If you think that you are very cool and interesting, and any girl dreams of being with you, then we have bad news for you. Sitting on the couch and cherishing your pride, you risk spending all your life on illusions and self-deception. Why are you still single? How to be an attractive man and make women interested in you?

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Women love self-confident men. This is the main rule that you must remember. Even if you give her expensive gifts and flowers, you visit luxurious chic restaurants, or something more, remaining indecisive and complicated, then you simply have no chances. If you are still wondering how to be more attractive to women, then the answer to this question is quite simple and banal too: stay only yourself. No doubt, all the girls are very different, and you need to be able to find a personal approach to each of them. So, it is important not to lose yourself in this attention race. What is more, we have prepared some basic rules on how to be attractive to girls.

The Appearance or Personal Traits: What Makes Men Attractive to Women

One of the most important qualities that must be maintained and developed in each individual is their appearance and image since it is the first thing we pay our attention to. This topic often causes a lot of controversies and is associated with double standards.

Some people argue that only the beauty of the inner world and the soul of a person are important to attract women. Others pay attention only to the appearance, believe that the most important task to stay hot is to keep up with fashion, and if a girl does not do it herself, then there is nothing to talk about with her.

Why are the appearance and general look of the body as important as our inner qualities and hidden attributes?

  • The idea that you can change your thinking without changing your body seems to be questionable. Everything inside us is interconnected, and if a person neglects their body, it will inevitably hurt their mind and general senses. It is concerned not only with the beauty, but also human health: this is about constant movement, a healthy diet, and listening to the signals your body gives you. That is the key to attracting single ladies online.
  • The body is a manifestation of our inner self in the material world, a kind of spacesuit for the soul. If we want to be successful in a relationship, in a career, in anything else and learn how to attract women, we must take care of it. This is not about trying to please someone, but about the message that you send with your general style, and what image people read through your appearance.
  • Lifestyle and attitude towards health say a lot about a person. Ability to harmoniously combine different aspects of self-care such as doing sports, upgrading your knowledge and taking care of your appearance means that a person is truly intelligent and well-organized. Only a person that is unable to be on top of their schedule is not coping with all these different aspects.

How to Be More Attractive to Women by the Look

Not everyone is lucky to be born with Brad Pitt’s appearance, many of the guys have more modest external attributes but can boast of the inner charisma.

But the fact that nature has not rewarded you with a beautiful face, tall, sexy body is not a reason to give up and stop upgrading every aspect of your life that you can develop more.

Hard work always lays behind looking good and knowing how to be attractive to women. Cute, well-groomed guys are much more likely to interest a girl than indecisive creeps and messy geeks.

Tip 1. Clothing

Rules: Your shoes and clothing should be clean and tidy. Keep up with the trends, it is not hard, just go to the store and see what is in fashion currently, you can google some tendencies or ask for help. All your clothes should be of your size. Always think about how convenient your outfit will look in a certain situation and circumstances. Relevance is an important criterion when choosing clothes. Learn to compliment your image with good and high-quality accessories.how to be an attractive man

Tasks: Look at your wardrobe. If there are things in it that you have not worn for more than a year, throw them away. Consider your style. If you feel that you cannot cope with it on your own, then it is better to seek help from a stylist or your friends who are aware of the fashion trends. No need to think that it is expensive. Wasting money on clothes that do not combine well, is far more expensive and senseless.

Tip 2. Body

Rules: You must take care of yourself. What do women find attractive in men?

This is not a secret to anyone. Do you love beautiful and well-groomed girls? So why should they be with a person that doesn't follow these rules themselves? You should have a fresh haircut, good manicure, and pedicure. You must take care of your face, and also stay at least somewhat close to being fit.

Tasks: Just take it into account and upgrade your appearance as far as you can before you start diving into the world of single ladies dating sites. Start attending the gym and go there regularly, not just on holidays. Visit the barbershop and make a cool haircut. Go to the beauty salon for a manicure, and face cleaning procedures. It will not only visually make your image more harmonious in general, but it will also add you confidence and status.

Tip 3. Haircut

Rules: Perhaps there is nothing easier to become more attractive than getting a fresh haircut or hairstyle. Find a decent hairdresser that can transmit the general idea of your image through a hairstyle. Visit a hairdresser as often as you can afford, and every time explain a professional what you want because the majority of your appearance depends on the way your hair looks. If nature has not rewarded you with perfect hair, then a good haircut can save you. If you need it, you can experiment a little, choose fashionable haircuts for men. By doing that, you will express your creativity and attract as authentic girls as you are.

Tasks: It is equally important to pay attention to different problems of the scalp and try to get rid of them because they will not disappear anywhere. Visit beauty salons, barbershops, and specialized establishments as often as possible. Shining from the inside and feeling irresistible, that is what women find attractive.

What Male Behavior Attracts Women

Your behavior, charisma and the way of showing your image are extremely vital for a girl. It is about how beautifully and harmoniously you can present yourself. This is indicated by many factors. For example, posture, voice, actions, facial expressions. All this needs to be pumped.

Tip 1. Your posture should say that you are an alpha because a lot of things depend on this. What do girls find attractive? Not slouching and constantly looking at the floor at least. Keep your head high and your shoulders straight. Your walk should be very confident and your face relaxed.

If you pass by the girl, be sure to smile at her. So she will feel more liberated and special. Your look should always be directed at the girl. In no case you should look away, it is a sign of submission.

Tip 2. You should speak quite slowly and, make the right emphasis, avoid the fillers-in. All girls love with their ears. We have already said that girls love to hear beautiful, competent, clear speech. Therefore, you should maximize your eloquence. You have to speak on the right topics while ensuring that the girl is interested in everything that you tell her. Do not ask too many questions, otherwise, she will feel like being interrogated. Focus on simple communication with her. What do women find attractive? When you not only talk but listen to them and ask questions concerning their lives.

Non-verbal communication is one of the ways of self-expression. If you learn to use this tool correctly, you will be able to interest any girl and make your conversation more effective.

Tip 3. For a girl, there is nothing sexier than a confident man. Women subconsciously choose such a partner because the gut tells them he will be a great father and a house defender. It's proven by practice. If you have some insecurities, you need to stop whining and start working on it.

What attracts women to men? Persistence is another important quality any person should own. It implies the ability to overcome obstacles when reaching a remote target, and not to give up.

You won’t get along without assertiveness as well since there is a tendency to confidently ask for what you need, to impose your desires and values on others, regardless of their opinion as well as to achieve your goal by all means and at any cost. This trait helps you solve problems and shows your woman you will stand up for her.

How to Attract Women with Your Lifestyle

Any girl wants to be near the best partner, so your social status is one of the determining factors for her when she decides who to choose you as her life partner. Yes, at the first stage of your relationship, status doesn't play the main role. But if you plan something serious with this girl, you will have to show yourself as a person with a position and plans for the future.

Here you should understand what this notorious social status is. Since this is not only the position you occupy at work but also leadership in a certain circle of society as well as your behavior pattern.

Tip 1. You must have a rich and interesting life so that the girl feels involved in different life activities and doesn’t get bored. If your life is home-work-home, what can you give to another person? What can you tell her? Where are you going to get experience from?what women find attractive

Lead an active lifestyle, attend various lectures, trainings, visit theaters, movies together, read literature, travel. Then you will have a lot of advantages over other tedious desk jockeys.

Tip 2. Beam positive vibes. Of course, for your mental health, this is no less important, you should always openly discuss everything that concerns you. Because if suddenly there is too much negativity, then it will not only start poisoning you but also become damaging to everyone around you.

If you learn to see the positive aspects in everything, or by defining the root of the problem, you will actively search for its solutions, this will rather increase your chances of winning the attention of the opposite sex than endless nagging. The phrase, “What a miserable person I am” has not yet made any woman excited to take off her clothes and rush for your passionate embraces.

Tip 3. Plan your actions. Even improvisation requires little planning. A man who acts according to circumstances, as if not thinking ahead, can become attractive by his dexterity, but a clear understanding of further actions looks much more attractive in the eyes of women. This will require a minimum of effort from you: plan your travels, do not let a date get put away, and do not expect someone to build your career for you. This does not mean that you should become the same pedantic maniac as Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho,” but you should know how to create the impression that everything is under control.

Final Thoughts

You can be completely different. But at the same time, you must demonstrate that you are dominant in the couple, the last word and the final decision is yours. She can say a million times that she’s not like other girls that she can solve all her problems on her own, but women like those men who have power, and they are drawn to them.

Be gentle, be cruel, be romantic - you can be different. Behave according to the situation and what she needs at this moment. The girl who is next to you should clearly understand that you are better than all other men. Why did she choose to stay with you? What are your main advantages? She should know the answer and be confident in your dominance.

The answer is very simple: position yourself as alpha. Make her think that you are the best thing that has happened in her life. You should become the man she wants to be with.

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