how to flirt over text with a girl

Dos and Don’ts


  • Take risks. Just think about it for a second. As a man with access to the Internet, you have a virtually endless supply of women to choose from, so why should you be shy about flirting over text? The answer is that you shouldn’t, and while these risks may make you look awkward a few times, who knows, maybe one day it will pay off for you?!
  • Move forward. It is also about taking risks, but it’s more about not standing in one place. You can just chat with a girl over text for months and maybe even years, but if you do so, you risk of becoming just a friend, she won’t even consider you as “boyfriend material.” You should not rush it but staying in one place will not get you anywhere.
  • Take it easy. Your attitude during flirting over text is quite important, this is one of the biggest issues that lots of men have, they are trying to be someone else, they do their best, get out of their skin to adapt their attitude to appear as if they are better or cooler. This is a big mistake as you are the best at being yourself, your attempts at adapting someone else’s attitude will fall flat every time because they are ultimately just an act, a roleplaying game.
  • Have fun. Text flirting with a girl should be fun. This is quite important, especially since a lot of men either forget about it or just cannot get any fun out of the stressful process that is texting with women. The issue is deeply connected with the other dos and don’ts, it’s about your attitude and your desire to be yourself or someone else. By being someone else, you immediately make a big deal out of it, you put your personal image way back in the dirt, it means that your real-life image is not presentable. This issue is the heart of the entire problem. If you are unable to text women without sweating, you won’t be able to achieve any sort of actual success.


  • Too many jokes. This is quite a common mistake that lots of men do when trying to maintain a positive attitude during a conversation with a girl, they start joking a lot and as a result, they come off looking foolish and pathetic. Of course, women like men with a sense of humor, but when, during a conversation, practically nothing is heard from a guy except for jokes, he begins to look like a jester, a clown that cannot be serious just for a second.
  • how to flirt with your girlfriend over textExcessive mystery. Some men are trying to surround themselves with a sense of mystery, which may look funny at best, yet it’s most likely to be just annoying. Mysteriousness and coquetry are the weapons of women, it’s not to say that man cannot pull these tricks off, but women are naturally better at it. Men should use something that is more upfront and personal.
  • Overwhelmingly positive image. Lots of men for some reason believe that to attract a person you like, you should show yourself as an angel of sorts, as perfect as you can possibly present yourself. Of course, it is important to demonstrate your strengths to a girl, but excessive “ideality” is often associated with tediousness, you should not be a despicable human being because of that, but we are all complex, and there are many shades of gray in life.
  • Cockiness. Some guys get so invested in texting, that when they are trying to show themselves from the best perspective, their positive attitude gets flipped on its head, and they become cocky, which, of course, is never a good thing.
  • Vulgarity. Many young people believe that to “acquire” a girl and get her prepared for future dates, you need to be as vulgar with your jokes as possible. In fact, this behavior can simply push away a female interlocutor. Women that plan on establishing a long-term relationship are sick of men who are just interested in random hookups. Your flirting text for her should not be perverted, at least at first.
  • Boastfulness. Wanna know how to flirt over text? If you decide to impress a ukrainian bride by boasting with some story from your biography, then this, of course, can do you good, but this is possible only if you use this trick in moderation. Some men are so keen on boasting that it starts looking ridiculous. Women don’t take such men seriously, they just come off looking pathetic, they are trying to prove something to themselves.
  • Clinginess. After reading a manual on the seduction of women and thinking that stubborn and persistent guys seem to get more pussy, many young men adopt these traits into their “texting character.” The problem is that not everyone is able to correctly apply these traits in reality. As a result, perseverance simply grows into intrusiveness, after which a female interlocutor simply begins to avoid such a boyfriend.
  • Bringing up sex. By trying to appear relaxed and self-confident, in an attempt to get a girl horny with all sorts of flirty texts, some guys try to actively talk about sex. Yeah, true, we have to admit that such an approach can impress very young and passionate girls, for whom much the topic of sex is new and interesting. A woman that is more experienced will most likely reject a man that puts such an emphasis on sex. In addition, among many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, it is rather a common opinion that men who talk a lot about sex aren’t all that well in practice.

General Flirting Over Text Tips

Let’s now list some other tips on how to flirt over text with a girl.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to communicate via social networks and various texting apps, and it is not surprising that lots of people meet their partners online every single day. Of course, as a rule, any love story begins with some flirting, and as practice suggests, flirting over text is not inferior to IRL flirting. So, where to start and how to behave in virtual communication?

How to flirt with a girl over text without being obvious? Forget the banalities that have long annoyed girls and are often used by young men at the beginning of communication. What does it mean? We are talking about such hackneyed phrases as, “Hello, how are you?”, “What are you doing?” And other clichés.

You should present yourself from a unique perspective, stand out in the crowd. We have already mentioned that there is no need for banalities - does this mean that one should start a conversation with some weird and complicated question? Not necessarily. After seeing a photo of a girl on a shore, you can text her, “Hello! That shore looks amazing, where have you been to?”. Of course, a phrase like that cannot be sent to a girl that has a photo with a mundane background, you will just come off looking pathetic. Wondering how to flirt with your crush over text? Maintain a relaxed and chill attitude in communication with a female interlocutor. It is not necessary to ask too personal or excessively serious questions at the initial stages of texting. There should be a golden mean, some serious questions, some jokes, some compliments, some personal questions. You should not focus your attention on one particular thing about a woman.

text flirting with a girlDo not let yourself be enigmatic by ignoring your interlocutor. If you are actually interested in communication with a girl. Respond in a timely manner to her questions and messages - let a girl see that you are pleased with your communication and you are interested in establishing a proper dialogue.

If a girl doesn’t respond to your messages for a long time, then don’t aggravate the situation with questions about why she didn’t bother to answer you. Wait for some time (a few hours or a day), and, without waiting for an answer, write another funny message that won’t have anything with her being away for a long time. If this gets no response – don’t text anything to her, either wait or forget about her.

Here’s another important tip on how to flirt with your girlfriend over text. You should end your conversations from time to time but do it so that a girl will want to continue a conversation later on. But how can you do that? Well, for example, text her something like this, “Well, it was interesting to talk to you, but I gotta go to the gym. Then I will tell you an interesting story about my cat.” Of course, you should prepare this amazing story about your cat, otherwise, all of the anticipations will be for nothing. The essence of such a dialogue finale is simple. You leave a thread for a subsequent conversation. In this case, you can use this thread yourself, or provide a girl with a reason to text to you if she wants to.

No need to use unfamiliar words. As we’ve already said, don’t try to be someone else, there is no need to turn to the help of slang that you do not use in your real life. Also, do not be too snobbish by using long and complex words that you neither use in real life nor even know their meaning.

Here’s a tip on how to subtly flirt with a girl over text. Enjoy the benefits that the World Wide Web gives to you. You can accompany your dialogs with funny images, interesting music tracks, humorous stories and funny videos found on the Internet and anything in between. This will help you make your conversation diverse, yet don’t overdo it.

Do not be too intrusive. This is our final tip on how to flirt with a girl over text, but it is just as important as the rest. Many guys think that if they tell the various details of their lives in detail, they will prove themselves to be a good story-teller and a wonderful companion. Nevertheless, this opinion probably will not be able to be shared by all the girls that you are going to text, and such thoroughness over text may simply be boring to some girls, while others will take it as a sign that you have some problems and you don’t have anyone to talk to. Some men take it as one of the cute ways to flirt over text, believing that their honesty will pay off, but there is nothing cute or brave about it.

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