Ukrainian girls are, by all means, the most desirable foreign lovers for westerners. It’s not only their great natural beauty but their unique character traits that make men on the entire planet dream of Ukrainian ladies. So how can you possibly charm such a girl via the Internet? We gathered the top 13 tips to help you with it. Read our quick and simple guide to figure out!


1. Create a sufficient profile

Your dating profile is the very first thing she will discover so try to introduce yourself in the best way ever. It refers to your photo, your bio, and your self-description. Add your best photo without any touch ups! Let it be honest and maximally objective – narcissistic guys have never been attractive. State your intents clearly as well.

2. Get open-minded

Meeting a Ukrainian girl, you get in touch with the foreign mentality which may appear strange to you in some aspects. Ukrainians are generally welcoming, tolerate, emotional, and sincere. That’s why they may “break” some of the Western etiquette rules. Prefer to hear weird things about life in her country. Likewise, she will probably encourage you to court her.

3. Take an interest in her life

The most valuable thing you can give to a girl is your attention, especially, when it comes to wooing a lady from Ukraine. Due to their national mindset, they are into long intimate conversations. If you wanna show your affection, ask about the events happening in her life and react to what she tells you. Ask follow-up questions and show your emotions.

4. Keep it fun

Good sense of humour can bring you huge benefits in the process of seducing a girl. A proper joke makes a female heart melt. Well, there is no need to crack jokes every two minutes, yet it is amazing to vary the tone of conversation from time to time. Surely, those gags should fit the context of your dialogue and be inoffensive.

5. Include compliments

Since a woman falls in love with her ears, compliments are obligatory. Even though you are chatting online, telling nice things to your mate is necessary to make her like you. Those can refer to anything – her stunning appearance, intellect, character features etc. Again, don’t drop compliments too often.

6. Act like a gentleman

Ukrainian girls are romantic and feminine so they are in searches of a man who would treat them like jewels. Unlike most Western ladies, they value courtship – even online. Thus, take care of your manners: greet her, say goodbye, and be polite throughout the conversation.

7. Show your appreciation of her native culture

Ukrainian culture is really interesting and authentic. No wonder Ukrainians are so proud of it. As your pen pals, a girl from this distant country can tell you a lot of wonderful new things. So when you show her you are into her native stuff, she will definitely be impressed.

8. Be honest

Lies are unacceptable in any relationships. Ukrainian girls are quite straightforward and expect their partners to be honest and reliable. They love sharing their mind. Don’t try to appear better than you actually are – we all have strengths and weaknesses. Just be ok with who you are!

9. Demonstrate your manliness

Due to their mentality peculiarities, Ukrainian girls like guys who demonstrate their manly behaviour. We don’t mean you should be assertive, tough, or bossy. Just let her know you have set your life priorities right. The way you communicate, address to her, or speak of your future plans matters a lot when she’s gonna evaluate you.

10. Address her by name

In fact, nothing can sound better to a human being than his or her own name. This is what all psychologists agree on. Ukrainian girls like it too so keep this fact in mind while chatting. Using her name in your lines, you establish the deeper connection between the two of you.

11. Let her know you’re smart

Intellect will always be a trend if we can say so. Ukrainian girls are typically well-educated and well-mannered. Besides, they are really brainy. And if you dream of an intelligent girlfriend, Ukraine is a great destination to search for her.

12. Express your self-assurance

Ukrainian women are into self-confident and strong men. Their society appreciates the traditional model of a family where a man is a main protector and earner. Your Ukrainian friend should know you are capable of making decisions and be initiative.

13. Pay her respect

The conception of personal space in Ukrainian culture isn’t the same. Your friend may be more sincere and emotional than a regular Western lady, but she mustn’t reveal all her secrets, personal data, or photos. You definitely know that the Internet is full of scammers – she needs to get used to you. Thus, don’t be pushy when it comes to breaking her out of her comfort zone.

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