Being Uninterested in a Relationship

You only have one shot at life and each second of it counts, there will never be a second chance to do things differently. We are not saying that you should be selfish and only fight for your own interests, but it is important to note that lots of people forget about their own interest when it comes to romantic relationships and then end up feeling depressed, abused, and even lonely, despite being in a relationship.

how to tell a guy you're not interested via text

Each and every relationship should be a mutual exchange of positive emotions. If one of the partners doesn’t seem to get anything away from it or, on the contrary, feels bad because of it – this is not a healthy relationship.

Thus, it is very much important to be able to tell another person that you are simply not interested in a relationship with them, no matter how hard it may be at a moment, it is the right thing to do for your own sanity. But how can you do it? How to tell someone you are not interested?

How to Tell Someone You're Not Interested

  • Tell a person that you value their offer or attention. This can alleviate a little pain due to failure. It is not necessary to give a detailed and ornate speech to tell them that you are not interested in a relationship with them. One sentence is enough to express your appreciation.
  • Provide a sincere and understandable refusal. You may have a desire to vaguely describe your feelings, so as not to injure a person. But in the long run, this will only aggravate the situation. So you will not only mislead them but, most likely, you will have to refuse them again in the future.
  • Do not apologize for breaking up with a person. You are not obliged to apologize to anyone for your feelings. In addition, it will seem that you feel sorry for a person, which will only provoke more emotions.
  • Instead of saying, “Sorry, I am not interested in a date with you,” just say, “I am not interested in dinner, but I really appreciate your offer.”
  • Do not try to force a person to be friends with you. If one of your buddies has feelings for you, it will be difficult to let go of this friendship. Sometimes we really want to be friends with a person who does not attract us in a romantic way. However, this can be cruel to a person. Let them decide for themselves what is best in their life, just as you decide what is best for you.

How to Let Someone Know You're Not Interested After Several Meetings

  • If possible, plan your speech in advance. A thoughtful answer will help you break up with a person in a kind manner. Determine the reasons why you don’t want to be with that person, and then focus on the most important point. Think about how to present this information to a person in the nicest way possible.
  • Thank them for your past meetings. This way, you will pay tribute to the time that you’ve spent together and all of the efforts they’ve put into this relationship. This will show them what you think about their feelings, even though your words will most likely hurt them in one way or another.
  • Listen to a person if they don’t seem to agree with you but hold your ground. Perhaps their opinion is different from yours, and this is normal. Show courtesy and let them share their thoughts on this issue, but do not agree to continue a relationship if you do not want it. It is preferable to not be angry during such a dialogue but let them think that you are not confident in your decision.
  • That being said, let’s find out how to tell a guy you are not interested.how to tell a guy you're not interested

How to Tell a Guy You're Not Interested

  • Do not delay. The longer you wait, the worse the consequences will be. The feelings of a young man will become stronger, and after you tell him the truth, you are unlikely to be able to maintain friendly relations with him.
  • Do not constantly try to avoid a young man. Perhaps you think that by avoiding a young man, you are hinting to him that he does not interest you. It is unlikely that he will respond to your attempts. You need to pick the right time and set the record straight. How to tell a guy you're not interested via text? Be direct but remember that it is almost always better to have a proper real-life meeting.
  • Tell them that you want to have a serious discussion. How to tell someone you're not interested? Tell a young man that you want to talk to him and that this is going to be a serious discussion. Thanks to this, he will take your words seriously. If you do not do this, a young man may take your words lightly, maybe even as a joke.
  • Be nice. How to tell someone you're not interested after leading them on? Talk about your feelings in a polite manner. Praise a young man for something but tell them that it is not enough. For example, say,

"You are a good friend, but we cannot be together."

"You will surely meet a girl that will love you, but it will not be me."

Set the record straight. Even after you’ve stated all the reasons for your decision, it is likely that a young man will not fully understand what you mean. Therefore, after stating the reasons for which you cannot continue a relationship with a man, make it count by saying that nothing more than a friendship is to be expected. Say something like,

"You and I cannot have a romantic relationship."

"We can be friends if you do not mind maintaining friendly relations with me."

"There is no chemistry between us."

Convince a young man that your attitude towards him will not change. How to let a guy know you’re not interested? Unless you tell him directly that your feelings for him will not change, he will still have some hope. Do everything possible so that a young man will understand that your attitude towards him will not change in the future. How to let a girl know you're not interested?

How to Tell a Girl You're Not Interested

Tell her about it as soon as you’ve realized that it’s over. You should not delay the inevitable, as you should not give her the wrong impression.

Do it one-on-one but choose a neutral place. If you want to speak to her in person, do it in a place that you can easily leave - a public place that is not overcrowded, such as a park bench, or during a short walk outside. DO NOT do this at your place, as it is always harder to ask someone to leave than to leave yourself. How to tell a girl you're not interested over text? As we’ve said, it is not preferable, but if it has to be done – be direct, don’t try to be poetic or emotional, just list reasons for a breakup and tell the girl that it’s over.

Be quick and tell the truth. It should not be a long conversation. Say something like, "Listen, I want to say something to you. I'm really flattered that you love me, and I feel embarrassed to say this, but I do not feel the same to you."

Give her time to realize what has been said, but do not get involved in a conversation about why you are not interested. In fact, your reasons are not important - if you are not interested, you are not interested. Anything you say can lead to resentment, and, most likely, it will not go well. Just stick to the idea that you are not a couple or that she is a very good person, but you do not want to be in a relationship with her.

Ask how you can help her. Hopefully, you haven’t met her for a very long time, most people understand that they are not interested in continuing relationships quickly enough. If there is a specific problem, for example, she was too tenacious, you can find a tactful way to tell her about it, and this will help her in the future. Something like, “You were just too much for me, I was overwhelmed.” If she suggests slowing things down, let her firmly know, “There were other reasons for this that are not that important. The important thing is that I do not want to continue this relationship. I'm sorry, you're a very good person, but you're not suitable for me."

Just leave. Do not overstay your welcome. As soon as she expressed her sadness or anger, just say you should go and wish her the best.

Make your breakup crystal clear. It is really important to make her understand this clearly and not leave any doubt that anything will change. Some people think that this is a good way to break a relationship by being gentle and caring, but this is not the case. A Ukrainian bride who has truly fallen in love with you will clutch at any shred of hope and will be waiting for a second chance that will never come to be. Just cut it, it will be better for everyone.how to let someone know you're not interested

Always speak well of her to others or say nothing at all. Throwing dirt at another person never leads to anything positive. If someone asks you something about her, just say, “It didn't work out for us.” If someone tells you that she has a new friend and seems to be very happy, say something like, "This is great, I am very happy for her."

What Should You Do after a Conversation?

Be polite. After saying that you do not have sympathy for a person, you should not be rude to them. Do not think of them as a weak and depressed person after you told them that you don’t feel the same to them. They can survive this, so treat them simply as an individual.

Give them personal space. Live your life and not interfere with their own affairs. If you come across them, be friendly, but do not go beyond that. A breakup will always linger in their mind, for years and maybe even decades after a breakup if you constantly remind a person of your lack of feelings, the pain will emerge again and again. This can eventually lead to problems with self-esteem, anger, or even aggression. You probably do not want to take on such a burden.

Do not give them any reason to doubt you. If a person decides to remain friends with you, do not forget to mention the clear rules of your new friendship. You can discuss this at the next meeting if you need time to think. Such a conversation will once again remind them of the irrevocability of your decision. But, as we’ve said, staying friends after a relationship is not a good thing.


To summarize, we would like to say that everyone is different, and we all have our own quirks and traits of character, so your life and your breakup conversations may be (and will be) quite different from your friends and relatives. Don’t try to rely on their wisdom and personal experience and don’t be guided by that information, make your own decisions.

But still, there are some things that should be remembered about such conversations, the main one of which is that you should be crystal clear about your feelings and leave nothing unsaid. Don’t drag a relationship and make a person feel like there’s still a chance when, in fact, there is none.

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