Do you really like a Ukrainian girl but you don’t have the courage to ask her out on a date? Are you afraid of refusal? We understand your fears and want to help you deal with this task. In this article, you will find the best ways to ask a Ukrainian girl out, so, most likely, she will be yours.

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Where to Begin With

Step 1. At the first stage, when you look for Ukrainian women for dating, you have to be very careful. You should start communication gently and unobtrusively and turn it into a romantic relationship over time. There are many proven methods of actions for this aim. One of the main things is to be able to listen, understand wishes, help in difficult situations and to be near your chosen one as often as possible. Any girl appreciates such attention very much and reciprocates.

Step 2. After you have established a closer relationship, you need to start acting and start asking a Ukrainian girl out. A man has to be the initiator of various ideas, strive for novelty in the relationship. Every new meeting (a date) should be different from the previous ones and remain in the memory of your girlfriend. Be creative and listen to your companion. The ability to take into account the opinion and preferences of another person is almost 99% of the success.

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

The fantasy of a man knows no bounds when it comes to pleasing a girl he likes. It doesn’t matter whether it is the first, the fifth, or the fiftieth date. The main thing is an individual approach and a creative decision. If you are not creative and don’t know how to ask a Ukrainian girl out, then use our tips.

Tip #1: order in the online flower shop a beautiful bouquet and ask to put a postcard with an invitation to a date inside

man with flowersAt the appointed time, the courier will deliver a bouquet with a note to your lover. And it doesn’t matter whether it will be home or work. If you choose beautiful flowers, a girl will probably not be able to resist such a surprise and will agree to go on a date with you. By the way, this option is appropriate even if you had a fight and your woman doesn’t want to talk and especially to see you now. A bouquet will surely become that sign of attention that will help forget about bad things.

Tip #2: take her by surprise

You don’t have to make an invitation at a distance. Appear near her house and tell her that you want to walk with her. Your coming and the desire to talk will seem to her as something unusual and intriguing. And it will be really an unusual invitation to a meeting. Of course, you have to know for sure that she is not doing anything important now.

Should you give her flowers at the same time? Since the unexpected appearance under her window is a kind of surprise, it is not necessary to give them. However, if you are sure that a girl is interested in you, and you want to give a present to her, then you can buy a small bouquet of roses. So, she will certainly not even think about refusal.

Tip #3: balloons with an invitation

Place a sweet present, notes with compliments or confessions inside of each balloon. Put a written invitation in one of them. Blow up balloons and spread them around the room. Tell a girl about the surprises that are in balloons that she can get only by bursting them. Don’t forget how the most important balloon with an invitation looks like.

Tip #4: in the spy style

You will need props: sunglasses, a raincoat, and a hat. Let your friend approach a girl in this closing and give her an invitation from you.

Tip #5: surprise in front of the door

Hearing a doorbell, a girl will open a door. And when she opens it, she sees the candles on the floor and your invitation in the center of the composition strewn with rose petals.

Tip #6: write an invitation in the form of a verse

This is the best way to ask a girl out. It is not necessary to copy ready-made works that can be easily found on various sites. It is better to write something of your own: let it be only 2-4 lines of a poem, but it will be yours. You can send it by e-mail attaching a virtual postcard. Another option is to write poetry by hand on a beautiful, original sheet and send it to someone with help of friends. For example, you can make a kind of scroll or take an exquisite envelope and a gilt paper. You can even write an invitation song and perform it to your chosen one.

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