Unfortunately, infidelity is becoming a norm in the modern world. The sad truth is that society has changed its attitude to unfaithfulness from condemnation to lenient. Earlier, men were considered the main cheaters, and women were pitied for the broken hearts. However, it’s quite naïve to think that women are absolutely monogamous and that men’s nature is polygamy and they can be excused. But you surely can find your monogamous Ukrainian bride on this dating site.

Women do cheat, and they cheat no less than men, according to the latest surveys. However, reasons that push both sexes to cheating are different. While men do it spontaneously following their instincts, women do it consciously and very often to make up for to their unsatisfied needs. A male cheater, if not a serial one, will forget it and keep loving his regular partner. Since women are emotional creatures, their infidelity has deeper roots and it’s usually more detrimental to relationships.

why do women cheat

Why Do We Cheat?

People cheat on their loved ones. But why? You decide to have an exclusive relationship with a person, so you are supposed to be loyal. It goes without saying. Why do people cheat in relationships? The answer to this question is quite simple. A relationship is supposed to cover some basic needs of two people. If those needs are not satisfied, they start to look for compensation outside the relationship. Why do people cheat? In order to gain insight into the nature of cheating, we need to figure out what makes people cheat. Generally, there are two types of cheating: emotional and physical. The reasons behind each of them are numerous. Here are six types of infidelity based on different reasons.

Romantic affair

This kind of infidelity is an attempt to break from the routine and difficulties that every relationship experiences at times. A summer fling is a good example of the romantic affair. Another example is a long-term commitment-free relationship. In such extramarital relationship, people search for that part of their personality that can’t fulfill itself with the existing partner. According to popular belief, people look for what they lack in their current relationship. However, the latest sociological studies prove it wrong. In fact, people who commit romantic cheating can be satisfied and even happy with their relationships and genuinely think everything is okay. Usually, the one who cheats is the one who puts less effort into their relationship. Those who invest much, cherish what they have more.


Why do girls cheat? Many female cheaters confess that they cheated on their partners in revenge for insults, pain, partner’s emotional unavailability, indifference, and constant arguments. The cheating women don’t feel the sense of guilt – it’s neutralized by anger and offense. At the core of the revenge-motivated infidelity lies the need for intimacy, understanding, and attention.

why do married women cheat Provocation

Usually, a cheater doesn’t try to conceal his or her infidelity. It’s used as a message “our relationship is in trouble, stop ignoring me.” This kind of infidelity is typical of those couples in which partners don’t communicate properly: they are silent about their worries and don’t discuss the existing problems. In this case, cheating is used as the means of manipulation and pressure and as an attempt to make the other partner jealous. The cheaters are as if crying “there is someone who wants me – be afraid to lose me.”

An excuse to break up

It happens when one of the partners gets tired of the relationship, doesn’t see the future of this union and wants to leave but doesn’t want to be the initiator of a breakup. Cheating, in this case, is a kind of provocation, “break up with me.”

An alternative

The underlying reason for this type of infidelity is the fear of loneliness. A person doesn’t want to leave the current partner, but at the same time the fear of being dumped is also very strong. So, this person starts to look for possible alternatives in case their fears come true and their loved one leaves them.

Thirst for sex

For some people, sex is a kind of addiction. It helps them relieve stress and anxiety, avoid emotional intimacy, feel the power and confidence. This kind of cheating includes one-night stands and sex with prostitutes. Extramarital affairs, which men with the status are expected to have, also belong to this category. Cheaters of this type change sexual partners but don’t feel an emotional connection with anyone. This is their own kind of game. Even if they don’t have any problems in their current relationship, they will cheat on their partners because of their sexual addiction.

The reasons why men cheat or why women are unfaithful are different. The above typology gives you an insight into the main motives for cheating. As you can see, women are more sophisticated in their unfaithfulness.

Women Who Cheat: Why and How Often

If you happen to visit some forum for women, there will definitely be a separate thread dedicated to cheating. Women share their experience there, ask for advice, and tell the stories of how they nearly cheated. All this is the evident proof that women are not purely monogamous. Reasons why women cheat can be different, indeed. According to the old statistics, women cheat less than men. However, today there is a small difference between the sexes in terms of infidelity: men and women cheat equally. There are acts of infidelity committed both by married people and those couples who are in the serious but not official relationships.

Why do women cheat? While men often do it on the spot, women make a decision to cheat. It can be either conscious or unconscious one. What pushes them to it?

She found another man. It’s woman’s nature to look for the best man. They are in a constant search for a perfect candidate, and when they finally find one, they stay with him. All you can do is to become better, stronger, and more successful for your woman. Then she’ll be with you forever.

She cheated drunk. Women can cheat on their significant others at a party after several shots when they get quite tipsy. In this case, they do it unconsciously even if they love their partners. They realize they made a big mistake but men rarely forgive the cheating women. why do wives cheatOnly one advice can be given here: you should look for the girl who can control herself, who goes to clubs with you and doesn’t try to seduce other men.

She is enjoying her freedom. All in good time. A woman should be psychologically ready to settle down. If she is still interested in loud parties and commitment-free relationships, an exclusive relationship will limit her freedom and she will inevitably cheat. It’s important to understand that you’re dealing with this type of women from the start, as you won’t have a happy family life with her.

Why do married women cheat?

Why do women cheat on their husbands? Sometimes even seemingly happy partners can be cheaters. It’s often hard to believe that a woman cheated on her caring and loving husband. An unfaithful wife is worse than an unfaithful husband. Some say that man’s infidelity consolidates the family while woman’s infidelity ruins it. Why do wives cheat?

They are not satisfied with sex life. Almost 60 percent of women explain their infidelity by the fact that their men don’t satisfy them sexually. It’s a substantial reason, as each person wants to be happy in marriage. Sexual awareness of modern women is very high. They know what they can possibly achieve and if their spouses can’t give it, they look for pleasure with other men. Their parents cheated. There is an opinion among psychiatrists and physiologists that the adult children copy the behavior of their parents as if keeping a family tradition. If a child knew that one of the parents was a cheater, he or she could decide that infidelity in the family is a norm.

They initiate sex in their couple. Sociologists claim that if the wife is an initiator of sex in her couple, she can be inclined to sexual infidelity. This tendency can be spotted among women over 40. They get tired of seducing their spouses, so they can fail to resist the offer of a handsome persistent man.

The big city can conceal her misdeed. In a big city, it’s easier to find a lover and have an affair than in a small town where people know each other well and it’s difficult to cheat and not to be figured out. They love their husbands less than their husbands love them. Usually, that partner who loves less is less dependent thus more inclined to risk their marriage. Why do women cheat on good men? Because they don’t feel the strong emotional attachment to their husbands. A good and loving man cherishes his wife and his marriage, and his cheating woman just doesn’t love him strong enough to be loyal.

They are unsatisfied with their marriage in general. If a woman has been married for more than 10 years and she can’t call it a happy marriage, chances are she’ll cheat on her husband. If it’s a young family, then the odds are she will just leave her husband. Hope you found the answer to the question men keep asking – why do girls cheat? What you should know about female cheating is that is more serious than men’s infidelity. The thing is that for a woman, sex and love are inseparable. If she has intimacy with some other man, it means she is in love. As you know, the feeling of affection changes women. They lose their heads. That’s why a cheating wife can be detected by the sudden changes in her behavior and appearance. She gets a stimulus to look her best for someone new.

Why Is Cheating Wrong?

Again, if you scroll through women’s forums, you’ll come across such topic as “Why do I want to cheat?” You already know that women cherish the idea of cheating rather than cheat spontaneously. Very often, they do it out of despair when their relationships lose some important element such as satisfying intimacy, emotional connection, or romance. Cheating men have basically the same reasons. It means that people cheat when something is wrong in their relationships.

Why is cheating wrong? If the truth about infidelity reveals, usually it means the end of a relationship. Of course, everything depends on a particular couple and the circumstances. If one partner repents and the other is ready to forgive and never hold it against the cheater, this couple can become even better after such incident. But if a person doesn’t understand why cheating is wrong and becomes a serial cheater, then this relationship is toxic and should be stopped if the other partner suffers.

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