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While you and a girl are at the stage of getting to know each other, texting is your main way of communication. After the first standard messages, the question always arises: what should you text a girl about to be an interesting interlocutor? This guide on how to make her text back is compiled from real-life examples, complete with conversation topics and tips that will make a girl smile every time she reads your text.

How to make a girl reply your text

  • "Hey, how's it going" is the kind of message that makes girls a little nauseous, and she definitely won't respond to it. But even if you're mega-original, there's no guarantee of reciprocity if your page looks like a fake one or is too depressing. It's not enough to know how to get a girl to respond to your text, you need to work on the following:
  • Evaluate your page. Away from the unfortunate and embarrassing photos, you can leave the funny ones. Review your statements, comments uploaded audio and video. She'll look at all of these after she's hooked on your appeal, but before she responds herself.
  • Make adjustments. A girl is a vulnerable creature, so she doesn't need to know what kind of tin you like.
  • Choose a girl - it's a long process, but the most enjoyable. Do not limit yourself and pick a couple, or even more options. With one, yes it will work out.
  • Study her page. No boilerplate newsletters, and for that you need to "know the enemy in person": what she eats, what she listens to, what she's into. Hit those points and show her how much you have in common.
  • Write a message. After studying her profile for a long time, just take it and write what comes to mind. Find out if she's going to a concert of her favorite band if she has a video of a movie that got deleted online. Don't think too much about what to ask. Imagine it's an old friend of yours and you're chatting.

How to get a girl to reply to you: a top of red flags

There are many variants of what to write to get a girl to respond, but for some reason, guys often choose the most trivial and strange. It is unclear in what circles and sections to teach to hit on, but the message is doomed to failure. There are some forbidden topics when she doesn`t text back:

  • Below-the-belt humor and the same kind of hitting-up are taboo for first-time converts. They are "spiritual persons," not just lustful animals. It is later she will show her passion and feminine essence, but for now, we have to act tactfully.
  • Platitudes like, "You're beautiful, let's talk." At best, she will think that you - a bot, and at worst she will think that you are so stupid, that he did not even think to look online for a more original platitude.
  • Slang and profanity are not for cute and sophisticated girls. And let her on the first date she will curse two and three-story swear words after she was pelted with mud by a passing car, but she will play the role of a well-mannered and chaste girl.
  • An abundance of grammatical errors. Traditionally, everyone "thumbs up" each other for lapses and errors on the network, so even a "C" student at school will not want to communicate with a "clueless.
  • Deception: you can not pretend to be another person, put up a photo in Ikea, or in front of someone else's Ferrari. Respect yourself and appreciate yourself. Work as a locksmith or plumber - no reason to be shy at all. There are a lot of girls who will appreciate the "male occupation", in addition, in the photo you can present your employment so that the ladies will drool.

9-word text that forces her to respond

Despite what most men think, not all girls want to hear compliments about certain body parts. A girl wants to know that she likes you whole with her character and features.

We have made for you a selection of nice words you can say to a girl to make her melt and how to get her to text you back.

What to text a girl who stopped responding: examples

  1. I knew you were the one from day one.
  2. I pity the men who will never get you.
  3. I smile every time I get a message from you.
  4. I wanted to pamper you this weekend. How about a shopping trip?
  5. Got something you've wanted for a long time? Let's do it.

Top tips on how to get her to respond

It's not just important what you have to text a girl to get her to respond, but also how you do it. There are a few tricks that can help refresh communication and spice it up. Use these tricks with a stranger to leave her no chance:

  • Use simple phrases: no complicated sentences, words, or arrogance.
  • Provoke to her to communicate. Avoid assertions and use questions and ambiguous statements to make her want to continue the conversation.
  • Add emotion with smileys, and gifs (animations). Then even a banal "hello" will play with new colors, not to mention a more successful phrase.
  • Flirt and use humor, but without the silly "cockamamie.
  • Write compliments on the subject, not just a set of phrases. For example, she wrote something clever, so don't be shy and tell her that. Compliments mean nothing to you, but for her, they will be like bait for a fish.
  • You have to be clear about the purpose of the conversation. Don't settle for the role of "vest" and friend, but talk directly about wanting to meet in person and talk in a "boyfriend-girlfriend" format.
  • Develop your signature style. Never, you hear me, never take a hackneyed template from the net! It's a matter of seconds to check their uniqueness, and dating will be a failure. It's better to use only your own ideas.

How to make a girl text you back: FAQs

  • How long should I wait to text her back?

Why doesn't the person respond to the message? What are the real reasons for this behavior? It doesn't matter, just stop waiting.  Stop looking at the phone screen. Stop checking every 15 seconds to see if a notification has arrived. Stop equating your value with how fast someone answers your message. Remember, a girl takes 24 hours to text back.

  • What to do when she doesn`t text back?

More often than not, girls don't just shut up if communicating with you was interesting and enjoyable. If a woman has stopped replying to messages, it means that something has gone wrong. Here are 8 possible reasons why a girl ignores your messages on Facebook or other messengers and social networks. 

  1. the conversation has come to a standstill: the topic has exhausted itself, there were no new questions.
  2. You asked a difficult question that she can't answer right away.
  3. You said something wrong or offended.
  4. She found out something about you that makes her feel uncomfortable.
  5. You reacted to something different than she expected and now she's not sure she wants to communicate.
  6. A more interesting interlocutor has emerged.
  7. She has consciously decided to ignore you and see what happens - to see how you behave in these situations and how much you want to communicate.
  8. She's just busy. The most obvious and fairly common reason.
  • If she doesn`t text back should I text again?

Let's simulate the situation: three hours have passed since the last message, and she takes a long time to text back. We tell you how to get a girl to text you back when she is ignoring you. 

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For starters, look at the last few messages: did you ask her anything? Did she answer the question? Did you say anything that might have offended her? If she doesn`t text back for days, offers to change the subject. If there is something there that might have seemed offensive, clarify if everything is okay and ask directly if you offended her. 

Demonstrate a desire to continue communicating, but don't be too intrusive. Don't send a dozen post-it notes and messages like "where did you go?", "why aren't you answering?", "where are you?", "come back, I'll forgive you", or "why aren't you saying anything? And especially avoid phrases like "this is the end, right?", "that's it, I'm over for you now?" and the like. 

Text her on another messenger, text her, or call her if there's a phone number. But don't do it all at once. If she's been silent for an hour and a half, don't send all the messages in all the resources at once, dial her number once you've dealt with the newsletter. Stretch your persistence and give her a chance to respond before you've done everything possible - it's first, more effective, and second, you won't seem like a maniac. 

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