Sometimes you want to get something exotic, something that is very much foreign to you. For example, you want new experiences, you want new friends, you want to see new places. People travel around the world to get acquainted with all the wonderful things that the Earth has to offer. The same thing goes for women, the world is filled with beauty. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of having a foreign wife.

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Pros and Cons of a Foreign Wife

As you might have guessed at this point, dating a foreign woman can be a very exciting affair, full of wonderful memorable moments, love, and passion. But, unfortunately, the coin has two sides, and there are some cons of dating a foreign woman. If you are planning on choosing a site to meet single ladies and start dating women online, then you should know a thing or two about dating foreign women. Let’s start on a positive note and with some pros.


1. Travel

Traveling around the world is always exciting. New places, cities, people, impressions, emotions. Everyday life and routine lack all of those things. Previously, you were just looking at pictures that depicted the beauty of the world, but when you are involved in dating a girl from a foreign country, it will make it easier for you to discover the wonders of the world.

When you have a foreign girl, you need to travel. Yes, you are going to travel to the same country every time, but still, it is at least something. You will always have the opportunity to escape from the daily routine and leave it, even if only for a few days. You will see many new places, new things, talk to people that will be very much alien to you. Making friends with people of other traditions is a huge and unforgettable experience. You will have the ability to look at life from the standpoint of other people. Try to understand them, share your opinion.

2. Attention

Your new foreign girlfriend will certainly bring you a lot of attention from the people that surround you every day. Will this attention be positive? Most likely. Only old people would have something to say against such a relationship. As for your friends, they will most likely envy your new exotic girlfriend.

Pronouncing her unusual name when meeting new people is a great pleasure. Surprise and admiration will accompany you in your homelands. It will be nice to see all the interesting looks and listen to compliments, it will be so cool and unusual. In a few more years you will be able to tell your story of acquaintance in both countries and laugh at how fate has brought you together. And you won’t get tired because it will become your favorite story.

3. Difficulties

Yes, I've attributed difficulties to pros, let me explain. You are from different countries and different cultures. Your family homes are separated by hundreds of kilometers. But you have overcome everything, and you are together. This is a reason to be proud. You fought against all of the naysayers for the sake of your love. When people are forced to cope with difficulties during the first stages of a relationship, it tempers them, gives them strength and will to move forward. Subsequently, quarrels and problems won’t seem so complicated as compared to the things you have overcome to be together.

All of the work and efforts that have been put into making your relationship a reality will only make your bond stronger.


1. You will be far from the family

Or she will be far from her own family. Moving to another country is always associated with a great deal of stress. Even if you visited your parents once every six months, you felt like they were close to you. And you can get into the car at any moment and just come and give them a visit. Even if you live in different cities.

free international dating siteIn another country, you will have only Skype and other benefits of civilization to maintain communication with your relatives. And separation will aggravate the desire to meet with them more often. You don’t miss them right now, but you will. You will miss them much more, knowing that you can’t just get a taxi and give them a visit.

The same thing will happen to the girl if she is going to move to your country. It will take a lot of effort to make her feel comfortable away from family. A lot of care and attention will be spent on making her feel loved. She should feel at home, she should not regret the decision of traveling across the world for the sake of you. It will be hard for the two of you. Sure, it will, at first, seem like an easy thing to travel back to your country so often, but it is not always as easy as it might seem.

2. Traditions

Let’s say that you hate Christmas right now, but when you are going to find yourself somewhere in Asia, where no one has heard about your traditions, you will miss it very much. Everything familiar and dear will disappear there. You are going to feel alone, and nothing will remind you of your home.

The same thing will happen to her. And you will not be able to fully make up for what she has lost by travelling across the world. In another country, there may be a lot of different oddities and customs that will be very much alien to you.

3. Cultural misunderstanding

Dating someone from another country has a lot of difficulties, this is probably the biggest one of them. Cultural differences can be of various degree of complexity. If you are going to date a woman from a country of Europe, and you live in the US – I suppose, no noticeable changes will bother your girlfriend that much. But, if she is from a country like India, then she may encounter some difficulties in adapting to your culture.

Also, you are not familiar with the rules of conduct in a foreign country. At first, it will seem to you like a fascinating and exotic culture, but then, after just a few weeks, it will become annoying and boring.

You are used to behaving in a certain way, and over time, you will notice that this also annoys the locals. You will have to adapt to the new culture, so as not to offend anyone. Or learn the traditions, so as not to find yourself in a stupid position. Yes, this is interesting only at first. But you never know how many crazy nuances may pop up in front of you that will complicate your life abroad.

If you plan on reading this article till the end, this means that you want to meet ladies online by using international dating sites and find a foreign girlfriend for yourself. Well, finding a decent free international dating site will not be a problem. But which countries are the best for that? Let’s find out.

Top Countries to Find a Foreign Wife

So, you are interested in dating a foreign woman, now you have to pick a foreign wife finder, but which dating site should you use? It depends on the country that you are interested in. Let’s talk about the best countries to find beautiful foreign women. Sure, we all have our preferences, and your top list of countries will greatly differ from our own, but still, the following list will give you the general trends when it comes to men that are looking for foreign ladies.


This is probably the best country for meeting a foreign wife. There are more than 500 different foreign dating sites that offer its users the ability to start dating pretty Russian girls online – this is almost the highest rate in the world. Thus, it will be quite easy to meet a foreign wife in Russia. Of all the countries on this list, in Russia, the level of education is the highest, which means that Russians know foreign languages, understand other cultures, and are more likely to find work, and also know how to cook and are, as a rule, great in bed.

When it comes to looks, Russian women are not too different from women from other European countries, they will look harmoniously on the streets of any European or US city. However, when they start talking, it will be quite hard to shut them down, they love to talk, get used to it.


Do you want to find a foreign wife, well, Ukraine is going to be a great place to do so. This country is famous all across the globe for its gorgeous ladies. Many obvious pros make them so sought after for men all across the world.

Ukrainian women, as a rule, are well-educated, they speak foreign languages, they can maintain an intellectual conversation on any given topic, and it is easy for them to find work because of all of these qualities and their beauty. Also, because of the recent trends in economy and politics, they are not afraid of moving abroad and finding a job there, starting a new life with a foreign man and doing their best to not just be dead weight abroad. Ukraine’s dating market is huge, it is smaller than the Russian dating market, but it is still very much a gigantic one. Thus, you should know that you will probably not be the only man pursuing a stunning woman online, get ready to put up a fight.


High poverty, a large number of single women and female beauty make Thailand an attractive market. Besides, the Thais' belief in the social superiority of people with fair skin - the brighter the better - can only help grooms in the long run. Thais have generally darker skin than Europeans, they will stand out from a crowd of people.

find a foreign wifeBrazil

Brazilian women are very different. They have big beautiful eyes, this is what attracts so many men to dating sites. Because of this, a stereotype arose that all Brazilians are very easy and they all work for marriage agencies and such. This is not true. Many emigrants say Catholicism has a huge impact on Brazilian society, so women are free to choose who to marry. The flip side of it is that Brazilian women, as a rule, are very independent, so for the most part, even having a traditional place in the family, they won’t endure boring relationships for a long time.

Brazil, among all countries of South America, has the most diverse ethnic composition: among Brazilians, you can find white, Hispanic, African, and Indian women, so you can choose a bride for every taste.

How to Find Foreign Ladies

Now that we know the pros and cons of dating a foreign woman, and we know the best countries for meeting one, let’s talk about some important things one should know about dating foreign women.

You should know her language

If you can connect a couple of words in a foreign language, feel free to use your knowledge, no matter how meager it is. In this case, you can apply all the methods that you use at home: make contact with your eyes, smile and say, “Hello, honey.”

Gesture communication

If you don’t know anything about her language, not a single word of it, at least point at yourself, state your name. She will give you her name as well. After that, shake her hand as a sign of an acquaintance. Everything after that will have to be built upon gestures. As you can see, sharing a language with your new girlfriend is very important, without it – your dates will be awkward and confusing.

Precautionary measures

It is worth mentioning that in Europe, this method of dating will be treated more favorably than in the United States because there are very serious laws against sexism. If you are from the US – this may seem common to you, but men from other countries may find it quite shocking that a woman will lash out in aggression because a man has dared to touch her, just as a way of getting her attention, not in a perverted way. But in Europe, especially in Paris, men are very active, so women are already used to increased attention and have no problems with courtship.

If you liked a girl on your trip abroad, you need to immediately take the bull by the horns. Do not ask for a phone number or offer to meet at the same place at 6 pm, take her right there to a cafe or park to get to know each other better. Otherwise, the likelihood that you will have any serious relationship will go down.

And one more very important point, do not forget to use contraceptives if you do not want this adventure to be too memorable because of all the visits to the doctor or getting into troubles with the local authorities for any given reason. Girls are very different from one another, cultures are different and thus, you should adapt to them to achieve any sort of success.

Let’s conclude this article and list all the things that were discussed during its course. Many men go out of their way to meet foreign women, dating a foreign lady certainly has its pros, but it also has some downsides. There are dozens of countries to choose from, but the best countries for meeting foreign brides are Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, and Brazil. To develop this relationship, you have to understand each other, you have to know a language that you will both understand to not make your dates awkward. Also, when you are on a trip to another country, and you’ve met a nice girl that you like – don’t waste your time, have a date with her right there and then, don’t waste your time, the second chance may never come.

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