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Toxic relationships lead to psychological problems and domestic violence, so it is important to recognize them in time. It is difficult for a victim of abuse to understand that there are many problems in the relationship because their partner is able to manipulate and substitute concepts. People spend years trying to get out of such relationships, and it takes years to realize that they are toxic. Here's how to know if your relationship is toxic using the following signs of unhealthy relationships.

10 signs of an unhealthy relationship

First signs of an unhealthy relationship

Your partner is controlling you

If your partner is constantly dictating how you should behave and talk to people, this is a red flag. It's one thing to give advice, it's another to make demands.

Early signs of unhealthy relationship #2

Your partner shuts you off from friends and family

In a toxic relationship, one partner tries to control the other's life and tries to take over the other's life. If you notice that your significant other is trying to keep you apart from your friends and family, this is a reason to think about it.

Signs of a toxic relationship #3

Your significant other devalues your feelings

Think about how often you've talked about your emotions and experiences and heard someone say, "Oh, you're just taking it personally," or something similar? A loving partner is ready to listen to you and discuss your feelings.

Signs of a toxic person in a relationship #4

Your partner does not value your opinion

Any couple is a union of two individuals with different views. Your partner should always be ready to listen to you, even if you're talking about trivial matters. And if he or she dismisses your words as if they were deliberately meaningless, you should have a serious talk about future prospects.

Warning signs of a toxic relationship #5

Your partner shames you

Your relationship partner should not shame or scold you for your mistakes. Of course, they can and should be discussed, but if it comes to ridicule, this is a dangerous signal.

Signs you are in an unhealthy relationship #6

You live in an endless drama

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship: there are always some difficulties. But if a relationship turns into drama, it's too much. Conflict is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. From time to time, everyone has misunderstandings and differences of opinion. But endless fighting is not only emotionally harmful but also dangerous for relationships. If you argue more often than you talk, take a closer look at your relationship.

Signs of an unhealthy relationship with boyfriend #7

You feel trapped

Everyone needs to be alone with themselves sometimes to organize their thoughts and just relax. If your partner is constantly trapping you into spending time together against your wishes, this is not normal.

Signs you're in an unhealthy relationship #8

You cannot be yourself

We are all unique and inimitable. If your partner tries to change you, to turn you into a person you don't want to be, this is unacceptable. You should not be afraid to be yourself.

Warning signs of unhealthy relationships #9

You are constantly compared to your exes

Past relationships should not hang over the current ones and set the tone. If your partner is always comparing you to his ex, and not in your favor, you should find out what he expects from your relationship.

Signs and symptoms of an unhealthy relationship #10

Your partner uses your words against you

Secrets and stories told to your partner should not be thrown in your face as an argument in a dispute, and certainly should not become public knowledge. This is a fundamental rule of healthy relationships.

How do I know my relationship is toxic?

Our feelings can be a danger signs of an unhealthy dating relationship.

  • You feel unhappy and depressed and don't understand why;
  • You and your partner are avoiding each other more and more;
  • You feel insecure about yourself;
  • Work begins to fall apart and things go wrong, even though you are working hard;
  • You lose social connections and spend less time with friends.

If you feel that something is wrong, it's important to stop and figure it out, because fighting for a relationship that is toxic will eat up even more of your energy and time. Because the person next to you is a very hungry person, and this hunger cannot be satisfied with food. It is a hunger for attention, love, for life itself. And that's why the choice falls on a lively and vibrant person to get what he or she doesn't have.

How to make a toxic relationship healthy?

Yes, it happens that even toxic relationships can change. But only under a variety of conditions. For this to happen, both partners need to be equally committed to dealing with it through openness, honesty, and self-reflection - together, each with themselves, and possibly with the help of a professional. If one of you is not willing to make the effort, the situation will not change and the relationship should end. Even if you have started to work on it, but see that the situation is not changing, the toxicity level is probably too high and you should leave.

However, if the relationship is physically abusive or abusive, it is likely to be beyond saving. In this case, you need professional protection.

How to break up a toxic relationship?

The first step to ending a relationship is to recognize what is going on. Acknowledge that there is a problem and that you are not happy in the relationship.

To the extent that people in the environment are aware of the damage that this relationship is doing and let the person know about it until they realize and recognize it as such, they will not take any step to leave the relationship.

This is very easy to detect from the outside, but the person in the relationship has a number of factors that prevent them from recognizing it. For example, despite everything, she is in love with the other person, and she keeps hoping that the other person will change, or her low self-esteem prevents her from having the strength to end it.

Once you recognize the problem, the next step is to lose your fear of the consequences that may result from the break. Many times it is fear that keeps a person in these toxic relationships.

It can be helpful to think that while leaving a relationship may have unpleasant consequences, maintaining it already has these consequences for our health and well-being.

Once the decision to end a relationship is made, it is best to cut your losses. This means no more contact with the other person, no more searching for them on social media to find out how their life is going, or asking ordinary people about them.

This "detoxification period" is necessary to regain your strength and, above all, to avoid the danger of returning to the relationship when you have not yet recovered enough to not return to the person you still love in most cases.

How to recognize a toxic relationship: bottom line

If any of the items on this signs of an unhealthy relationship list remind you of your relationship with your partner, you can try to fix the situation yourself or seek help from a psychologist. However, you should immediately answer the question of whether you need this relationship and whether you are losing a part of yourself. If you don't want to leave a toxic relationship but plan to keep it, then get ready to talk frankly with your partner about your feelings and work on the relationship.

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