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The love line between a couple of adults and responsible people always leads to the bond of marriage.

Most girls since childhood imagine themselves in a snow-white dress next to a mind-blowing prince. When a girl gets serious relationship she starts dreaming about the cherished ring in a velvet case.

How do you make a girl a proposal to get married so that she is guaranteed to say "yes"? How to make this important moment unforgettable for yourself and your significant other? Here are the best ideas for proposing, with a further exchange of wedding rings.

Ideas on how to propose

Ideas for proposing at home

1. Decorate the walls, windows, or ceiling

Print out dozens of common photos, and use special stickers to write the main words on the wall. Phosphorus stickers, which glow in the dark, are also suitable for this purpose. Turn off the light - and the room is magically beautiful!

2. A message on the mirror

This can be a dressing table where your favorite brings beauty, a mirror in the bathroom, or a floor mirror in the bedroom. You can use lipstick (new, not from a girl's cosmetic bag) or washable markers for the text.

3. Spoil your sweetheart!

Cook or order a very delicious dinner (do not experiment with exotic dishes). Light candles. Play nice music. Draw a warm bath. Give yourself a massage. Simple steps are a beautiful introduction.

4. Romantic treasure hunt

Set up a home treasure hunt quest or a game of cold-hot. For starters, leave a clue in a prominent place. For example, near a cup of coffee or on a shelf of creams in the bathroom. In the note, suggest heading to another room for a second clue. Guide in clues to particularly meaningful places, and details. Toss in sweets and mementos, puzzles, or write in each note the most romantic or important moments in your relationship. And let the ring be the main find!

5. Decorate your home

Rose petals on the floor, lighted candles or garlands, balloons, flowers, decorations from garlands of hearts - dozens of ideas are at your disposal. The main thing is to prepare all this a little in advance, more than a day before the holiday.

Outdoor proposal ideas

  1. Sunrise. Another romantic time to propose is at sunrise. Propose just as nature and everything around you come to life and wake up. Get some privacy in a beautiful secluded place (perhaps it's a panorama of the city or nature). A little further away, hide a table with champagne and, for example, fruit, and flowers and tell your beloved about your plans for the future. Also a ring you can put in a box with butterflies - it will be very effective.
  2. The flight in a balloon is already full of romance, and prepared words, a melody, and perhaps a proposal in the air through social networks - how do you like such a turn? Hidden flowers, champagne, and a cherished box will leave no options for your beloved.
  3. If you're into diving, propose underwater.

Marriage proposal ideas at the beach

How do you ask a girl to marry you so that she definitely agrees? By inviting her for a walk on the beach. And then accidentally find a large and very beautiful shell. And open it in front of your beloved, proudly showing off the ring.

A similar option can be realized if you have the opportunity to go to the sea. A bottle with a romantic message will win the heart of every girl who is an adventurer at heart. You just need to buy an engagement ring in advance.

Cutest proposal ideas

Even if you've never considered yourself a creative person, getting engaged is exactly the right time to get creative. Your marriage proposal should be something that you want to remember and tell others about. The next batch of ideas is for inspiration and imagination:

  • Present your beloved with a quest - let her (or you together) complete the tasks, and in the end, she will receive the most expensive prize - a confession and an engagement ring. It's great if you come up with the quest yourself, conduct it on the streets of your city, and during it, please your girlfriend with pleasant surprises - a ball or flowers handed over by a stranger, her portrait drawn by a street artist, etc. Tell her that the quest is a gift for her birthday, date, or Valentine's Day, so she won't expect to get an engagement ring.
  • Go on a treasure hunt (say that your friends gave you a certificate for such an adventure). In advance, hide the box with the ring at the excavation site.
  • Secretly learn something new - learn a musical instrument, take a painting course, attend a cooking class, and demonstrate your new skills for the first time, ask the girl to become your wife (in a song, in a painting, with cream on a cake or sauce on a plate)

Ideas to propose in a restaurant

  • A romantic dinner in a restaurant is a completely predictable option, but no less enjoyable. The advantage of this choice of location for a proposal is that everything is usually ready for such events, and it is easy to choose the right music, favorite dishes, and the right team.
  • Gather all your friends and family together in a cafe, restaurant, or at home and propose your hand in marriage.
  • If you are having dinner in a restaurant, ask the waiter/waitress to write: "Will you marry me?" in chocolate cream on a saucer around her dessert. Other options for a marriage proposal are inscriptions with colored sauces.

Unforgettable proposal ideas

Some girls are used to taking everything from life. And they are simply amazing in their interests, preferences, and hobbies. If the chosen one is one of them, then an ordinary restaurant will not impress her. You need to prepare something special.

  1. Is it possible to refuse a massage? As soon as your beloved agrees, the jewelry ring will be unnoticed on her hand and start a new chapter in her life.
  2. Any means will do to attract her attention. For example, rent a billboard in front of the windows of her house where you can print an offer. Or a drone programmed to deliver a very important parcel to any location.
  3. Every couple has memorable places. Where the first meeting, acquaintance, or some wonderful event took place. Even if it's a trivial park or a boring museum, the memories of it are extraordinary. This is where you should propose marriage.
  4. Friends and acquaintances are great helpers in love affairs. They can help you win over your beloved simply by showing her posters with a proposal or by organizing a real quest. The main thing is to plan everything in advance and not to drag it out too much so that the embarrassed girl can guess the true purpose of such an adventure in time.
  5. Serenades under the windows also did not remain in the century before last. Of course, it is better to warn the neighbors and decorate the place of the future performance with flowers or balloons.
  6. A proposal upon waking up is a very nice way to express your feelings. Your beloved will wake up with a ring on her hand and hear your lover's confession. You can entrust a responsible mission to the girl's pet, which will bring her a ring on a collar.
  7. A good mood for your beloved is the key to a successful proposal. If she has recently received a promotion at work or started her own business, won a creative competition, or defended her scientific dissertation, her heart is open to new pleasant surprises. It's time to propose marriage!

What to do if none of the proposed ideas seemed successful? Use those that no one could have thought of before! Yes, you will have to try hard for them, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Good ideas to propose

Many men in love probably enter queries like "engagement ring" into search engines. It's easy to get lost among the many sites, but if your chosen one spends a lot of time online or even has her own social media business, this is the key to her heart.

A marriage proposal via message can contain not only words but also photos and videos edited from the best moments of their life together. Mutual friends can also join in, cheerfully submitting different questions for the chosen one.

When you really want to try on rings, a photo will come in handy. Or even a real photo shoot, the true purpose of which will be revealed to the girl quite unexpectedly.

And for couples who are actively involved in sports, a special workout will be the decisive day. The only thing that is advised with this approach is to propose a break in order to successfully take advantage of the contrast of excitement and slight fatigue after training.

Unique ideas to propose

Emotions are overwhelming - no wonder girls are so eager for new experiences. It is not easy to satisfy such a desire, but this may be the way to win over your chosen one once and for all.

  1. A concert of your favorite band is not just an evening to spend together. How about a proposal that will sound right from the stage? With a little support from the organizers, it can be simply amazing.
  2. A marriage proposal while traveling, especially when it comes to Paris, Venice, or tropical islands, is a great way to get happy. Even if you had to save for the trip for a long time, you will never forget such impressions.
  3. Riding on a yacht, hot air balloon, amusement ride, or vintage car is a childhood dream. And if a girl has ever mentioned that she would like to try such an adventure, you should not waste time. This is a chance to get her consent and love.
  4. You can win your beloved with your unexpected talents. You will need to be prepared to reveal them, but songs, poems, gourmet desserts, or a portrait you painted yourself will be the beginning of an unusually strong relationship.
  5. Girls with active lifestyles will like the proposals for a mountain hike, diving or night races around the city.

This time, so many ideas have already been voiced that all that remains is to prepare an engagement ring with a single stone. After all, this is one chance to announce the most important news and plunge into an exciting journey through married life.

Chalk on the asphalt, rose petals on the sand - however you propose to your beloved, the only thing that matters is that this moment is unexpected. In fact, when a woman is in love, she won't judge any of the ways. The main thing is to make a marriage proposal sincerely and emotionally!

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