Flirting is a very delicate form of communication between a man and a woman, which makes one person understand that the interlocutor is interested in them without explicitly calling it that. This is a form of encouragement and, at the same time, intelligence, how much a person you like shares your desire to develop relationships. Sometimes we flirt involuntarily, purely for the sake of flirting, sometimes we do that in search of a loved one or maybe even a sexual adventure. Regardless of the result of flirting (whether it is a one-night fling or an oath of allegiance), everyone should know the difference between friendly flirting or serious flirting and learn how to recognize it.

friendly or flirting

It is always a bit embarrassing when you don’t understand whether a ukrainian girl is interested in you, or she is simply friendly. No one wants to misrecognize flirtation and simple politeness and miss the opportunity to meet someone they may like. Moreover, many men are confused in the intentions of a girl they like and wonder, “Is she flirting or just being nice?”

Flirting can be confusing, and we do not always perceive the signals of our vis-a-vis correctly. Often a person is afraid of being rejected and, therefore, flirts indirectly: they try to be very attentive, tell something funny, and make jokes. It generates a question – what did the interlocutor mean? Is it flirting or friendly attitude?

A study at the University of Kansas made it clear how well we can recognize when someone is trying to flirt with us. This study was something like “Is she flirting or being friendly” quiz. Psychologists observed unfamiliar people communicating with each other for 20 minutes. After that, the participants of the experiment shared their first impressions. And what happened?

1. Physical attraction. The more we are attracted to a person of the opposite sex, the more willingly we begin to flirt with them at the first meeting. However, as a rule, we keep a sensible view of things. In other words, even if someone really likes us, we do not see in their politeness a hidden hint that they are interested in us.

2. Men and women are equally wrong. The vast majority of people do not understand that someone is trying to flirt with them. So, only 18% of women guessed that men showed their affection. The representatives of the stronger sex showed slightly better results - 36% were able to determine that women wanted to attract them. In most cases, flirting was simply not recognized.

3. People are more likely to recognize the absence of flirting. 83% of women said that men communicated with them only in a friendly way, without any sexual overtones. And it was quite consistent with the intentions of the interlocutors. Almost the same result was shown by men - 84%. In other words, both sexes perceived a friendly attitude very soberly, without trying to pass it off as a manifestation of particular interest. However, they demonstrated complete naivety when people really tried to flirt with them. Every person should learn how to see the difference between a friendly disposition and a romantic interest, even when they like a person. After all, because of the inability to recognize the romantic signals, we run the risk of missing a potential soul mate and passing by our love.

15 Signs of Flirting

It is hard to say with absolute certainty whether a girl is flirting with you or not. Women are amazing creatures. They have their own special strategies and ways to attract men. They can drive you crazy, and you will not understand how they have done it. However, flirting still has very specific signs, the combination of which can make you almost confident that a girl is trying to attract your attention. There is a difference between being friendly or flirting. Moreover, all women are special, but some things in them are simply obvious, and today we will talk about the basic signs of women’s flirting. So, how to tell if she's flirting or being friendly?

1. She is trying to get attention

Sometimes we intuitively feel the signals of someone’s interest in us. Women's attempts to attract attention can be more or less pronounced: from lures in the form of an attractive outfit and perfume, and willingness to fix her hairstyle/makeup, and to more active actions – trying to start a conversation or somehow run after a she flirting or being friendly quiz

One thing can be said for sure: if a girl likes you, then she will definitely make every effort to stand out from the crowd and attract your attention.

2. She's nearby

There is no obvious reason for this, but she is nearby. For what purpose? Of course, for your sake! She wants you to notice her, and this is an obvious sign of flirting. If you meet on the street, and she continues to walk alongside, although she needs to go the other way, it means that she wants your attention.

3. She draws attention to her mouth

A woman’s mouth is very seductive, and she knows it. If a girl is flirting, she probably puts on lipstick, touches her lips, and drinks through a straw, not straight from the glass. There is a huge potential for flirting in women's lips. To attract attention to the lips is a very effective way to please men.

4. She is looking for a chance to be alone with you

If a woman finds a way to separate you from the company wherever you are (in a bar full of strangers or at a dinner with friends), she tries to say that she wants to be only with you, without everyone else. Women can use really strange pretexts for this, so don't be embarrassed and look so puzzled if you are asked to go to the kitchen and help her check how well the plates are washed.

5. She imitates your movements

Do you often wonder, “Is she flirting with me or just being friendly?” Look at her movements! For some mysterious reason, people in love imitate each other, adopt gestures, manners, and character traits. If a girl imitates your movements: how you hold a glass or sit – she may be interested in you.

6. She plays with her hair

This is a relatively simple and well-known sign of flirting. And why? There are powerful weapons in the hands of a woman! When a woman draws your attention, she winds a curl around her finger, tidies her hair, and twirls a strand in front of your eyes. She tries to create a sense of mystery.

7. She touches you

If a woman speaks to you and finds an excuse to touch you, she sends you a big signal. This is the oldest and most obvious trick of all. People, who do not want to approach, keep a distance of at least 35 cm or 60 cm if this is the person you see for the first time, even if you have met in one company. If she leans forward and touches your shoulder, arm, or chest, this is a sure sign that everything is going in the right direction.

8. She looks into your eyes

Birds are attracted by sparkling things, and people cannot look up from what they find interesting or attractive. Everything usually begins with eye contact, doesn't it? With such typical "twinkle in the eyes," which speak about the interest of a person. If a man flirts with a woman, being with her in the company of other people, first of all, he tries to make eye contact with this woman more often than with others.

Women do it a little differently. Therefore, you should be careful when trying to understand whether a girl is just friendly or flirting. They usually establish a strong visual contact with a man they like for only a split second, and then quickly look down or turn away because of obvious embarrassment.

In a one-on-one situation, pay attention to the look of the girl. If she looks at you often enough, then you can be sure of her flirting or serious interest in you.

9. She invades your personal space

It is assumed that there should be no other people in personal space. When a woman crosses this invisible line, this is a kind of invitation. The magnitude and nature of this invasion will give you an idea of the girl's intentions and how to respond to it.

10. She starts a conversation

If she approaches you first, this is one of the surest signs of sympathy and the best answer to the question, “Is she being nice or flirting?” This allows her to maintain eye contact, play with her hair, touch you, imitate your gestures, and use other powerful things from her arsenal. If she comes to you and starts a conversation, she is really interested in you. This is the first step towards approaching.

11. She demonstrates femininity

Attracting attention can take the form of a demonstration of femininity. Women try to show the most attractive qualities to the man they like. They try to show their feminine charm in all its glory, they straighten up, exposing the breast and buttocks, fix hair, and lightly stroke the neck and face.

12. She tilts her head while talking

If during a conversation with you, a girl tilts her head to the side, it means that she is interested either in what you are talking about or in you! It is especially easy to notice such a sing when you are sitting close together – in this way, the girl tries to be at least a little closer to the object of flirting.

13. She smiles sincerelyhow to tell if she's flirting or being friendly

This is another non-verbal sign, thanks to which we intuitively feel that someone is interested in us. A smile, especially sincere and flirtatious, is a clear sign of flirting. Judge by yourselves: we laugh more often, being in the company of the person we are interested in, and we do it even louder and more merrily if the object of our attention is joking.

14. She is not looking for another interlocutor

When a woman likes a company of a man, she does not want to break the sweet talk with the appearance of another person. The focus of her attention will be you and only you. Of course, her greeting with someone does not mean at all that she is no longer interested in you. Maybe she wants to demonstrate that she is popular with the opposite sex.

15. She pays compliments

If a woman pays you a compliment, therefore, you have already achieved some success. This is the best way to understand, “Is she flirting or being nice?” Also, it is a particularly good sign if the compliment concerns your physique or fitness. She can also show her interest in you, often calling you by name. When we call an unfamiliar person by name, it indicates that we have remembered them and established closer contact.

The main mistake in the question of how to understand that a girl is flirting with you is to judge the behavior of a girl by a single gesture or signal. Flirting is a whole art, so watch all its nuances. We have told you about the main points of how to understand that a woman likes you. Most importantly, listen to your inner voice – it will not deceive you.

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