A relationship is over, but this does not imply that both of you are ready for something else. If it feels like you still have something in your heart, you love that person and want to know if they feel the same to you, you can watch how your ex communicates with you and with other people. Of course, the best way to determine if your partner loves you is to talk to them and let them be honest about it because sometimes actions are not always a reliable way of showing that a person wants to start things anew. Today we will discuss just that, we will list some signs your ex misses you, find out how to tell if your ex misses you, and figure out what to do when you miss your ex.

when a girl says she misses you

Observe the Behavior of Your Ex Towards You

Let’s start off with some signs your ex misses you.

  • Think about what you know about your ex. Also, think about the role you or your partner played in your relationships. Think about how your loved one resolves conflicts, and also remember the manner in which they communicate. Is this person stubborn or straightforward? Through this, you can determine if your ex misses you or not. If they were upset or angry, did they try to avoid your presence? Silence may indicate that they are not ready to renew a relationship, and they still have some negative feelings towards you. Does this person live in the past? Then, most likely, they still think about you. There is a lot of different information you can acquire to find out whether or not a person is interested in renewing a relationship.

You must remember that sometimes we tend to lie to ourselves. If you know that your ex likes to write text messages, but you have not heard a word from them since your last meeting, silence does not mean that they miss you. Most likely, they would have written a message to you if they really missed you. Look at their behavior more objectively.

  • Pay attention to how often they try to contact you. If your ex-lover does not miss you, then, most likely, they will try to contact you if they need it (for example, if you need to pick up things from their place). How to know if an ex misses you? If a former partner misses you, they will probably give you a call, send messages or write emails.

When your former partner wants to contact you, they do not need a special reason for this. They can just call or send you a text message like, "Hi! How are you?"

An exception may be a situation when your ex, after a breakup, offers to remain friends. If someone close to you is looking for opportunities to communicate with you, this may be a sign that they miss you. However, this may also indicate that they still want to maintain friendly relations with you.

If your ex often calls at 4 am, being drunk (in this state, a person is more relaxed), then, most likely, they still have feelings for you.

  • Pay attention to how they behave when they try to contact you. Most likely, an ex that misses you will look for a reason to call you. Perhaps they want to ask for your advice or get the help that they need. In addition, they can start a conversation about something serious. For example, they may talk about what they want to achieve, or about their ideas of an ideal life.

When they speak to you, they can “accidentally” use a word like “honey” to address you. Such a “slip” may indicate that they are still thinking about you.

How do you know if your ex misses you? Notice how quickly your ex reacts to your messages or phone calls. If your former lover responds to your messages as soon as they receive them, or responds to your call after the first beep, this may also be a sign that they miss you. If they were not so keen on you or interested in your relationship, then this person would respond to your messages, let’s say, on the next day, or would not do it at all. If the latter is the case, then, most likely, your ex does not miss you. When a man misses a woman this may not be a sign to look out for, but, when it comes to women, this is one of the most reliable signs she misses you.does my ex miss me

How to know if your ex misses you? If a former partner completely ignores your text messages and calls, stop, there is no need to bother them with this. If you miss them, it will not be easy, but you should forbid yourself to call and text them. Thanks to this, you can allow yourself to move forward.

  • When you meet, pay attention to body language. Here’s one of the most important signs your ex-girlfriend misses you. If a person seems to be less open, for example, keeps they arms crossed on their chest, does not maintain eye contact, expresses boredom with all of their appearance, and does not smile at all, it means that they are not interested in a relationship with you.

Although it is an excellent indicator of a person’s inner world, nevertheless, you are unlikely to learn everything based on it alone. Let’s say that a person still loves you, but in your presence, they act like they don't want to have anything to do with you. This may occur because a person is afraid to relive the heartache.

Watch their body and gestures and take into account other information that you have. For example, if by the gestures and facial expressions of a person, you conclude that they are not ready to renew a relationship, but if they do try to contact you as much as possible – they probably miss you. However, they can maintain a defensive position when you are around.

Observe the Behavior of an Ex in the Company of Other People

Here are some other signs your ex misses you that you can observe.

1. Pay attention to how they behave in the company of other people. Does my ex miss me? If you have mutual friends, you can find yourself together in a bar or an apartment. Observe how this person behaves in the company of friends. Pay attention to speech and body language. If despite the presence of friends, they are too withdrawn or, on the contrary, excited, perhaps this is due to the fact that your former partner still has feelings for you.

Nonetheless, be careful. Your partner may still have certain feelings for you. However, these may not necessarily be romantic feelings. For example, they may be angry with you since you made this person very sick. Therefore, consider the behavior of your ex when it comes to your breakup.

Pay attention to whether your ex is looking at you, communicating with other people. All of this is a sign that a person still feels something towards you.

2. Talk to your friends. It’s good to have people who you can trust and who can keep secrets. You can find out lots of things about your partner’s state of mind if these friends are mutual. They will most likely give you some idea about their thoughts.

Let’s say that the roles are reversed and you are the one who misses your partner, but you don’t want your friends to know about it. You can ask a question about your ex by chance. For example, instead of directly asking a question, one could say, “I’m wondering how [your ex’s name] is doing? I hope they passed the exam well.” Of course, this may be more obvious, but you may ask, "Has [he or she] mentioned me, what did they tell you?"

Stop constantly harassing your mutual friends with questions about your loved one. You may ask a couple of times, but if you keep asking the same questions all the time, you may be annoying. If a friend says, "Forgive me, but I do not want to talk about it," then treat their wish with respect. This does not mean that they are indifferent to you. It is because they appreciate both of you and do not want to take sides.

Talk to Your Ex

Now that you know the signs he misses you, let’s talk about something more direct, like establishing a conversation.

  • Think about whether you should do it or not. The best way to find out if a person is missing you is to directly ask them about it. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of such a conversation; however, this is how you will be able to find out what your loved one really feels like.

Please note that in some cases, a person may not be completely sincere with you. If communication with your ex always ends in conflict, then, most likely, in this case, you should not meet to talk about your relationship.

If you try to figure out everything at once, you can avoid misunderstandings. Instead of wasting time trying to understand what is behind the silence of a person, you can find out if your relationship has a future. If a person says that the continuation of a relationship is impossible, then just forget about a situation and move on without spending time on someone who does not want to build a relationship with you.when a girl says she misses you

  • Try to do your best to keep your conversation relaxed. It is possible that some time has passed after your breakup, and both of you may feel awkward. Lead a conversation, do everything possible to make them feel calm. Ask your ex how things are going, for example, at college or at work. Also, tell them about your life.
  • Talk about something nice. You should not try to sort things out right away. Thanks to this, you both will feel a bit more relaxed, and your interlocutor will see that you do not seek to start a conflict with them.
  • Don’t rush things. Let’s say that you’ve found yourself in a public place, a café, and you have ordered drinks and food, wait until they arrive, and only then talk about the reason for your meeting. So the waiter will not interrupt you when they bring your order.
  • If you order drinks, give up alcoholic beverages. Although some might think that drinking alcohol will help them relax, it is not the case, they can say something that they will come to regret, it will be harder for them to hold back their emotions.
  • Be sincere. Sure, you may be frightened by this conversation, but, eventually, the actual reason for your meetings has to come up. First, say that you are very happy about your meeting and would like to discuss something important for you. If you love them, tell them that you do. When a Ukrainian bride says she misses you – don’t be aggressive, take it for what it’s worth, show compassion for their feelings.

If it is the case, be honest about your love for them. Of course, this will tell them that you are vulnerable. However, this is the only way to find the answer to your questions. "To be honest, I think about you all the time. I know that we went through a breakup, I know it is hard for you, yet I would like to know whether or not you have any feelings for me now." Of course, you can discuss it by phone or write a text message, but by talking in person, you can observe their gestures and language of their body.

  • Decide what you will do next. If during a conversation you realize that your ex misses you and you miss them as well, then you need to decide what you will do with your feelings.
  • Despite the fact that this is a very difficult question, think about whether to give your relationship a second chance. Understand that there is no point in resuming a relationship if you were constantly arguing with each other. Nothing will change.

If a person does not miss you, remember, life goes on.

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