It’s no secret that cultural peculiarities of Ukrainian and Western women are different. That’s why it’s so hard for foreigners to understand Slavic ladies. This factor becomes a major obstacle for Ukrainian girls for dating on their way to find love abroad. Sure, Ukrainian and European cultures also share a lot of common traditions and customs. Their main values in life and morals are mostly similar, but their lifestyle and etiquette are completely different.

For a foreigner, ladies from Ukraine may seem a bit restrained and even cold at the first blush, and this feeling pushes western men away. In contrast to the United States, where almost every passer-by greets you with a friendly smile, a Ukrainian will smile at you only if you’re good friends. So when a guy from the US notices that a Ukrainian girl doesn’t show any sign of appreciation to him, the first thing that comes to his mind is that she’s not interested in him.

The thing is that a lot of Ukrainian women for dating have such character trait as reticence, which makes them even more difficult to understand. That’s why there are so many stereotypes about women from Ukraine that are pretty far from being true. So here is our list of 10 myths about women from Eastern Europe that need to die as soon as possible.


Ukrainian ladies can’t do anything without men

Despite that some foreigners believe that women from Ukraine are helpless, it’s not true. They are able to deal with their problems on their own. A couple of centuries ago, Ukrainian women had to get up at early dawn to take care of livestock, do some house chores, and cook breakfast for their husbands and kids. Modern Ukrainian ladies lead a similar lifestyle, but instead of caring for livestock and cleaning the house, they start their day with a workout in the gym and having a shower, heading to work by 9 am. So stop stereotyping women in Ukraine for their helplessness.

Ukrainian women are ready to sacrifice everything to emigrate

A lot of foreigners who couldn’t find the right approach to Slavic beauties start talking rubbish about them, saying that all they want from a western man is a chance to leave Ukraine and find a better life in another country. Well, all people are unique, and we can’t deny that there are some tricky Ukrainian ladies who would love to hop on the plane and forget about the hardships of living in their home country. But most Ukrainian women are closely tied to their historical homeland and will think twice before leaving it even though they may get that chance for a better life. Scratch this myth off the list of Ukrainian women’s stereotypes.

All Ukrainian girls are blonde and obsessed with their looks

If you check out a couple of dozens of Ukrainian women’s profiles on dating sites, you’ll see that most of their owners are blondes. That’s why a lot of western men believe that this hair color is the most common one among Slavic women. In fact, only about a half of Ukrainian girls are blondes. Another thing that catches a foreigner’s eye is that all ladies from Ukraine look way more attractive than their counterparts in Europe and the US. This automatically leads to the assumption that Slavic beauties are crazy about their looks. Yes, they pay a lot of attention to their appearance and love to experiment, but in general, they are concerned about how they look as much as western ladies.

Ukrainian ladies never work

It’s one of the most popular Ukrainian girls’ stereotypes. When foreigners see photos of a Ukrainian woman wearing beautiful and expensive clothes or traveling across Europe, they get a bit frustrated. They just can’t believe that she makes so much money to travel and buy pricey shoes and purses. Sure, there are exceptions, like girls, who have a rich boyfriend or wealthy parents. But a lot of Ukrainian women can afford a trip to California or Istanbul because they work hard, believe it or not.


Women from Ukraine have no feelings and emotions

This assumption is fair for ladies from such countries as Germany, Norway, Finland, etc., but not for Ukrainian women. If you start your trip across Ukraine from its eastern part, heading west, you’ll see how ladies here get more and more friendly and sincere. The thing is that sometimes their emotions become unpredictable. A Ukrainian woman, after telling that she loves you, may slap you five minutes later, cursing you.

Ukrainian women care only about money

Probably all foreign men have heard these notorious Ukrainian ladies’ stereotypes, telling that most Slavic girls want to get as much money from a western man as they can, because it’s the only thing they care about. But try to find a girl who wouldn’t love to get an expensive present from her boyfriend. All women, regardless of nation and country, like luxury stuff.

Besides, in many foreigners’ opinion, a Ukrainian lady want to marry a western man only to stay home, doing nothing and spending her husband’s salary. We already mentioned that Ukrainian women are hardworking, so this myth has no right to exist. Of course, a lot of girls see marriage with a foreigner as a chance to benefit from him, but this is not a national character trait, as such women can be found everywhere around the globe. Such behavior can be put on the list of men’s and women’s stereotypes, as there are scammers among both genders.

Ukrainian ladies like wearing tons of makeup

Often when thinking of a Slavic beauty, a foreigner pictures a bloody red lipstick, blue eye shadows, and dark mascara. It’s also not true; besides, having no taste is not a national stereotype. Most Ukrainian women know their limits when doing makeup. They care about their looks enough not to turn themselves into clowns. Most Slavic girls’ looks are inspired by famous European and American actresses.

Ukrainian women are uneducated

It’s a completely false assumption. The number of Ukrainian women, having a bachelor’s degree or higher, is not so different from western countries, and there’s a reason for that. In Ukraine, there are not so many men who are able to take care of their life partners, so women there just don’t have much choice, having to build a better life on their own, which is impossible without a proper baggage of knowledge.

Ukrainian women get much older after 50

It’s probably the weirdest myth in our list of women stereotypes. It turns out that some guys believe that after 50, aging process in Slavic women gets a lot faster, turning them from hot chicks to wrinkled old ladies in a couple of years.

Well, these are just weird guesses. Ukrainian women pay as much attention to their bodies as they do to their looks, so a lot of them look gorgeous after 50 and even after 60. Check out one of the Russian online dating services to see for yourself.

The only thing that Ukrainian women do great is cooking

It’s a common fact that ladies from Ukraine are perfect housewives, but some say that this great attribute is actually the only one Slavic women possess. Firstly, we already talked about how capable these girls are. Secondly, is being able to keep the house clean and cozy is not enough? Anyway, Ukrainian women have enough interests and ambitions to stand out among most American ladies. But they are ready to sacrifice everything for their families, and many of them do so.

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