It seems like everything was absolutely fine a few months ago. You were walking together hand in hand. You were visiting parties together. You had sex almost every night, and even when you didn't have sex, you knew that you both wanted it. You were constantly chatting or phoning each other every ten to fifteen minutes when away from each other. But now, you don't talk on the phone that often. You chat only when you need to ask something. You rarely go to parties together, and even when you do, it seems that you are not a couple, just two separate people who came together for some reason. You rarely have sex and you no longer walk together holding hands.

And you wonder what's wrong. Is she cheating on you? Are you going through some relationship crisis? Maybe the thrill of your romance had gone and you can't figure out how to cope with it? Maybe the love is gone? All those variants are possible. But there is also a possibility that she has lost interest in you. Before running around in panic wondering what to do, let's figure out if she's really losing interest in you.

when she loses interest

Signs When She Loses Interest In You

While we've already mentioned some signs of her lacking the interest in you, you need to dig into the signs of it to know for sure. So, we offer you to check out the signs of when a Ukrainian woman loses interest in you.

1. Sex Becomes Rare, Routine and Uncreative

Having sex once a week is not a clear indication of her losing interest in you. She may be tired and going through some personal crisis that she doesn't want to talk about. There can be a lot of reasons that we are going to talk about later. The clear indication of her losing interest in you is when sex becomes not only rare, but turns into routine and become uncreative. Previously, you were trying something new, different positions, role playing, different kinds of foreplay. Now, she's trying to avoid sex with you, and when she agrees, it feels like it no longer brings her pleasure. You do it routinely in one position, and the faster it ends the better for her.

2. Friends Become More Important

Remember when you just started dating? You were spending most of your time together. Sometimes you felt guilty in front of her friends, as you basically stole her from them. When a woman loses interest in a man, she starts spending more time with her friends. If previously she was seeing her friends twice a month, she's most likely to meet with them on any possible occasion. Well, that's the clear sign that she is losing her interest in you.

3. Her Focus Turns to Something Else

She has found a new hobby? She returned to one of her old hobbies? She spends hours at a dance studio or a book club? Be very afraid if she devotes more time to her hobby than to you, it's a clear indication that she's losing interest in you.

4. She Avoids Eye Contact

If earlier you had no problems with looking into each other’s eyes, now she can't hold an eye contact with you longer than a few seconds. Well, it's a clear indication that she's lost interest, but she's not ready to talk with you about that openly.

5. She's Not Comfortable With Physical Contact

You were holding hands and you were cuddling quite often. Now you are the only one who wants to hold hands. You know that if you want take her hands in yours, it is unlikely that she's going to touch you. Cuddling is no longer comfortable for her. She's tossing and turning, and wants to break free from your arms. In bed she feels uncomfortable with your breath in her ear. She feels much more comfortable when your bodies don't touch in bed.

6. She's No Longer an Open Book

She was open with you about her worries and about her problems, but now she's a closed book and you have serious problems with figuring out what's going on in her head. Well, it's quite clear that she has lost interest in you. She no longer thinks of you as of someone close. She considers you a stranger, with whom she can't discuss her worries.

what to do when your wife loses interest in you7. She Doesn't Care About Your News

She no longer asks you how your day was. She seems extremely uninterested in things that you are telling her. It can count as a sign that she's losing her interest in you, but only when it happens on a daily basis. Otherwise, it can be a sign that she is tired.

Why Do Women Lose Interest in Sex?

If your girlfriend doesn't show the above-mentioned signs and the only problem that you are experiencing is rare sex, then she's just lost her interest in sex. Basically, you have nothing to worry about, almost. Now, let's figure out why women lose interest in sex and find the ways of solving that problem.

1. She May Be Tired

No matter how simple it may sound, but the reason why you are having sex rarely lies in the simple fact that your girlfriend is tired. You should notice things like that, or just ask. If she says she's just tired, everything is alright. You just need to help her a bit with housekeeping.

2. She May Be Experiencing Medical Problems

Another reason why you rarely have sex lies in health problems. Once again, all you need is to be able to ask her directly what is wrong. If that's the problem, then just wait till her medical problems are solved.

3. You May Be Boring in Sex

Men rarely think that they may be the problem, but they should. Now, think: do you like experimenting in sex or you are just fine with the way things are? If your sex is routine, that must be the reason. You try experimenting next time you are having sex. Try new poses, try foreplay, if you haven't. If after that sex becomes more frequent, then the reason was your being too lazy and uncreative in sex.

Why Women Lose Interest in Men?

Well, if you are that happy man whose only problem turned out to be his girlfriend lacking interest in sex, then you are probably wondering why did she lose interest all of a sudden. The main problem is that's highly unlikely that she's lost interest in you all of a sudden. The best advice we can give you is to think why men lose interest in a woman. Believe it or not, but those reasons are not that different from reasons why do girls lose interest. But if that doesn't help, we've collected the reasons why do women lose interest in their husbands or boyfriends, and we offer you to check them out without further ado.

1. Routine

Typical reason why a woman loses interest in her husband or boyfriend is routine. Your life can't be an eternal honeymoon phase, and soon your dates become a routine, your everyday life becomes a routine. And if you don't try doing things differently, she may easily end up being annoyed by going on dates with you or living together with you.

2. She Became Your To-Do List

At a certain point, your significant other may easily become part of your everyday to-do list. You phone her not because you want to talk, but because you must. You go on a date not because you want, but because you are a couple and you must go on dates. You even have sex mostly because 'you are a couple and you must'. While you may think that you are that sly, she actually notices when she becomes nothing more than a to-do list and loses her interest in you.

3. You Keep Her Guessing

The vast majority of women like things figured out. Most likely she wants to know at what stage of a relationship you are and where your relationship is going. If you can't make it clear to her and keep her guessing continuously, there is no surprise that she's losing interest in you. She is most likely to stick with someone who actually knows what he wants from a relationship with a girl.

4. You Are Over The Top

Yep, turning her into the to-do list is awful. Turning your romantic life into a routine is also awful, but that doesn't mean that being over the top with your romantic feelings is alright. There is a line between keeping things interesting, romantic and fresh, and turning everything into a circus with phoning her every second to tell her that you love her and terrorizing with gifts and flowers sent to her without an occasion. You may look nice and romantic at first, but then you look just like an overly romantic weirdo.

5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

When you don't stick with your words but make promises continuously, there is no surprise that she's going to lose interest in you. Mind that actions speak louder than words, and if you are constantly promising to take her somewhere or to make a gift to her, or even worse, promising to propose to her, you actually deserve to become uninteresting for her.

why women lose interest in sex6. You Have Different Values

If you have a big gap in your core values, it is obvious that she's going to think whether you are going to work out as a couple. Actually, there is no surprise if a girl loses interest in a guy if they have different values. You are into staying at home, she's into traveling around the world – if one of you won't give in, you can do each other a favor by splitting. There is no way you are going to work out as a couple. That's why people talk about their values at the dating phase of their relationship, to figure out whether they will work out as a couple or not.

7. Third Party Interference

Another common reason why a woman may lose interest in her man is meeting someone else. It doesn't mean that she's cheating on you with him, but mostly likely they are jamming way better. She may start thinking about the things that someone else can offer her. But that mainly depends on you being caring enough or not. If you are a caring, interesting, man of your word who's not annoying, it's unlikely that she will pay attention to other guys.

What to Do When She Loses Interest?

Now, it's time to learn what to do when your wife or girlfriend loses interest in you. Everything depends on the reason she's losing interest in you. Most likely you'd like to get her back. Is it possible? Ask yourself, as a guy, is it possible to get your interest in girl back once you lose it? If you think that's possible, then it is possible to win your girlfriend's or wife's interest back. Now, let's figure out the ways to win her back reason-wise.

1. Avoid Routine

Whatever you do, you should avoid routine. Even if you moved in together, that doesn't mean that you should stop trying being romantic. Set romantic dates once in a while. Make trips together. Keep things 'two-against-the-world' feeling alive. That way your life is never going to turn into routine.

2. Care for Her

You need to care for her. Don't phone her just because you must. Don't sleep with her just because you must. Don't go on the dates with her just because you must. You need to want it. When she sees your desire in talking to her, sleeping with her and dating her, the risk that she loses interest in you is extremely low.

3. Lay Your Plans Straight

Quite often it is better to lay your plans straight. If you are just hanging with her for fun, there is no need to lie to her that you are planning to marry her. If you are planning a long-lasting relationship, be straightforward about it. Just don't keep her guessing where your relationship is heading.

4. Be Romantic, Not Creepy

It is quite easy to overdo things. You may want to show her all your affection, but that doesn't mean that you should turn into a stalker. Send her gifts, but do it on occasions. Don't terrorize her with your phone calls. Don't text her every second. Being romantic doesn't mean being annoying, mind that.

5. Stick to Your Words

Don't make promises that you can't or not going to keep. Be honest with her. If you are not going to propose to her, don't promise it. If you can't buy her a house, don't promise to do that. When you make promises, make sure that you keep them. All in all, be a man of your word. Women easily lose interest in guys mouthing empty words.

6. Figure Out Your Values Beforehand

We've already mentioned that values are the things that you should sort out at the dating phase of your relationship. If she's into traveling around the globe, and you are into staying at home on weekends, you should think about changing your life, rather than hoping she changes with time. If you have a great gap between your core values, probably you don't fit each other and there is no point in trying to make your relationship work.

7. Third Party Interference

If you follow the above-mentioned rules, there is no point to worry about the third party interference. If you follow the above-mentioned rules, you are a perfect man for your girlfriend or wife, and it's unlikely that she would ever notice somebody else, even if he can offer her something that you never could.

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