Our world is multicultural so no wonder that different nations have rumors and preconceptions about each other. Slavic brides have already gained huge popularity in the West, and Ukrainian women are on the top of the standby list. However, there is also the plenty of stereotypes and beliefs about these ladies; some might be true and some are nothing but myths. Should western single men try building relationships with Ukrainian girls? Do they have any chances to succeed? Let’s find out right now!

Myths and Reality about Ukrainian Brides

Myth #1: They like tough guys

In Eastern Europe, people still support the traditional conception of gender roles. Historically, there’s the archetype of a woman obeying her men. Of course, the today’s situation is quite different: like their Western sisters, Ukrainian girls get more and more emancipated. Yet many people overseas are sure these ladies look for alpha males who’d overpower them in everything. On the contrary, Ukrainian girls aren’t willing to take the backseat in relationships. They rather wish to find compatible and loyal partners.

Myth #2: They scorn Ukrainian men

Since hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian women go online in searches of prospective partners, Western guys imagine them disliking their fellow countrymen. Yet this is false. The problem is that due to the military events of the 20th century, the male population of Eastern Europe decreased so there’s currently the demographical imbalance in this region. Consequently, there are less potential candidates for Slavic women than in Western Europe or the USA. In addition, many Ukrainian guys really lack sophisticated wooing skills and local girls hope to get the proper attitude from foreign gentlemen.

Myth #3: They are selfish

On the forums, you may find many stories of Western men whose efforts for meeting a Ukrainian soulmate were all in vain. According to their reports, girls from this country lack honour; they are capricious and eco-centric and imagine the world revolves around them. Of course, not all Ukrainian women are angels. There are as many character types as there are people on the Earth. However, these girls are generally willing to find a true love overseas as they love discovering foreign cultures and wish to change their lives for the better.

Myth #4: They are eager to leave their country

Thousands of foreigners are afraid of dating Ukrainian women since they’re sure: those ladies just wish to gain from their financial stability and citizenship. We should say that in contrast to this opinion, Ukrainian girls are rather devoted to their motherland and don’t want to move abroad for no good reasons. However, there are certain economic problems in their country, e.g. high level of unemployment and usually poor salaries. It’s natural that young women struggle to improve their life quality.

Myth #5: They are infantile

In the former Soviet republics, there is a popular saying “If he beats you, he loves you”. In fact, this mainly refers to Russian culture yet in Ukraine, it’s also quite widespread. Eastern Slavic women were always famous for their femininity. But some westerners imagine them to be overly girlish and immature. We wouldn’t agree with this opinion – in reality, Ukrainian women turn out to be really strong-minded. They merely use their inborn wits to enchant men!

Myth #6: They will fall for a first available man

This myth is linked to those mentioned above. Some men in the West believe Ukrainian women search for a sponsor, not a like-minded mate. Well, people in Eastern Slavic countries tend to get married earlier than their counterparts in other European countries. The cult of a family is still strong enough in Ukraine as well. However, local women don’t wish to share their life with someone they barely know – they’d rather spend a longer time on searches of a good match.

Myth #7: They are undereducated and sluggish

What if Ukrainian women are worth nothing more than being mere housewives? This is the question many single foreigners ask. So we wanna chill you out: these ladies are generally self-sufficient and determined. Despite their outer tenderness and mildness, such girls possess bravery, strong intellect, and versatility. They do have career ambitions and want to grow as persons!

Myth #8: Their goal is to be concubines

Due to their overwhelming beauty and charm, Ukrainian girls are sometimes perceived as just fancy dolls. We know men who are sure such a lady is capable of simply being your sugar girl. Let’s clarify the situation! As you already understand, modern Ukrainian women are mostly self-sufficient. Yes, they are less emancipated than their sisters in other, more developed, countries. In particular, the core goal of a woman’s life – as they’re convinced – is to build a healthy family. So first of all, Ukrainian girls look for reliable and loving partners, not for sugar daddies outside their motherland.

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