Sometimes, being inside a situation, it is very difficult to look at it objectively and understand what things you want in a relationship. It happens that some vague feeling of dissatisfaction is gnawing, but you can’t “catch” it to analyze something even for yourself. We will help you clarify this difficult situation.

how to figure out what you want in a relationship

What Do Men Want in a Relationship?

Every woman would like to make her man the happiest, but not every woman understands what he needs for real happiness. So, what do men want in a relationship? Women have been thinking about this issue for a very long time. Perhaps, the future of a couple and the happiness of each of its participants depend on the correct answer to it. The main thing is to adapt and know what to expect. Everything is extremely simple. And the main points are below.

  • Stability. What do guys want in a relationship? A real man is not looking for a girl for a couple of weeks. He subconsciously wants a long and productive relationship (life together, family, and so on).

  • Understanding. There are failures and falls in life. So, first of all, a man is looking for support and understanding in his girlfriend.

  • A bit of freedom. If a woman constantly monitors his every step, a man will be nervous and feel discomfort from distrust. Of course, if there are reasons for this, then it changes the situation, but if there are none, then a woman should give a man an opportunity to meet with friends, go to a cafe and, in general, let him have some personal life. Even if he loves to play computer games, thus, he relieves stress. Men need a little bit of rest from their Ukrainian brides (wives) – this is one of the main guarantees of happy family life, and this is one of the basic things guys want in a relationship.

  • Tasty food. Men love to eat tasty food. By the way, they are not very bad at cooking but expect it from their chosen ones. This doesn’t mean that a woman needs to spend days in the kitchen, but she should cook delicious food at least once a day. This is what makes a man happy, emphasizing that he has chosen a girlfriend correctly, and then there comes the realization that she is the best.

  • Smart girl. When it comes to serious relationships (usually, it happens after 23 years), attention is drawn to the girl’s mind. If there is nothing in the head, there is no clear life position, and the goals are primitive, then this will be the beginning of the end even though the level of attraction for a girl almost flows into passionate love. First of all, serious and wise wives are what men want in a relationship.

  • Commitments. There is the realization that the word “I” doesn’t exist anymore, but “we” have come instead. Living for each other, trying for each other and making each other happy – this is what lies in male psychology, although almost none of the men will tell about it.

  • Intimacy. Relationships can’t be strong without sex. This is one of the important details in the mechanism of love. Here it is better to realize men’s fantasies (at least, in part), and then he will be happy. And this is what guys want in a relationship.

  • Trust. Despite all their strength (moral and physical), yes, men sometimes need to be uttered. Everyone has problems, and everything can be solved, but the opportunity to relieve one’s soul by saying something important or personal to the chosen one is the real value. The ability to trust and not be deceived or cheated – this is what men want in a relationship.

Attention. It's about simple human attention, talking, noticing mood changes, chatting, wondering, and spending time together. If this is not so, a man immediately thinks, “She doesn’t love me \she is not comfortable with me.”

What Do Women Want in a Relationship?

Understanding what relationships are and also what they should ideally be is fundamentally different for men and women, which often causes serious disagreements and quarrels that lead to a breakup. what do I want in a relationship?For example, many men don’t understand why some word or deed causes the tears and scandals if, in fact, a guy didn’t say anything that could cause such a reaction. Actually, everything is quite simple. Any woman wants respect, attention and positive emotions, and it is not so difficult to create. So, what are the most important things in a relationship to which any woman aspires?

  • Intimacy. Women need to communicate much more than men, and their level of socialization is much higher. Women love heart-to-heart conversations, movies about love and close relationships. They want to know what a man thinks and what is in his heart. Her constant calls and seemingly stupid questions at first glance don’t aim at finding out your favor, the woman wants to hear what you think about her. Intimacy plays a greater role for a woman than sex and physical intimacy.

  • Surprises. Girls like attentive guys. And it can be manifested in different ways. Meet after university or work, remember her mother’s birthday, every day calls and questions like how the day was – these small details can greatly affect the overall impression. And, of course, compliments and nice words please all girls. By the way, let’s say a few words about surprises. They’re necessary. How to find out what a girl wants to get as a gift? Look, you need to hint that you have a surprise for her and ask a girl to guess what it is. Most likely, at first, the girl will name what she would like to receive.

  • Romance. This is always important for any woman (even the strictest and restrained). A walk along the beach, a gorgeous bouquet of roses, a song written or performed specially for her – these are just a few romantic ideas! Be creative!

  • Gratitude. Here is another important thing in the issue of what women want in a relationship. Women need gratitude for every action: for every delicious dinner or beautiful breakfast, washed clothes or ironed pants. Women are very pleased when men appreciate their beauty, make them compliments, pay attention to small changes in appearance, and so on. It is very important that they are diverse and emphasize the best female qualities.

  • Protection. A woman should feel safe with a man. No matter how a woman looks outwardly, a little girl who needs protection and care lives inside her. After all, without this, women waste their femininity.

  • Support. You will not be able to build a good relationship only on that simple basis that you are a man. You should be able to take a part of her duties on your shoulders. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility and participate in your relationship. If you don’t do all this, then a logical question arises: why does she need you then? After all, she can cope perfectly with all the rest without you.

  • Joy and positive. And the last but not less important aspect is that every woman wants a relationship to bring joy and positive emotions! Few women love too serious, boring men living a measured life, but all of them are attracted to sociable, cheerful people with a sense of humor. If there is no joy and positive, then there is no sense in a relationship.

How to Figure Out What You Want in a Relationship?

Sometimes we can’t always clearly say what we want from a relationship with a loved one. As a rule, there is a certain general image of “big and bright love,” and it is not easy to understand what obvious actions and scenarios are behind this. And when it is not clear what we need, the relationship is more difficult to build. In this case, we can’t understand and explain to a partner what and how to do. But there are a number of questions that will help you better understand your needs. They are quite simple and accessible to everyone. So, what do you want in a relationship? Answer these simple questions.

What are your needs?

First, sit down and write down a list of approximate things of what you want in a relationship. The task of the list is to indicate the direction, to see the outlines of the needs that you want to understand. It is good if you can attract your partner to this work so that he or she also has own list as a result. Working together is always more interesting, and the results are higher.

Whether respect is important?

How to figure out what you want in a relationship? Answer this question. Respect must be important in a relationship. You should feel that your partner respects you and you respect yourself and both of you don’t violate rules and principles in anything. Otherwise, the relationship will bring only disappointment.

Do you need good sex?what women want in a relationship

If you don’t even think about sex, then why do you enter into a relationship? Healthy sexual life is important. Although many couples find it easier to have sex than to talk about it from time to time. However, you should talk, otherwise, you will never know what your partner is investing in the concept of “good sex.”

Do you need intimacy?

How to know what you want in a relationship? Good sex is great, but sometimes we want to lie down, hugging and talking after it. And if your mental abilities are limited, a relationship with a person is unlikely to bring you joy. Sex doesn’t count.

Whether you need serious attitude?

We know for sure that in a relationship, many people want to be able to fool around a bit. Feel like a child and feel loved too. Lovely nonsense and carefree laughter will bring you very close as a couple.

Do you understand that goosebumps and butterflies in the stomach are important?

Probably one of the most important indicators of what you feel good with a person is when you have butterflies in your stomach before your every meeting and goosebumps from his or her every touch. This means that you react to it both physically and spiritually, mentally and psychologically. It also an indicator of the fact that you need care in a relationship.

Do you understand basic issues?

How to ask for what you want in a relationship? Look, is a marriage license important? Do you want children and when? How will you build relationships with your parents? All this is very important, and people whose worldviews don't match can be hardly called happy. It is highly desirable that your political and religious views more or less coincide because if everyone regularly tries to defend their points of view, your relationship will turn into a battlefield.

Do you want to improve?

If you still ask, “What do I want in a relationship?” then answer this question. The fact that you are now in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you should completely dissolve in it. Don’t give up your hobbies, continue to achieve the goal that has long been set, etc., and let your partner do the same. You must complement each other, not destroy. If you think that you are a busy person, then, most likely, you also look for a soulmate who self-improves, learns something new, etc. You need constant improvement in a relationship.

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