Ukraine has gained strong popularity in the light of the recent events, and many westerners start realizing how great local young ladies are. Slavic women have always attracted foreign guys – and for good reasons.

Ukrainians are supposed to be the latest dating trend in the modern speedy world. Now, the question pops up: where can you potentially meet a nice and compatible Ukrainian girl for love and marriage? In our view, there are three main ways.

First (and probably the easiest one) is to search on the Internet where thousands of online dating sites are available. Just bother to find a reliable one – you don’t want to come upon scammers, do you? Young Ukrainian women also go online aiming to find a good man overseas so you have a real opportunity to meet a perfect match.


Second, you can explore immigrant areas in your native city. Large American and European urban areas typically host immigrants from all over the globe and Ukrainians are no exception.

Finally, you may go directly to Ukraine and meet local ladies just in the streets of Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, or other big cities. Each of these ways has specific advantages and disadvantages so this is up to you. Let’s have a more detailed look.

Online dating services

This new kind of dating and relationships is really peculiar. You actually communicate not with a person but with kind of an image built by the lady’s photos, profile information, and things she tells to you. Nevertheless, finding a lifetime partner online is completely possible. To succeed, you need to master the art of online flirting and simply learn how to properly communicate online with a girl of your dream. It’s not that difficult – check out numerous articles on the Internet to promote your skills. Besides, when a virtual acquaintance becomes interesting for both pen pals, it is time to get to thinking about an in-person meeting.

Immigrant living areas

Taking a trip to those districts in searches of a beautiful Ukrainian girl is really fun and adventurous. Yet you should know where exactly to search – there may be various nations living in the same area. Try to find out what streets Slavic immigrants occupy. Contemporary Ukrainian ladies usually have a good command of English so you can freely approach a single girl you like. Just make sure she is indeed single or her jealous partner will be displeased. On the other hand, Eastern women like initiative guys who are not afraid of taking the first step. So don’t be overly timid if you think you have found someone alluring.


Now, let’s talk about places Ukrainian girls are likely to be found at. Coffee shops seem to be the first and the safest choice. Everyone loves going to cafés, isn’t it? As a rule, single Ukrainian ladies visit those in the company of their female friends. Here, beautiful and well-mannered girls gather to chat and kill some time. Don’t hesitate to approach a group of girls – they will definitely appreciate your courage! In fact, you may also pick up a girl who came alone – but there is a big chance she is waiting for her boyfriend or date. Anyway, no one forbids you to ask her politely if she would like to get acquainted with you.

Clubs, bars, and pubs

It is actually hard to pick a better venue for leisure and new awesome meetings. At such spots, there is always a lot of music, specific lighting, and drinks that create a relaxing and friendly air. For sure, Ukrainian girls adore these gatherings as they are in searches of attractive guys too. They love dancing or listening to some cover bands. No wonder that here, you will probably find dozens of stunning ladies. If you have noticed a girl who meets your tastes, the easiest way to approach her is to join her on the dance pole or offer her a drink.

In the streets

Outdoor events provide another marvelous opportunity to meet lots of women. Just like people in any other country, Ukrainians love different festivals, exhibitions, or fairs concerts. This is where local pretty girls hang out with their friends. Indeed, this may be a fruitful journey. You may bring your own buddies or try to join some beautiful females. One more thing – those events are thematic so you can easily find here a girl who has the interests similar to yours. By the way, you can also encounter Ukrainian ladies at some international public events outside Ukraine – yet the chances get smaller due to the large audience.

At shopping centres

Even though it is strange to hunt for girls at shopping malls, believe us: it works. Women from all over the world love shopping and so Ukrainians do. We don’t mean just clothes and cosmetics – they also visit bookstores, groceries, or even geek shops. Thus, you have the plenty of spots your prospective Ukrainian girlfriend may show up. Again, this is the way to test if your areas of interest are compatible. Keep them on your radar and be decisive!

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