Have you been together for a long time, and your dates are constantly held in the same favorite restaurant near the house? Are you bored with this monotony? Or maybe you’re wondering how to surprise your beloved one on your first date so that she would gladly go with you on a second one? Then you are welcome to read our article. We have prepared for you fun adventurous date ideas and memorable places for dates! You might have heard about them, but you hardly dared to try it!

Our adventure activities for couples are suitable for both your first date and a date for spouses who have been together for many years. All the charm is that these scenarios are easily completable in almost every city all year round. It doesn't matter what gender you are, just offer your soul mate one of these options, and you will see how it inspires them!

adventure activities for couples

Benefits of Adventurous Dates

Adding spiciness to your family life has never been easier! No need to travel far abroad or completely change your habitual activities, just arrange a few interesting dates a month, and you will never get bored. Watching films staying at home or giving a visit to your favorite park is always a good idea but implementing adventurous things to do on a date into your daily grind will surely result in the novelty of feelings. Here are a couple of advantages of extreme and creative dates that speak for themselves.

Trying something new together

In the beginning, when the hormones are boiling in your blood, and you can spend hours just lying in the bed talking about the sense of life, it is easy to attract women. But sooner or later magic fades away, and you need to come up with outstanding date concepts. What can be more exciting than experiencing new horizons with your closest person? Various studies show that after the two years, the novelty of feelings in relationships begins to slightly wear down, and the common life grows into the banal cohabiting from day to day. To prevent this process, constantly change the routine you are used to. Try watching new films, preparing meals you have never tried, visit new places and talk about issues you have been scared of or didn’t dare to discuss. And most importantly, try cool adventurous date ideas.

Any women dating site contains dozens of articles about original dates. Trying something unusual opens you and your partner from the new side. It shows how you both can cooperate and/or save your independence in critical situations. So, an adventurous date is a wonderful idea to open the unknown, do it together with the partner to later save the memories for the rest of your life and maybe open a new hobby you weren’t aware of before.

Keeping exclusive relationships hot

Psychologists and anthropologists agree that the nature of human sexuality tends to be more on the polygamic side. And the only thing that keeps us with the only partner for various years is our conscious decision made on the base of moral principles of the society. An adventurous date is a way to make monogamy hot and interesting. Experiencing a rush of adrenaline keeps you emotionally linked to your partner. Because staying in the same relationship with the same person can make you bored of them over time. In this case, you should perceive your couple as a complex phenomenon and not just the body consisting of two elements i.e. you and your partner. And when you feel tired of regular dates and a daily grind, fight with this problem instead of thinking that the passion has faded, and you will never feel the same with the person you once loved.

Date ideas for adventurous couples help you add novelty, passion, arise sexual energy, competitive spirit and open your partner from the new side. So, they become interesting to you once again as if you have been dating someone for years and then find out such an unexpected truth about their skills that it keeps you attracted.

Making new acquaintances

Your partner and few common friends should not limit your circle of communication. There are various circles around you, and they do not interfere with your group of friends simply because there is no common interest between you. But when try new things together with the partner, you can meet so many new friends and continue doing the new stuff with a whole lot of enthusiasts. Networking gives us valuable connections, the happiness of communication and finding out information you would never hear from any other people. Such connections enrich your life. And when you have new friends, you will never feel bored with your partner. If they are busy and cannot spend time with you today, instead of sitting at home binge-watching Netflix, you can go meet your newly made acquaintances and share the stories about such a meeting with your beloved the same evening at home.

adventurous datesExperiences matter, not things

Things wear down, get lost because of the ground for the quarrels when the material contribution of one of the partners is bigger. The main benefit of adventure date ideas is that memories never die. They will live forever as long as we cherish them in our hearts. The first time you went rafting together, spend the romantic evening on the rooftop of the skyscraper or had a photoshoot with pythons – such experiences are the most valuable presents you can give to your other half.

We spend so much time choosing which perfume, a set of lingerie or a new car our partner will enjoy. But we forget the most important – attention matters more than material stuff. When you focus on every detail your girlfriend mentions, prepare adventurous dates, you show how much your partner means to you, and they will keep these moments in their mind for years. Today you have everything needed to arrange spontaneous dates full of adventure on a shoe-string budget and in the shortest terms. Besides, there are various adventurous date ideas on the web. So, there is no excuse for not implementing this dose of adrenaline into your daily life.

Myths About Adventurous Dates

Who said you should go overseas to experience something new or spend thousands of dollars on paragliding and swimming with sharks in the ocean? You should get rid of the following misconceptions.

They are for adrenaline junkies. After all, any relationship is a real adventure, with surprises, dangers, risks, exploring the unknown world of another person, overcoming obstacles, victories, defeats, discoveries! Everything is unpredictable, it can change at any time and in any direction. Moreover, even when you do not expect this at all, for example, the spouse’s decision to go to another country after 15 years of marriage. Or, on the contrary, your partner turns from a nondescript research associate into a successful leader of their own company, with all the ensuing consequences for you, your family and your life together. Everything can happen! So, we all need adrenaline, and even if you say that you are totally fine with the routine you have got used to over the years, you may be lying to your partner and yourself. Adventure ideas for couples revive the feelings and keep them healthy if everything is in moderation. Please, do not consider that unusual experiences are only for those who totally lack risks.

They are outdoors. Ice skating in a closed rink, going to a quest room or an aquapark – so many date spots suitable for the unusual time spending are still situated in buildings. It means you can enjoy them at any period of the year and time of the day. What is more, you can arrange an adventurous evening at home. For example, an evening of playing board games for the adults or role-playing your wildest fantasies. You can have an unusual stylized party instead of the usual candlelight evening. For example, an evening in the Japanese style. Make an oriental make-up, put on a peignoir with hieroglyphs, decorate the room with sakura branches, fans, light aromatic lamps. For dinner, you can serve Japanese dishes: sushi, light sandwiches. Together, learn to draw hieroglyphs, listen to Japanese music, feed each other with a delicious dessert, and leave the most delicious part for the end if you know what we mean.

They kill all romance. Paradoxically, relationships that mean to be built on emotions, often lack them. Otherwise, where does the popularity of all these shows, articles and scandalous interviews with celebrities and ordinary people come from? Of course, no one calls to discard all the usual and important components of a relationship that maintain stability, create mutual obligations that are based on responsibility to each other. This will be the other extreme. And by the way, there are such examples too. Falling in love at first sight, plunging into a relationship headlong, not thinking about anything is definitely romantic, and it manifests a real adventure. But later on, you still need to excite your partner every day and come up with adventurous date night ideas. Who said romantic dinners with candles and climbing the mountain ridges are incompatible? You can absolutely combine the two aspects and get a formula for happy family life.

Cute Adventurous Ideas for a First Date

So, you are looking for adventurous first date ideas. How do you plan to spend it? Cinema and dinner? Of course not, let’s step away from such banalities. We suggest something much more interesting, impressive and fascinating than a regular movie trip and an equally ordinary dinner.

1. Amaze yourself and your girlfriend with new music

Browse through the poster for upcoming concerts and select a performance by the group or artist who you and your girlfriend are not familiar with. Perhaps you will find a new favorite artist. You may never want to listen to this again. But in any case, it will be an interesting and original pastime.

2. Take a very long walk around your city

Start the path from one end of the city and walk to the other on foot, stopping at a cafe along the way for a bite to eat and relax. Such an unusual walk will surprise you with how much beautiful spots your city owns, while you haven’t even known about them. On the contrary, it is best to take a taxi because your legs are most likely very tired. And yes, warn the girl to put on comfortable shoes. She is unlikely to be delighted by the prospect of walking kilometers in stilettos.

3. Divide date planning

Suppose one of you is responsible for choosing a place for a date, and another one is responsible for filling the evening. By dividing the organization in this way, you can be sure that your girlfriend will enjoy at least part of the date. Plus, this will allow you to better know each other's interests.

4. Have dinner ... in several places

Eat a salad in one restaurant, soup in another one, a second dish in the third, and dessert can be tasted in the nearest cafe. This will give you many more impressions than a long and chic dinner in one place. Cute adventurous date ideas can be about walking miles through your city and eating – maybe this is exactly what you both have been dreaming of but never confessed.

adventurous first date ideas5. Try something you haven’t done before

Why not come together for a beginner's dance lesson? Or a motivation workshop? Combine business with pleasure! Adventure is all about being spontaneous and discovering the new. Make a list of things you have never tried before and arranged a meeting based on the common points – this way you will kill two birds with one stone.

Cool Adventurous Date Ideas for Experienced Couples

The adventurous date concepts we are going to present will suggest something to the taste of everyone. They can seem ridiculous, strange or even … shocking. But this exactly what you need to break down the boredom in case one aroused between you.

1. Make a silent date

Sometimes silence and the opportunity to spend some time side by side in silence can bring together much more than a day filled with fun and new experiences. Take a walk holding hands. Read books with each other's shoulders. Be close. Sounds creepy? But this is a real challenge and adventure to get yourself better.

2. Pretend to be tourists

You can buy a tour of the sights; you can even walk around the historical places of the city without a guide. Allow yourself to get acquainted with its history if you have not done this before. You can contribute more to keeping your image of foreign tourists: shoot everything on camera, speak a foreign language (if you both know it), laugh, smile at passers-by. It will be a much more fun movie, right?

3. Paragliding

Rule number one: don't tell your partner where you are going. Otherwise, they will refuse being frightened and find an excuse or just stay at home. Better keep the intrigue, it will be much more fun. First shock, then euphoria. When you are already on the spot, there will be no turning back, convince the beloved of this. You will experience such strong emotions together that they will take a different look at you. Extreme draws together. While preparing for the jump, support your other half, calm down, do not mock.

4. TV tower

The date on top of a skyscraper is always a good idea that does not leave any girl indifferent. It is insanely romantic: night, stars, a panorama of the city - she is unlikely to forget this evening. Initially arrange a private tour for the two of you. Remember that your mood is romantic today. We don’t think that a lot of money will be spent on a pass and a bottle of champagne. Hug her, kiss, listen. Speak quietly and on deep topics. She will feel special in such an evening.

5. Night swimming

Everything should begin with a walk on the waterfront. Think about the options in advance, how to say it, so as not to be intrusive. All excuses about the fact that she does not have a swimsuit with her, or towels are not accepted. Awaken the spirit of adventurism in her. You can have a little drink beforehand and then swim naked – what can be more adventurous?

A date is an opportunity to get to know each other and later on to keep the emotions boiling. Do not miss the chance to impress, it’s so simple in fact. More fantasy! More experiments! More impressions and emotions!

What are you missing? An adventurous or responsible relationship approach? Whatever the answer is - most importantly - you notice that something is missing. Now, if you are still tolerant of being at one pole, this is also a possible choice - enjoy working on yourself or, conversely, risk and adventure. But if you are tired of getting boredom or a vivid romance all the time without continuing and there is a willingness to change something, then you can start acting! Explore, fantasize and surprise your beloved!

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