What is an aphrodisiac

The word "aphrodisiac" came to us from ancient Greece and means "loving pleasures." Aphrodisiacs are known as means of stimulating sexual desire. Information about them is so extensive and diverse that it is almost impossible in this sort of assortment to separate the wheat from the chaff - and the myths, respectively, from reality. After all, in spite of everything, people still continue to experiment in this area, in an attempt to improve their sex life and make it brighter, and even seduce, finally, someone who is not lured by any means. Aphrodisiacs are considered to be substances that increase attraction. Therefore, it would be incorrect to call Viagra and other medications against impotence treatment: they imply physiological intervention in order to realize the sexual desire that is available. For many centuries, people from all over the world have tried various types of food, drinks and all kinds of chemistry in the hope that at least something will have the desired magical effect.

Proven Aphrodisiacs for Men and Women

In the epic of every nation there are descriptions of miraculous foods; Kamasutra recommends a dish of rice, sparrow eggs, stewed onions and honey. Koreans use meat of poisonous snakes, Japanese - mussels, Egyptians - garlic, Chinese - ginseng. And sometimes the aphrodisiac properties were attributed to completely unimaginable substances, such as rhinoceros horn powder, the price for which reached astronomical sums and provoked the genocide of innocent animals. By the way, the ability to enhance the fertility was attributed to any horns, as a result of which the unenviable fate of the rhinoceros also overtook deer, bulls and other various-sized cattle. From here, having gone through completely unthinkable transformations, the horns began to be considered a symbol of treason, adorning the head of the victim.

However, all of the above does not mean that there are no real aphrodisiacs in the world. It’s just that most of them have negative side effects that prevent people from using them. According to the study of the American Commission on Food and Drugs, none of the aphrodisiacs known in our time has the stated properties and does not do without consequences. And some of them were clearly recognized as hazardous to health. So, the most famous of the effective aphrodisiacs is the insect Lytta vesicatoria, known colloquially as “Spanish fly”. The little body and its wings contain a compound called cantharidin, which clogs the bloodstream in the genital area, creating a feeling of warmth and excitement. Naturally, such an effect causes a steady erection in men and an unequivocal sensation in women. However, prolonged use of this drug can lead men to permanent erection, priapism (which is said to be very, very painful), and women – to the swelling of genitals, which causes rather unpleasant sensations, up to the inability to sit.

So, buying a bottle of "miraculous substances", it is better to make sure that you know exactly what it consists of and what it can lead to. Sometimes they try to use alcohol or drugs as an aphrodisiac: marijuana, amphetamines or something else. Naturally, if to turn off self-control centers in your head, people can do absolutely wild things, and certain amphetamines in combination with other substances sold in a pharmacy (just don’t ask for the exact recipe!) can turn any Ukrainian woman into a completely wild, sex creature. If you take the issue seriously, without harming either yourself or your partner, then you can do without the extermination of exotic animals and hunting for tropical flies. It is enough just to remember that in our brain there are no fewer erogenous zones than on our body. So, a good aphrodisiac can be a romantic dinner with strawberries and champagne. Here we are pleased to agree, especially if the dinner is held with all the necessary attributes and in the right setting. By the way, researchers argue that small doses of champagne also have a positive physiological effect: carbon dioxide from champagne, together with fruit sugar contained in strawberries, stimulates the splitting of the latter, leading to the increased production of female hormones. Naturally, champagne has nothing to do with it, and in large doses, on the contrary, it can lead to all kinds of embarrassment. However, when it comes to relationships: experiment - and you will find definitely what is good for you and your partner personally!

Aphrodisiac drugs are the cause of increasing excitement. Such excitement occurs after the use of aphrodisiacs when their impact begins with an effect on the pituitary gland, which stimulates the increased flow of blood to the genitals and causes an increased sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs affect both women and men, because, ultimately, these substances lead to increased production of endorphins - the natural "drugs of happiness." Music and sounds are the best natural aphrodisiacs. Of course, everything is individual here. For someone, the sounds of drums, classical music, a beautiful vocal can have a relaxing and even exciting action. Someone will be thrilled by the live piano or guitar performance. The sounds of nature – the sound of the sea, the singing of birds, the sound of rain – also have a pleasant effect. But it is impossible to say that the singing of birds is an aphrodisiac, as the other aphrodisiacs also have a similar effect on humans.aphrodisiac drugs

Essential oils do not have a direct effect on the physiology unlike Viagra, for example, but they help to neutralize the physical, psychological and emotional causes that can reduce sexual desire. Essential oils can relieve stress and anxiety, refresh emotions, energize, increase sensuality, improve mutual understanding between partners. If we take into account that sexual problems often have psychological reasons, then essential oils can be of great help. And in the absence of problems, they will help to turn a romantic date into a real whirl of vivid sensations. Erotic aromatherapy is deeply individual, any essential oil that helps you relieve stress, excites your feelings and causes erotic associations can serve as an aphrodisiac for you.

Are aphrodisiacs real?

Only a certain product acts on someone. The American Food and Drug Administration stated that there is no scientific evidence that any of the aphrodisiacs sold can be used to increase libido. Despite this warning, as well as the information that some aphrodisiacs are not only ineffective, but sometimes dangerous, people continue to look for magic potions that will make them sexually irresistible.  A clear and generally accepted classification of aphrodisiacs does not exist. They can be divided into groups only very approximately.

The first group. Everyone knows, for example, sexual records of rabbits. It is believed that the products of rabbit, as well as extracts from the genitals of rabbits must have appropriate properties. The same applies, for example, to goats. And the bulls’ testicles are still an indispensable attribute of Mexican cuisine, they are even added to cocktails.

The second group is similar in physiological action. Chili, curry and other spices increase heart rate, increase sweating. The same thing happens during sexual arousal. If the final manifestations are similar, then the other effects must be similar!

The third group includes a mystical type. Chocolate is a classical example. Until it became public, it was attributed different properties, including aphrodisiac. The fourth group is “in the image and likeness”. Many nations believe that an object that looks like genitals should also enhance sexual function. Rhinoceros horn - the classic "male" version, oysters - the classic "female". But the most famous aphrodisiac from this group is ginseng root. In its form, it is very similar to the human body, so that there are almost more myths about ginseng than about all the other aphrodisiacs combined.

Aphrodisiac for women

Essential oils are the strongest female aphrodisiacs: geranium, bergamot, ylang-ylang. Aromas give decisiveness, excite the imagination of a woman and eliminate shyness. Aphrodisiacs for women:

  • Berries and fruits: watermelon, avocado, strawberries, figs.
  • Nuts: almonds.
  • Honey has a positive effect on the female body.
  • Celery contains a sex hormone that excites women.
  • Seafood.
  • Wine in small doses.

Aphrodisiac for men

  • Cedar oil and patchouli are the strongest "male" aphrodisiacs.
  • Products - aphrodisiacs for men:
  • Drinks: mint and ginger tea.
  • Nuts: walnuts and almonds.
  • Fruits: Citrus, bananas, mango or pineapple.
  • Seafood: caviar, oysters, shrimp or mussels.
  • Spices and herbs: ginger, lavender and cinnamon.
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, cabbage, greens and eggplants.
  • Ginger or mint tea with honey will have a particularly strong effect on the male body. However, it is worth noting that to achieve the result, aphrodisiacs must be natural.
  • Natural aphrodisiac foods
  • Some foods are effective aphrodisiacs. This group includes products that contain the following components:
  • digestive enzymes that promote food digestion;
  • zinc and selenium;
  • vitamins E, C, B1, A;
  • proteins, sugars and fatty acids.

These products include some vegetables, fruits and nuts:

  • Artichoke is a strong aphrodisiac, which even hints at its carnal pleasure.
  • Avocado is a source of beneficial substances that keep sexual health and improve the functioning of the prostate gland.
  • Bananas are an aphrodisiac rich in potassium and natural sugars. It helps to fight the main enemies of full-fledged sex - weakness and fatigue.
  • Asparagus is an aphrodisiac, rich in phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and potassium. In addition, it is believed that this vegetable saves prostate from disease.
  • Celery is the strongest aphrodisiac among green vegetables. Its effect is compared with the action of Viagra.
  • Pineapple - contains vitamins of group B and a large amount of potassium. It improves physical activity and improves mood.
  • Pomegranate - the juice of this fruit increases sexual function.
  • Strawberries are an aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire and arouses fantasy.
  • Consider other products that are also the strongest aphrodisiacs:
  • Pine, walnuts, almonds contain a complex of vitamins and minerals that help maintain sexual desire;
  • chocolate - energy aphrodisiac;
  • quail eggs stimulate erection;
  • coconut milk contributes to the formation of more sperm;
  • small amounts of alcohol increase sexual appetite in men and women;
  • Mussels and shrimps contain a lot of protein and amino acids. Promote the secretion of testosterone;
  • Spices and herbs: saffron, ginger, thyme, rosemary, parsley, basil, cinnamon, ginseng, cardamom, celery, lavender, mint and many others increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones, stimulate sexual appetite and prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Ginseng root is considered the aphrodisiac king. It increases blood flow to the genitals, increases interest in sex and reduces overwork.
  • Sesame seeds contain a huge amount of vitamin E. They stimulate sexual desire;
  • is chocolate an aphrodisiacHoney is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Even in ancient times, newlyweds drank liquid honey for a month to conceive more quickly.

Are oysters an aphrodisiac?

Oysters are a classic aphrodisiac, rich in zinc, which improves sperm quality and stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone. Moreover, oysters are a source of dopamine that is a pleasure hormone, including sex. The healing power of

oysters depends on the method of preparation. They will have the best effect in a raw form with the addition of fresh lemon.

Is chocolate an aphrodisiac?

Many debates have been going on for a long time about whether chocolate is really an aphrodisiac? At the moment, it is not proven completely, that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, but it has certain aphrodisiac properties! Of course, chocolate is a favorite delicacy among women, but there are some differences in preferences.

It is often said that chocolate stimulates the need for sex; this idea can be considered in several ways:

Serotonin and dopamine, as well as other stimulants that are found in chocolate, usually relieve us of pain and improve our mood. The structure of serotonin is similar to the psychoactive substance structure of LSD. Serotonin actually leads us to good feelings that could be obtained if you spend some time under the sun. Theobromine is another chemical compound in chocolate that can help us improve our mood, and its effect lasts a long time.

Thus, these types of substances suggest that chocolate in all its properties and qualities is very close to aphrodisiacs. Whether chocolate is an aphrodisiac or not, there is no real evidence yet. We can all agree that most of us love to eat chocolate very much throughout life!

Is sushi an aphrodisiac?

To find out whether sushi is an aphrodisiac is very simple. You need to decompose this dish into components and deal with each separately. The composition of the dish includes such Japanese products for sushi as algae, fish, avocado, ginger, sesame, unagi sea eel, wasabi. Seaweed, namely algae, is considered an aphrodisiac, as it is rich in iodine, which contributes to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which, in turn, is responsible for hormones. Fish restores nerve cells, which leads to an increase in sensitivity. No wonder fish caviar was previously considered a symbol of fertility. Avocado is good for the immune system. This is due to the fact that it contains a lot of folic acid, which is very good for blood, potassium and vitamin B6. Using a combination of these elements makes it easier for the body to produce testosterone.

Ginger is used as an aphrodisiac, as it accelerates blood circulation; its properties provide an increase in potency in men and the treatment of infertility. It is also used as anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, tonic, analgesic, sedative. It helps to increase immunity, to reduce cholesterol in the blood, to improve the functioning of the digestive tract, to reduce pressure. It is considered to be a means of preventing cancer, and is able to reduce toxicosis during pregnancy. It improves complexion, memory and vision. Ginger contributes to increased intelligence. Sesame is not only very nutritious but also contains a large amount of vitamin E, being a good stimulant for potency. Thus, the Japanese dish is not only tasty but also very healthy. It is likely that the ability to increase libido has made sushi popular around the world.

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