It is a frequently asked question, "How to find a girlfriend?" Hundreds of articles have been written about this, but it is still relevant. Today we will talk about the average looking guy syndrome, we will figure out how do you get a girlfriend if you're shy, how to get a girlfriend if you're fat, and etc. All of these issues will look rather stupid in the rearview mirror of your personal life.

how to get a hot girlfriend

Why Most Guys Are Afraid of Approaching a Hot Girl?

We conducted a survey of men and found that most of them are afraid of approaching beautiful women. According to statistics, 70% of men, when choosing between a stunning beauty and a girl with average looks, will prefer the second option. Sounds unfair, right?

Ah, if only they knew how much time women spend in front of their mirrors, in shops, beauty salons, fitness clubs to please these men. So what, it’s all for nothing? An expert from the Sex Education Center and, of course, men themselves will help us answer this question today. We’ve talked to a few friends of ours on their opinion on this matter, here’s what they had to say.

John - 31 years old, businessman

Why are we afraid of beautiful women? This question is not all men ask themselves. But 90% of us face it at least once our lives!

It's no secret that each man is proud in his own way and wants to see a worthy partner next to him! However, taking into account all these desires, we often shy at the sight of an insanely beautiful girl and do not dare to speak with her. I’ll say from experience that when I see such a “goddess” in front of me, several questions flash through my head, "She probably has a boyfriend. I mean, such a beauty cannot be single! I cannot just approach the woman of this caliber. She probably has a boyfriend that is stunning and quite wealthy, does she? And even then, how do I approach such a woman? Obviously, she is very popular among men who attack her with attention every day, while displaying the entire supply of creativity in their pathetic attempts to conquer her heart."

These questions are just the beginning of the story! As a result, we drive ourselves into a corner of uncertainty and fear of rejection or, even worse, being ignored altogether! It’s difficult to raise self-esteem, it’s easy to drop it! And we begin to come up with excuses like, "You will not be able to financially support such a relationship. You will constantly worry about other males with the same desire, and in general, you will not be able to fully match their level!" As a result, having evaluated the pros and cons, you decide to ignore a possible source of uncertainty and a notorious loss. Some men force their standards way down, start dating overweight girlfriends, and there’s nothing wrong with that if this is your sort of thing, but if this is something that you do just because there are no other options – you have some problems.

What can I say, a man by nature must be a winner and, as practice shows, not always a conqueror! That's why there is an opinion that when we are afraid of insanely beautiful girls, we don’t really want to lose!how to get a hot girlfriend if you're average

Kevin - 29 years old, journalist

It is a problem for many men. And its main reason is self-doubt, self-reliance. Most men are pathologically afraid of rejection, and in the case of a beautiful lady, its likelihood, in their opinion, increases significantly. Who wants to hurt their carefully cultivated vanity? Often, when looking at a pretty long-legged (or short-legged, everyone has different tastes) lady, the thought creeps into my head, “Well, such a beauty would certainly have someone more handsome, richer, funnier, smarter than me!”

A man is afraid to look unpresentable next to a beautiful girl, afraid to not match her. In addition, there is a stereotype that beautiful ladies communicate exclusively with the oligarchs and are unlikely to want to see your cheap little apartment. At the same time, such men are in no hurry to change their lives to become more attractive to beauties. “So, I’ll have to dig your favorite dirt out from under the nails, and I have been saving it for so many years!” Do I need to go to the gym?! Find a job? Well, nope." In general, it is easier to surrender than to accept the humiliation.

Michael - 35 years old, photographer

Many men simply do not see the point of meeting very beautiful women, based on their financial wellbeing and capabilities. After all, a luxurious woman needs a luxurious life.

People do not like to be rejected, and therefore, they do not always want to try to get to know each other, assuming in advance that they will face rejection. It turns out that the easiest way to meet such beauties is to use dating sites, as it’s not scary to be rejected, and the girls are basically already free from relationships and ready for something new.

These were the opinions of why there are some difficulties when it comes to approaching beautiful women. Well, we will continue on discussing this topic further, but in the meantime, you can get registered on single ladies dating sites, don’t waste your time and start meeting right now.

Let’s move on and answer simple questions, "How to get a girlfriend if you are ugly? How to get a girlfriend if you don’t have the best looks?"

Which Traits Are Attractive to Women Apart from the Appearance?

Sure, it is hard to find a woman that does not dream of the ideal man, in whom all the best qualities and positive traits of character would be embodied. Everyone wants to find such a person in their life! But what qualities should a man possess to be truly the very best in the eyes of his woman? How to get a girlfriend if you're ugly?


A real man should respect everyone. He should have a special respect for women. And, most importantly, a lot of respect for his woman of heart.


A man with whom a woman plans further serious relationships should be family-oriented. The way he treats his family and friends is an indicator of how he will continue to value his wife and children.


If a woman’s chosen one loves to cheat on her or lie to her, there will never be trust and sincerity in such a relationship. And it is very tiring for a woman to live in such an environment.


This is the quality of truly strong people. The ability to be lenient with other people's mistakes is a rarity in our time.


It is equally important for the man to be able to listen, pay attention to details, and feel the mood of his woman.


Intelligence is so important in life, especially in personal life. A man should have his own goals set for the future, he must know his strengths and weaknesses, and must always strive to become better.

Sense of humor

A cheerful, optimistic man with a good sense of humor is capable of healthy self-irony and can relate to life with ease. And women can’t find it in men nowadays.


There’s always this guy in a company of friends, the most sociable one, the most charismatic one, he always attracts attention, he is sincere and sweet, he is loved and appreciated by everyone around. It is so nice when a man can keep up the conversation, and not sit out somewhere in the corner.

Confidencehow to get a hot girlfriend if your ugly

Calmness, prudence, and firm self-confidence magnetically attract women. It is so important to feel a reliable man’s shoulder and feel protected like you are behind a stone wall.


Just an invaluable quality, when a woman does not even need to say or hint at anything - a man understands her desires just by looking at her.

How Can an Average Looking Guy Be More Attractive?

You always dreamed of being handsome, driving the most inaccessible women crazy. Beauty is power, just like money, just like a loaded gun. Do you want to be deadly attractive? What should an average looking guy do?

Modern American writer Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, wrote, "Beauty is power, as well as money, as well as a loaded gun." You always wanted to be the one, the one with power, the one with money, and the one with a loaded gun, right? So, let’s begin the transformation process. How to change the appearance and become more attractive to women?

Male beauty is something different from female beauty. It is not so much about a man’s appearance as about his character and behavior. It feels like every single day, hundreds of articles online on this topic are being posted, they try to find the answers to the most troubling of questions, for example, how to take care of yourself, what to wear, how to train the body, but what should you do about your mind? How to be the man a woman needs, and not a man who needs a woman?

Great voice and speech

How to get a hot girlfriend? One of the good masculine qualities is the ability to be a great talker. Beautiful, confident, and sexy speech of a man attracts women. A good pattern of speech will make it easier to convey your emotions, intentions, and thoughts. In addition to a great speech pattern, you should be quick-witted. This is the ability to argue with someone, maintain any conversation, tell stories, and make jokes. A sense of humor is one of the sexiest features of a man.

The determination of a man

How to get a hot girlfriend if you're average? Find determination. Adults understand the importance of the goals and plans of men. A man who knows what he wants and has clear ambitions will always be more attractive than a guy that is going with the flow. Do not be average or spontaneous. A man, with his impressive plans and dreams, attracts many lonely female hearts.

Kindness and aggressiveness of a man

How to get a hot girlfriend if your ugly? Do not rush to take kindness for weakness, and rudeness for strength. When a man behaves rudely and aggressively with others - this is immediately noticeable. A man that can control his emotions is an attractive man. They definitely love children and are suitable for creating a family. But it does not mean that a man cannot stand up for himself. Strength lies in kindness. The man immediately shows fangs and claws if necessary. But it is better for others not to wake up the aggressive side of the man.

The character traits of a man

A man is a strong personality. Build your brand and maintain its reputation. A man has a firm point of view, which does not depend on the situation and desires of others. This is especially true when dealing with women. "Weaker girls without character sleep alone in their bed. And men with a strong character are attractive to women. To the point of trembling chest and shaking knees.

The man is confident and is always moving forward

How to get a hot girlfriend? Be confident. A man feels confident in any place and in any situation. This woman is lost and begins to worry, but the man is confident and is ready for anything. He is like a chameleon or a fish in the water. He is flexible and open to communication. He changes with the world and does not standstill.

A man knows a lot about women

How to get a really hot girlfriend? Learn. You have to be the man that knows a lot about women. He is not proud of his success with women and is modestly silent about the victories in his personal life. He attracts women. He does not need to be taught anything. He does not force events in a relationship. You should be the man who knows a lot about women and how to act around them.

The attractiveness of a man lies not so much in his physical appearance, as in his qualities. And anyone can change them.get a hot girlfriend

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: Working Tips

If you do not have a personal life, long-legged beauties do not come knocking on your doorstep. And if you sleep alone at night, then it means that something is wrong. Why don't you have a woman that brightens up your gray everyday life? There are three factors that determine your success with women.

Why am I alone? This question is asked by many men all across the world each and every day. A man realizes that he is completely calm in his personal life, and long-legged beauties are in no hurry to keep a company. The fact is that a man makes one of three mistakes that lead to loneliness. You can blame all women for lack of taste, mercantile spirit, and other sins. But to be honest with ourselves, we can see that some men always have girls and even a few at the same time. Everything is much simpler than you think. Men have no girlfriends for three reasons.

What prevents a man from finding a girlfriend?

1. Low sexuality of a man

The thing is that women do not want to see by their side, in bed, and in life in general, those men who do not turn them on and do not excite them. All men like well-groomed girls, but men themselves sometimes forget to look attractive, neat, athletic, and sexy.

Some men rarely care for their hygiene and have an unpleasant aroma of sweat. Other men do not have a well-groomed hairstyle or do not watch their hair at all. Old, dirty, and wrinkled clothes also do not add any appeal to your image. Stooped shoulders, being too skinny, too overweight, lack of muscles. A gym for a man is like a cosmetics hall and a fitness club for girls. A man who does not play sports does not impress girls with his appearance in 95% of cases. A man should look at himself in the mirror in a critical manner or ask friends to evaluate him. Females will immediately see a flaw in the form of a man’s ass, a fat face, lack of muscles, poor clothes, or an overall non-sexual look.

2. Weak character

Gray men who have no goals, plans, and dreams, have already come to terms with the course of life and are going with the flow. Men whose interests end in drinking beer and watching TV do not really inspire girls.

Weak men do not arouse women's interest. When a man can’t put a girl in her place, and the lady herself bends him to her will. Women are attracted to males, who give them the ability to be weak. Women are attracted by the strength of men, a strong character. All other males are not worthy of love and sex.

3. Choosing the wrong girls

There are men who never learned how to choose girls. They begin to date those who are not worth their attention. Men are too infatuated with beauty and sexuality. They stare at stupid, vulgar, and trashy women who were picked up at a night club or other place where low-lives hang out.

There are a lot of good girls, but they do not sit around in taverns, you cannot just pick them up on the street, and they are not dressed like whores. Men react to bright things, once you start dating the wrong girl, you derail your life into the ground. Men should turn on their brains and choose good girls. Pay attention to those girls whom you would otherwise consider ordinary. Anything is better than low-life whores, sluts, and other trash like that.

It is easy to find yourself a girl if you are going to turn the mistakes above into something meaningful. The most important thing is that someone will be there to make you happy, love you.

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