Friends and family have different meanings in different life stages that lead to emotional growth. When you understand this, you know that there is nothing except for the harmonious and healthy relationship you have to strive for. When age, money, career, or an ideal body shape no longer has the same importance in our imaginary list of the main things we want in life, we start thinking why we are not happy in our relationships. Maybe they were lacking visible signs of emotional attraction, but you did not even notice. To avoid wasting your life and energy on building the wrong relationship, first, you need to study the basic rules for creating emotional attraction. And that is what we are going to talk about today.

how to trigger emotional attraction with men

What Is an Emotional Attraction?

After several love affairs with attractive partners, a person finds out that they were only physically attracted but not emotionally to them. If earlier they felt the lovely sensations and excitement at the body level, now they start realizing they want to experience something more. The emergence of this feeling marks the transition to the second level of choosing a companion of life when a person does not simply feel physical attraction towards their partner but also has a warm feeling at first sight at them.

The initial sympathy arises on the first level of love, on the level of unconscious body smells, appearance and external attributes because it is nice to look at the person. But on the second level, the real emotional attraction appears, when we love a person not only because we feel good with them at the moment, we start cherishing what is behind the initial image and care for every trait of their soul. If a man feels an emotional attraction for a Ukrainian woman, it means he does not stay with her only because of the sexual desire. He wants to be close to her simply because she is close to him, this is one of the signs of emotional attraction from a man.

Of course, emotional attraction depends largely on individual preferences as well as some unconscious desires. Your personality determines how you relate to the world and people around you. Very often, the opposites attract each other. Some men like lively women who have a bit of a temper, while others prefer hesitant or soft-hearted girls. There may be an infinite number of variations. We may like a person who is similar to us or who do not resemble us at all.

For example, a man of strict traditions, who is used to planning everything in advance, may fall in love with a frivolous and crazy woman. A brave and straight-hearted man who loves a noisy company may like a shy girl who prefers to spend time alone. A seductive and understanding woman can help a brave man. A cheerful and carefree man can reach out to women who are serious. In fact, every person is attractive, they just did not meet their perfect match. So, to create emotional attraction, you need to step back from looking only at the appearance of a person and value their personal traits. When you find your perfect partner, you will feel the strongest spiritual bond, and your relationships will be as easy and pleasant as never.

Here are some emotional attraction triggers that may help you deeper understand what kind of connection it is.

- Reliability and obligation. In healthy relationships, people care about each other. They never refuse to help and do not hesitate to ask for help. They also always try to fulfill their promises, even if the circumstances have changed, and this requires more effort than previously anticipated.

- Honesty is an important sign of emotional attraction. If people are honest with each other in words and deeds, the relationship between them is strong and truly intimate.

- Trust. In relationships characterized by emotional attraction, people can trust each other. They exchange information about their private lives and believe that other people do not use this information against them.

- Mutual respect. In healthy relationships, people always show respect for one another. Even if their thoughts do not coincide, there were different political views or passions in music, they would not focus on differences, but would try to find something in common in a controversial situation.

Emotional Attraction Vs Physical Attraction

These two components perfectly work together for building strong and reliable relationships, however, what is the difference between physical and emotional attraction?signs of emotional attraction

Emotional attraction is harmonious when you love each other equally, you feel warmth and calmness when you are together. You can express your feelings and accept the feelings of your partner. You can control your feelings, and not pour out vibes of irritation and anger at each other. When you are together, you feel good, you feel that you love and are loved. Emotional connection is especially important for women.

Harmony in terms of physical attraction means that your physical potential is about the same level. You have the same level of vital energy and state of health. You are equally physically active. Your physical needs are approximately in the same range: heat-cold (in the room), softness-rigidity (beds), sound volume, the brightness of the light, day mode (both are larks or both are owls), your diet or lifestyle are similar. The amount of money which is enough to provide all basic needs: housing, food, clothing, recreation, parenting, etc. And libido compatibility is one of the most important components too.

Signs of Emotional Attraction

At first, in a relationship, there is a physical connection, but not an emotional one, but then this attraction must go to the emotional level, otherwise, no serious relationship will be obtained. So, here are 5 emotional attraction signs needed for stable relationships.

  • Awkward silence is not about you

You do not need words to understand each other, and silence calms you rather than depresses. If silence does not cause discomfort in your couple, you are lucky to find your person and achieve harmony in relationships. However, be careful, if most of your time is spent in silence, most likely, something goes wrong. Try to understand this problem and find out what prevents you from talking heart to heart as well as exchanging impressions and emotions.

  • Your touches are not only intimate

You hug and kiss each other, experiencing not only sexual desire. In your couple, gentle touches are just another way to support the soul mate and cheer up your partner in a difficult moment.

  • You are not afraid of distances

Troubles at work, family quarrels, creativity crisis, dissatisfaction with a certain aspect of the relationship can be discussed with a partner without hesitation. You are open to talking on various topics and are not afraid of crying or appearing in front of your partner, not in the best condition. Your partner does the same. You are the first person to know about the troubles in their life, and you are the only one who can support them and give practical advice.

  • It's hard for you to imagine life without relationships

Despite the fact that you and your partner have a personal space, you have a lot in common. Relationships somehow penetrated into all areas of your life, including common interests, hobbies, friends, and it’s really hard for you to imagine that once you didn’t know anything about each other.

Emotional connection is not born at first sight. It manifests itself over time when your personal life and the life of a partner begin to gradually intertwine. If you feel that you have not yet reached it, this is not a reason to decide on a breakup. Try to get to know each other better, establish a more trusting relationship, open up to your partner. Trying to get emotionally close will give you an understanding of whether to continue the relationship.

Creating Emotional Attraction

To build happy, harmonious and stable relationships, it is necessary to sort out each other’s love languages and learn to communicate using them. So, we can distinguish five main ways of expressing and confirming love, 5 main languages of love.

  • The language of love №1. Expression of support and approval

"A restless heart bends a person to the ground, but a kind word again straightens them." One of the hints on how to trigger emotional attraction with men is using words of encouragement and approval. To feel loved, many of us need to constantly hear from a partner, “What a great person you are,” “You are the best!”, “You will succeed,” “I believe in you.” Mark Twain once said, "I can keep a good compliment in my head for two months." Surely his main language of love was this one.

  • The language of love №2. High-quality time spending

Walking, talking and jointing leisure. When you and your partner are fully in "close" physical and emotional contact with each other, giving each other maximum of their time and attention.

This is not the joint leisure when you sit in front of the TV if you want to learn how to create emotional attraction with women, you need to give your attention is to another person completely. A key aspect of a quality pastime is intimacy, not physical, but a psychological one when our attention is fully focused on the partner.

  • Language of love №3. Giftscreating emotional attraction

This language of love is the easiest to learn. If it is your main partner, then you are very lucky. No need to invent anything, just regularly give them gifts. And peace and harmony will come to your family! A gift is something that you can hold in your hands and say, "They thought about me," or "They wanted to make me happy." The gift is a symbol of these thoughts, “They remember about me, they want to make me smile and beam with happiness.” Therefore, often, the value of the gift does not matter. Gifts are the materialization of love.

  • The language of love №4. Acts of service

Next trick how to create emotional attraction with a man is by acts of service. It means doing such actions that are very desirable for your partner but neutral for you. Performing these actions, you want to make them happy. It could be anything: cleaning, washing, cooking, dog walking or something else. The main thing is that this should be a manifestation of your goodwill and a sincere desire to somehow help your partner, make their life easier, make something pleasant.

  • The language of love №5. Physical contacts

Developmental psychology suggests that children who lack physical contact from their parents may lag behind and have emotional problems. Conversely, children whose parents often held in their arms, hugged and kissed them, that is in every way showed their love through physical contact, grow and develop more harmoniously.

Holding hands, hugging, kissing, having sex are all ways of passing love to your partner. For many of us, this kind of physical contact is extremely important, this is their primary language of love.

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