A good kiss means a lot. It can tell a girl everything that you feel for her, without saying a single word. A kiss is a good way to evaluate someone's trust and attitude. The importance of the first kiss can’t be overemphasized – it’s a turning point in any relationship.

Let’s imagine that you date a Ukrainian girl. You both had fun together, and it’s time to take the next step and kiss her. But you don’t know how to kiss a girl and choose the right moment for this.

There are some tips and strategies that can help you with this delicate matter.

How to kiss a Ukrainian girl for the first time

Calm down

Before you figure out, when to kiss a girl for the first time, you need to learn to control your nerves and emotions. A lot of guys bother too much about this, and a thought of kissing a woman just makes them stiffen in front of her.

Here the only thing that can help you is the right attitude. Remember: it’s just a kiss. It’s not a test or an exam that you have to pass with flying colors. Relax, act confidently and without haste. For Ukrainian women, dating means a lot, so if she agreed to spend an evening with you, you may be sure that she feels sympathy. And even if something goes wrong, don’t panic.

Don’t rush things

Nobody says that you only have a certain amount of time during which you need to kiss a Ukrainian woman. Even if you didn’t do it on the first date, it doesn’t mean that you are no longer interesting for her. The relevance here is much more important than any time frames. Kissing a Ukrainian girl on the third date may be much more romantic and unforgettable than making it awkwardly and untimely on the first one.

For a Ukrainian girl, dating and kisses are, above all, an exchange of emotions. If you are feeling nervous when kissing a Ukrainian woman, the kiss will also turn out to be nervous and fussy. Don’t know how to French kiss? Don’t do it. Relax and choose the best moment when you and the girl will be emotionally ready. Then the kiss will be unforgettable.

Relevance and timeliness

If you don’t know how to get a girl to kiss you, find the right place and choose the right time, and everything will happen by itself. For example, a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel, when holding hands, will be nice. Just as doing it while walking in the park in the evening. If you own a car, find a couple of cozy places with a beautiful view of the city, where you can bring your girlfriend. Such places, of course, are easier to find in big cities, but there are also some in small towns, just look closer.

Never try to kiss a Ukrainian girl in the wrong place, especially if there are a lot of people around who can see you.

The right time is also an important factor. Most people save the first kiss for the end of the date to use it instead of saying "Goodbye" or "Good night." You don’t have to do either. If time and place allow, you can kiss the girl at the beginning of the date. There are no rules here; the main thing is to feel and understand what these girls from Ukraine want at the moment, and what can wait a bit.

Body language

If you date a Ukrainian woman, learn to read the language of her body. It’s a great indicator that a woman is in the right mood for a kiss. If the girl bends over to you, plays with her hair, touches the neck or face, or constantly smiles every time she looks you in the eye, it’s a sign that she’s ready for a kiss. This means that she gives you a "green light" to make the first step.

Negative signs include crossed arms and unwillingness to maintain eye contact with you when you look directly into her eyes. She can even intuitively turn aside from you every time you lean towards her. All these signs show that your attempts to impress her don’t work and you can’t go further.

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