Before we finally settle down with one person we date at least 6 different people, according to some surveys. It’s easy to track how your taste in women changes with age. When you are young, you’re attracted to one type of women, and as you mature, your taste undergoes quality changes. Probably, this is because at different stages of your life you need a different kind of relationships. Every date you have is a valuable experience that contributes to the better understanding of the opposite sex.

In this article, we are going to dwell upon types of women to avoid dating as well as those women who are dating and marriage material.

type of women to avoid

Planning a Serious Relationship: How to Choose a Girl

You will agree that some women are appropriate for dating and casual relationships while some are meant for long-term relationships. However, you can tell one type from the other only through dating. You go out with a particular woman and besides having a great time, you get to know each other’s characters, values, and views. Disappointment is not a rare feeling on a first date. You expect something from the woman, and then realize that you look in different directions. Sometimes, after a series of unsuccessful dates you ask yourself why you meet the wrong girls. Odds are you keep sticking to the old images when indeed you moved on in your preferences and aims. Or you look for prospective dates in the wrong places.

People couple by the principle “we choose and we are being chosen”. That’s why we say that people match when the choice is mutually right. The sooner you realize that you are with the right/wrong person, the better. In the case of compatibility, you’ll choose an appropriate strategy of turning your just dating into something more significant. If you understand that your date is not the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, don’t waste your time.

How to understand that your date can be your potential partner? Basically, three “ingredients” determine the future of your relationship.

1) Attraction. It can be a liking or love. There shouldn’t be only sexual attraction. This person should attract you both physically and emotionally. There can be any kind of interest: intellectual, emotional, or even financial, which also happens.

2) Comfort. You must feel absolutely comfortable when you are with your woman. You get a kick out of communicating with her. You never feel exhausted, bored, or angry during your dates. Your systems of values largely coincide, and if you have certain divergences, they are not very significant.

3) Trust. This is something that a serious relationship can’t exist without. An important remark: you either trust or not trust. If you don’t completely trust her at the beginning of a relationship, you won’t miraculously begin to trust her in time. You’ll always expect that she will do harm to you. Trusting your partner means not only that you can share your inmost thoughts with her. There should be mutual trust in each aspect of your relationship. You can sleep the sleep of the just when she stays over at your home and you’re not afraid she might steal something. You are 100% sure that right after your date she will not meet with some other guy. In other words, you need to be sure she is a completely reliable person.

types of women to avoid These three elements are essential. That is why before starting a relationship with a particular girl, analyze your feelings through the prism of these three points. If you have all of them, it’s definitely your person. But if you have doubts as to one of the components, you should think whether she is a good match for a serious relationship. If you think that you’ll get comfortable with her in time or everything will settle down after a while, you are mistaken. It’s like sitting on the hot pan hoping that you’ll get used to it.

Sooner or later there will happen something that you won’t be able to tolerate. That’s why it’s extremely important to know your own needs, determine the things that are essential in for your future relationship, and have a clear idea of what you won’t ever tolerate. Next point for consideration is the personal qualities of your partner. There are some traits of character you value in women and there are some qualities you don’t want your future partner to have. The best way to figure out what you want is to analyze your past relationships. Make up a list: what you liked about your ex-partners, what qualities you didn’t like, and what were the most repelling things that led to breakups. This thorough analysis will help you get a clear idea of what kind of partner you need and what kind of relationship you want to build.

Another important aspect that defines the success of your further relationship with a particular girl is your readiness for a serious relationship (both yours and hers). If one of you doesn’t want to sacrifice personal freedom, there will be serious problems with building a healthy relationship. If you still can’t imagine your life without parties, if after work you want to meet with your friends rather than go home and talk with one and the same person (your woman), then it means you are not ready for an exclusive long-term relationship.

Of course, it would be great to land the right girl on the first attempt. Well, it happens, but very rarely. It takes a certain amount of time to get to know a person. In the beginning, you don’t know each other well enough and you think you are a good couple. However, in 3 months you have an argument or get into some sticky situation and realize that you can’t put up with your partner’s behavior. Your partner, in her turn, doesn’t want to change because she has her principles. Nevertheless, the clock is ticking, the time passes, and looking for a good girl using the trial and error method is not a good option. It’s desirable that your, if not second, then third, attempt turns out to be successful and you start building a quality relationship with a girl.

Types of Women to Avoid Dating: Signs and Clues

Usually, several weeks are enough to figure out that the girl you’ve been going out with is not the girl you want to date. There are some types of women men avoid and do it for a reason. Those ladies are psychologically immature for a relationship or in general. They do or say things that repel men. The relationships with these ladies don’t promise any good. How to spot women who will bring you more troubles than pleasure? Here are the signs.

  • She never gives a direct answer to the most harmless question, such as “How old are you?” or “What would you like to eat?” What she says instead is “Guess yourself”.
  • She is regularly complaining about her job/ salary/boss, that the boots have worn out, hat her computer broke down, that her debts are growing, that her aunt needs money for surgery she can’t help her because her wallet has been stolen, etc. And she looks very disappointed when you don’t offer her to compensate/buy/pay or solve the issue.
  • She likes to sing karaoke despite that she has no ear for music; she posts her nude photos on Instagram despite her far-from-ideal figure; she has a hieroglyph tattoo that means lioness or noodle soup.
  • She is proud that she is in good friendly relations with all of her exes and sees them regularly. She even rents a flat together with one of her ex-boyfriends.
  • Her mood can be described as constant unknown sadness. She reacts to all your romantic attempts to cheer her up with “Nice”.
  • After a second date, she begins, as if in jest, to ponder about how beautiful your children will be. And then, she’ll plan your vacation together and ask you to buy tickets to Bali.
  • She shows up on a date with her female friend without giving you any prior notice and then talks only with her the whole evening speaking to you just to ask you to pass the salt.
  • At a party, she manages to get drunk even before other guests take their shoes off or introduce themselves.
  • She never calls your first, often ignores your calls, and never feels it necessary to explain why.
  • She tells you that she is on a diet but one pack of French fries is never enough for her.

3 Types of Women to Avoid

The above-mentioned signs are the signs of toxic women that will poison your life and with whom you’re unlikely to build a healthy relationship. They make the type of women to avoid if you don’t want to waste your time and effort. If your aim is to find that “special someone”(you may check our Ukrainan brides site for it), you need to be picky. It doesn’t mean you should set strict unreal requirements for your potential partner. You should keep in mind the main qualities you want your woman to possess and know what it should feel like to be with the right person (attraction, comfort, and trust – remember?) Some insignificant flaws can be ignored but there are some women to avoid at all costs.

women to avoidThe Party Girl

Among the types of women to avoid dating, the party girl type is the craziest. These girls are unstoppable and they know how to have a really good time. You’ll have fun visiting several parties or shows with this girl, but if you are not a party animal, you’ll find it hard to adjust to her lifestyle. She can be a great person but if your lifestyles don’t match, you won’t be able to make a good couple.

The Drama/Scandal Queen

She is in a constant search of the slightest cause to start a fight. She is addicted to scandals. You can build a healthy relationship only with a woman who can control her emotions and keep calm even in difficult situations. Patience is an unknown word to Drama Queens. That’s why they are on the list of women to avoid dating. If you start dating a woman of this type, she’ll reveal her nature very soon. Since it’s difficult for her to hide her feelings, she’ll constantly overreact. She’ll scream and shout attracting other people’s attention to your couple. As soon as you notice the symptoms of a Drama Queen, run away.

The Dependent Type

This type of women to avoid is probably the most toxic. They are weak personalities who can’t be confident and happy on their own. They need a person who will make them feel this way. Here we speak about emotional dependence, which is a kind of obsession. At first, she’ll seem a perfect girlfriend to you, but after a while, you’ll want to run away from her. She becomes jealous, she doesn’t want to share your attention with someone else, even your friends and parents. Dependent women are definitely the women to avoid dating.

Now that you know which types of women to avoid, you’ll be able to spot the toxic women and build relationships with the girls who are dating material.

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