lies and pretense.

Let her know that your intentions are fair. It’s already clear that most Eastern Slavic women are oriented on long-term serious relationships. Dating a Ukrainian girl, you should remember about her priorities so if you feel you aren’t ready to take your romantic life to another level, it may be better to not fool your mate.

Don’t skip the wooing stage. Ukrainian dating girls want men to fawn over them. The very basic thing they want to receive from you is your attention, which is normally linked to care. They also seek creativity in males – if you can invent something non-conventional to cheer your woman up, her heart will be yours.

Study her culture and let her study yours. International dating will be successful only if we try to understand what stands behind our friend’s behavior, i.e. their cultural and national backgrounds. Ukrainians are typically broad-minded and they gladly embrace foreign trends. When you manage to find a decent girl from this land, she will likely be excited about such information exchange.

Unleash your masculinity. Since Ukrainian girls are excessively feminine, they look for men who’d complete them. In their view, a harmonious couple should unite male and female essences. Just like in many other countries worldwide, female rights in Ukraine become equal with male rights yet in a romantic sense, the distinction remains.

Become her rock. This is the function a real man is supposed to perform. While a woman is born to be a hearth keeper (as Ukrainians view it), her husband or boyfriend should protect her, help her manage some problematic situations and provide her with a sense of stability. In return, a Ukrainian girl who really loves you will also surround you with support and respect.

Prove your affection. Mental and material expressions of your feelings should be combined. You know, Slavic girls like to receive gifts as the evidence of their partners’ love. Don’t forget to occasionally treat your beloved one with simple yet meaningful things she will definitely associate with you.

Let’s sum up

Would you now say that dating real women from Ukraine is hard? It is obvious that different nations have different views on romance but if you are armed with information, many problems go away from your love life. You probably see that Ukrainian females do not expect their potential lovers invent any crazy things, they only long for understanding and appreciation. They might be slightly more fastidious than girls in other European countries or in the USA but it’s just because of their willingness to someone truly special. I’m convinced that you are now ready to take up Ukrainian dating online and then switch to real interaction!

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