Saying those three main words is difficult. Especially if you really love a person. Especially if you have been hurt previously, so these words mean gold to you and not every stranger can deserve them. But imagine yourself on a first date. How do you feel about saying these words? Do they hurt you, embarrass, excite, or do you feel you aren't close enough to be sharing such emotions?

creative ways to say i love you

When It's the Right Time to Say I Love You

Everyone is different, everyone has different barriers. For some people, it's not had to express love to a total stranger. Others can't confess their love and thankfulness even when it comes to their parents. When to tell someone you love them? What is the right time for you? Well, only you will know it. Oddly enough, you will struggle to say those words exactly when you feel total affection. It's easy to say, “I love this guy" or “love you" after a fling with a girl. But when it's real love, your voice will be trembling, your hands will be shaking, you will feel scattered and confused.

It's only the right time to say those three words when you feel like that. Nobody can force or press you to love them. If you feel like somebody is pushing you just to hear those words for their wellness and satisfaction, they don't really love you. You don't need them.

How to Say I Love You for the First Time

There are different ways to say I love you, many of which include some grand gestures. In fact, you don't need all of this if you don't know how to say I love you. If you can say it right now, and you know the time is right, then hurray! Just say it and be happy forever. But if you need some extra help with expressing love, here are some great examples that will show you how to do it better.

1. Cook dinner. Making a good dinner will put you in a romantic mood, especially if you are doing it together. Cook pasta, pizza or whatever your food of choice, bring a bottle of good wine to ease up a conversation and relax both of you a little bit. Don't drink too much, a glass of wine should be alright. The atmosphere has to be intimate, yet not overly sexy or binding. Just be yourself, eat some food, talk about this and that, and when it will be the time to talk about serious stuff (and after some wine, there will be), confess in your attraction.

romantic ways to say i love you2. Serenade your date. This is one of the cutest ways to say I love you, only because it's so embarrassing, yet heartwarming. Serenades are cute even if you are not much of a singer. The thing is, you have to sing from your heart. Be confident and don't be afraid to miss a couple of notes. The most meaningful words are written in the song. It is a very romantic way to express your attraction too. Just look in her eyes while you sing it. If you know how to play any instrument that would be a huge bonus for you.

3. Let other people do it for you. Yes, it seems strange, but one of the most creative ways to say I love you is inviting your date to a park. Before you meet, buy a lot of flowers to give each stranger a rose (or any preferred flower). Ask them to give a flower to the girl you'll be walking with. Or, even better, hide behind a tree and let cute kids and their parents give your girlfriend a rose one by one, saying “(Blank) loves you.” And after all of them will give her flowers, appear with a huge bouquet, saying, “Yes, I love you.” This idea is worth a thousand of chick flicks.

4. Write a letter. Yes, it is the classiest and one of the most romantic ways to say I love you. Take your time. Invest your energy and love in all the thoughts. Take a nice sheet of paper, old-fashioned ink (a pen will do too). If your handwriting is calligraphic, it's good but not crucial. The only thing that matters is the number of thoughts you put into it. Write in every detail how you have fallen in love with your girl, how much feelings you have, how you smile every day looking at your photos. Pour all the kindness into this letter. Bring it to her door or give it directly but ask to open when you leave. It's such a cute thing to do.

5. Draw your love. Remember how children express their love? By DIYing! They do amazing stuff and are not afraid to show their true emotions, even if their skills are not so good. It's a despair that so many adults are insecure about their sincerity, almost frightening. Make a silly painting of you two. It would be ten times better than ordering a realistic expensive painting because it will leave no message. Do what kids do, draw a picture and place it on her fridge when she’s out of the kitchen. It's one of the cutest ways to show your true and sincere side.

6. Buy a pre-roll in a movie theater. Imagine how cool it will be to invite your bae to the movies, but instead of a generic ad, she sees your love confession. How do you do it? Contact the manager of the theater and ask whether it is legal to pay for a personal confession add. This seems like a crazy idea, but if you are not down for other ways to say I love you, these seem like a good choice. Yes, she might be blushing and forget about a movie, but it's dark in the room anyway, so who will know which person it will be addressed to? Only you two will know it.

7. Take her on a getaway trip. It doesn't mean you have to book a trip to the Bahamas, but if you want to impress your girlfriend, ask her to join you in a sacred place. Find a good intimate spot on your town, be it a secluded park, a rooftop or a little pond. Take her to this place and, when nobody sees you, say those three sacred words. A very important moment is that the place has to be intimate, in other cases, the idea of a getaway will be lost. If you both like nature, go hiking. Confess on top of the world, both physically and figuratively.

Best Moments to Say I Love You

Confessing your love is only as good as the occasion. Remember to understand every vibe she is giving off, especially if you don’t know each other that well. When she is upset, has job issues or is in a bad mood, then don’t even try it. But when the weather is nice, both of you are having a pleasant conversation, you know the feelings are mutual, what can go wrong? Here are some of the best occasions to say I love you.

During a romantic dinner

Good food is love on its own. But when you combine a good dinner with a lovely person by your side, it’s the safest and the most comfortable way to confess your attraction. But be sure to say those words after a course meal, not in between dishes. You don’t want a person to choke on food from feeling surprised, right?

At home when you spend a weekend together

One of the best ways to say I love you is when both of you feel comfortable, cozy, taken away by each other's presence when nothing is distracting you two from being close and intimate. When you lie down to watch a movie, cuddle in bed, the only fair thing to do is to say those three words as fast as you can.

On a walk at night

Walking under the stars is the most romantic mood you can set for each other. Unless you are not much of an owl, invite your girlfriend to walk in the neighborhood with you, holding hands and kissing under the moon. It is unexpected, yet very desired.

On your first a romantic trip

A romantic vacation is something everyone desires, yet not everyone can get. If you can afford a good trip to an exotic destination, invite your soulmate to share one of the most beautiful moments of your lives. A first romantic trip shows how well you will treat each other, so when you are ready, buy tickets, pack your stuff and get ready to confess.

how to say i love you without saying i love youWhen you really want it

That’s the most meaningful rule. Whenever you want it, say it. Be it in the bathroom, covered in foam, on a farm, during dance classes, whenever feels good to you. Again, check if the occasion is appropriate. But is there any wrong occasion when two people love each other.

Ways to Express Love Without Saying

Sometimes, words are excessive, and silence is golden. In these times, it’s much more important what you do than what you say. If you are an awkward, shy person, or your feelings live deep down, deeds speak louder. So how to say I love you without saying I love you?

1. Make an album with your photos. If you know each other for a while, you must have some sort of photos to boast among your friends. If you have them, print them and place in a cute photo album. But if you talk online, women dating sites have galleries where you can take her photos and print them out. Send this beautiful thing to her post office or make a digital version in Photoshop.

2. Help her out. If you know each other well, you must know what one wants from life and what they are lacking. If so, proceed to fulfill somebody's dream. Help them out with taking their kids from school, adding funds to the trip for their parents. If you meet ladies online, and you can’t help her by being present all the time, ask if she needs some stuff from your country and send it to her (it can be a little romantic addition like a handwritten letter or a cute small drawing).

3. Make a cute presentation called “Reasons I love you." Even though you don’t have to confess by saying those words out loud, you can proceed in doing such a cute step. It will resemble one of the happy endings in the rom-com movies.

4. Ask her out for prom. And it's possible even if you are far from being a schoolboy. Buy official costumes, let her wear a gorgeous nightgown and invite her to dance to be the king and queen of the night, exclusively for both of you.

5. Write “Love is in the air." And do it in the air. If you have money, some services write phrases in the air with the help of fumes which look like clouds. It will resemble a cute cartoon like "Up", definitely very charming and moving.

6. Post a cute photo of your loved person if you want to make it official. It would be a shock to go public about your affection. Imagine how puzzled she would be to find out that you love her so much, everyone else is out of the competition!

7. Just smile and look them in the eyes. It is incredibly difficult to describe this glance. If someone is looking at you, can’t stop smiling, and saying a mere word, they are totally in love with you.

As you can see, love is the most universal language. Physically or verbally, emotionally or mentally, you need to show love and do it immediately. Only by trying, you will understand that whatever you feared to do so many times, is often much more pleasant and rewarding than you imagined it to be.

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