As for me, this is a very interesting and difficult topic. For girls, being overweight has always been the greatest of fears, especially when a woman is prone to being overweight. If you feel like “my girlfriend getting fatter and I like it” then you are fine, just remember some health concerns that are associated with excess weight.

On the one hand, saying something directly is always the right thing to do. But on the other hand, it’s also worth considering the psychology behind such a statement, you need to keep a lot of things in mind in order not to cause pain to your female partner.

my girlfriend is gaining weight

Weight Gain in Women – Is It Normal?

Our body is a unit, and both the psyche and physiology are connected in it. Therefore, there are many reasons why women can gain excess weight. But why do some women eat as much as they want, but don’t gain weight, while others get fat from drinking water? There are a lot of reasons why women are prone to being overweight, and it is worthwhile to deal with each case individually. Only some common mechanisms that explain the psychological nature of completeness can be distinguished.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that some women are just too stubborn when it comes to their weight. It seems they cannot realize that they have a problem, or they won't change for anyone in principle. Thus, if you feel like there is no way out and you’ve come to a dead-end, she doesn’t respect your opinion and desire to help her, you should find a woman online. After all, it is very easy nowadays to find a decent “man meet woman dating site.”

Main Reasons Why Girls Gain Weight

If you feel like “my girlfriend is getting fat and I love it,” then you are fine, but if you find her weight gain to be problematic and want her to change, then continue reading about the main reasons for excess weight in women.

To lose extra pounds and not gain new ones, women have to be smart, abstain from touching the fridge, keep endless food diaries and lose themselves on various cardio machines. While for men, the decision already made to lose weight is half the success. Of course, not without exceptions on both sides, but the general trend is this, it’s harder for women to lose weight. What are the reasons for this? You don’t need a “is my girlfriend gaining weight” quiz of some sort, you just want to know some peculiarities of how female bodies and mind work.

Sweet tooth

My girlfriend is gaining weight, why is this happening? According to statistics, women are more inclined to love sweets than men, and it is sometimes very difficult to restrain oneself in a hormonal outburst. This is especially true for chocolate, which can make a woman calm and happy for some time.


My girlfriend gains weight, why? Metabolism is much slower in women - a woman by nature should have smoother shapes and the ability to bear a child without losing weight. But the metabolism can be dispersed, and it is advisable to do this due to proper nutrition and physical activity, and not due to pharmaceutical drugs.

Interest in cooking

Why has my girlfriend gained weight? Many women are keen on cooking and constantly cook something in the kitchen. At the same time, you have to try everything, which, of course, affects weight. A woman should delegate her household chores to other family members from time to time, as her husband can cook a simple breakfast, and a child can wash dishes.

Little activity

My girlfriend keeps gaining weight, why is this happening? Due to weaker muscles, women are less active, shifting heavy physical labor to men. And the less muscle, the more body fat. A woman should be engaged in some form of sports, and this will lead to a more active lifestyle.

girlfriend gain weightMenopause

This period in a woman’s life is a difficult test for her hormonal system and emotional state. You can deceive your hunger during this period with plenty of water, healthy snacks, and the ability to enjoy life with various activities like workout, extreme sports, harmonious relationships.

Skipping breakfast and eating fast food

Do you have an overweight girlfriend? Her eating habits may be the reason for her weight. A modern woman has many worries, gathering children to school and work in the morning, she often tends to skip breakfast and eat something on the go. Lunch is often skipped as well, and dinner becomes quite dense and contains a lot of calories. A woman needs to change her eating habits and prioritize her health and appearance.

How to Tell a Girl About It?

My girlfriend gained weight, I’m not attracted to her anymore, what should I do?

Before offering various actions to your woman, you need to know one important thing, without which you won’t succeed. In the process of talking with your girlfriend, you should sincerely take care of her health. All your words should come “from the heart,” and a woman should not feel a single gram of falsehood in your voice.

First, try to start a casual conversation about her health. Nobody wants to listen to a lecture on weight loss, so let this conversation happen at the right time and in the right place so that no one bothers you.

If you see that she reacts positively to the topic itself, proceed to a more serious phase. Under no circumstances you should talk about how she looks, and how beautiful she will be. This is a great way to ruin your relationship. You should concentrate solely on her health. Discuss ways to improve her condition and insert “weight loss” among these ways. Use neither the word “fat,” nor “overweight,” talking about weight loss. If you want to make it even easier for her, then you should join her in losing weight, use words like “we” instead of “you” in a phrase like “we should lose some weight and do some workout.”

Once you understand that she is ready to take some actions to reduce weight, you can offer various ways - workouts, diets and much more. The most important thing is to focus on your active participation in the development of class schedules, diet plans, etc. This will demonstrate your concern and will also be a good incentive for her.

The best motivation for your soul mate is to participate in weight loss activities with her. Go on a diet together. Convince her that you will also benefit from the same diet. In no case tease your girlfriend, eating all sorts of high-calorie dishes that she cannot eat in her presence.

Go to the gym with her, encourage her to take active physical activities, and do some stretching yourself. Everything should look like you are overcoming difficulties on the way to a healthy lifestyle together.

Additional options

If you are still afraid to tell your girlfriend about the need to lose weight, maybe additional tips on how you can still do this will be suitable for you. You can buy smaller sized clothes for her. When she tries to put a piece of clothing on and starts reprimanding you for the fact that the size is small, and you bought it without consulting with her, you can say, “But, I thought, you have the same size as you used to.”

This will allow her to realize the bitter truth, and you won’t offend her. After all, you made her a present, and you are not to blame for the fact that it did not fit her. You did not notice that she was fat.

You can start training yourself by saying that you are unsatisfied with your physical condition, and you have a beer belly or something else. In this case, one should count on the so-called inverse psychological effect, which works in almost 100% of cases. She will inevitably think about her physical form and your subsequent proposal - to take care of her physique with you, will be accepted.

My girlfriend is gaining weight, what should I do? Do yoga and ask her to join you. Just don’t say that these exercises are necessary for her to lose weight. If you say it directly to your partner, she may be offended and refuse. Any yoga system contributes to the normalization of weight, and your partner, while working with you, may not even be aware that they are losing weight. The only thing you should pay attention to is the choice of a suitable form of yoga, the classes of which allow you to burn the most calories.

Last but not least, reward your companion for her efforts. Praise her, show more attention to her, show your love and appreciation. But do not say this directly, “I like you more because you have lost weight,” but, for example, buy her some new things for her wardrobe, jewelry, perfumes, or go to the theater.

my girlfriend is gaining weightIf you care about the health of your beloved woman and sincerely want to help her in losing extra pounds, follow the tips above. You will come to see what sorts of miracles will happen to your girlfriend, and you will avoid all sorts of issues and disagreements, the only thing you have to do is to present your message in the right way.

So, if my girlfriend is getting fatter, what should I do to help her?

Girlfriend Gained Weight: What to Do?

If your girl is one of those women who are inclined to be overweight, then the situation here is more complicated. Of course, you can say that she has gained some weight, and you would like her to lose some excess weight. But the reaction to such words will be completely unknown and will depend on how anxious the girl is about her body. That is, the more attention she pays to her weight, and the easier it is for her to keep herself in shape, the easier it will be for her to react to such a statement positively and productively. I would rather recommend you not to tell the girl about excess weight directly but to use a completely different approach in this situation.

1. Active recreation

My girlfriend got fat, what should I do? If you spend a lot of time indoors or sit in an office chair doing your work, then start spending more time outdoors. Organize various walks in the park, hiking for 2-3 hours a day. If the summer is outside the window, then you can spend your time together doing something together. Thus, you will not only help the girl lose weight but also keep yourself in shape.

2. Going to the gym

If you feel like your girlfriend gets fat, you need to get her to the gym. Tell your girlfriend that you would like to go to the gym with her. Justify this with the fact that both of you will benefit from this decision. Also, instead of the gym, you can choose joint trips to the pool or various sports classes. This way you will not hurt your girlfriend, and she will definitely lose those extra pounds.

3. Healthy food

If you both love spending time in fast food establishments, then it will be beneficial for both of you to switch to healthy food. At first, it will certainly not be easy, but you should tell your girlfriend that you need to achieve some goals together as a couple, and a healthy diet is very good.

4. A subscription

If you feel like your girlfriend is gaining weight, then you should do the following. For a holiday, give your girlfriend a gym subscription. The girl, most likely, will perceive this as a very strong hint that she needs to lose weight and will be greatly offended. In this case, say that you found an article on the Internet where it was written that the girls like to receive such gifts, and say that you really wanted to impress her. So, the girl will be glad that you've tried to impress her and will not be offended.

If your girlfriend was always a bit plump, even as a child, then she will perceive your remark very emotionally. If you fail at motivating her to lose weight, she can end up being anxious about her weight or say things like, “I love myself for who I am. And if you don’t love me like that, then I won’t stop you.” Thus, I advise you to use the methods that we’ve covered in this article. The best suggestion would be to lose weight together. So you show the girl that you want to lose weight yourself, and you just need her support. You will have a chance to awaken the desire to lose weight in her, and she will begin to pay attention to her physique.

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