If there is only one thing that’s always stayed entirely true in the course of history, it would definitely be dudes who are madly attracted to ladies so much that they will often obsess over the matter. In fact, when a person is in love, they just cannot stop thinking about their crush. It is precisely an obsession that has made many men throughout the history literally travel to the ends of the Earth with one purpose only – to be with the one they love.

how to stop obsessing over an ex girlfriend

Small doubt, most of us have been in such a difficult situation one time or another. You meet someone you like, and then the whole universe of yours just flips. You simply can’t stop obsessing over someone you review as an ideal love partner. All you can think about is that person. Can it be exhausting? For sure, we mean, you are basically spending all your time and energy on that somebody.

The point is, if you really want to keep obsessing over the person, that’s cool. But, what we think is that obsession can only be appreciated when it’s mutual between two people. In this way, if your obsession has already been lasting for more than a month, you are going to have to take first steps towards how to stop obsessing over a Ukrainian woman you like. You have your own life to live, and this definitely isn’t getting you anywhere.

Why am I so obsessed with her?

These days most women are left wondering what really makes men go that crazy about them just at first sight. However, what most girls often don’t get to realize is that it is usually the simplest little things that do the job…and they might have precisely that kind of quality, drawing all men to them without even realizing it.

1. Her nurturing side

Somewhere deep down inside, most guys are just looking for a specific type of girl who really can nurture them, build them from the bottom, and perhaps become the best mother for their kids. This one explains why so many of modern men go absolutely nuts over a woman who can cook well, a woman who cuddles them, and a woman “they can bring home to introduce to their mom.”

2. Her gaze

Do not ask us why, but many guys really can’t help but melt down when a super attractive girl looks at them. Even a number of major scientific researches have shown that females who keep an eye contact with men tend to have a much higher chance of getting that man fall for them. That being said, most dudes will still melt as soon as they realize that a pretty girl is checking them out.

3. Her looks

We’d probably be lying if we said that men do not obsess about ladies who appear to fit their particular “type.” Still, most women often don’t realize that they don’t really need to be Barbie look-alikes to get most men to go nuts over them. The truth of the matter, though, is that most men out there like women who are not just ideal. After all, men prefer girls who do show character. Just agree with that, at the end of the day, you certainly want a girl who’ll be absolutely real.

how to stop obsessing4. Girl’s opinion of you

Some dudes often get obsessed with those girls who actually show little to no interest in them, solely because that particular girl is the only girl who doesn’t consider them to be attractive enough. Other guys often get totally enamored with a woman mainly because she can see so much good in them when others cannot. In other words, most guys really, really care what ladies think of them.

5. Her sexuality

When push comes to shove, a girl’s sexuality has a truly enormous impact on a man’s attraction to her. Some men would prefer to find a girlfriend who will be their raunchy BDSM queen while others look for that pure, innocent, demure nature. All in all, no matter how a female packages her sexuality, you can surely bet some dude out there would go nuts over her.

6. Her intelligence and confidence

Most men will, at one point or another, complain how hard it has recently become to find a girlfriend who can discuss some deep matters with them. Though it might be common to hear some telling that women love to “play dumb” around men, most dudes are not impressed by that move.

Those women “playing dumb” actually are a dime a dozen. For too many years, society has been telling women that they should play some sort of a “doormat” for their men. Even some men wish their women to be more submissive to them – but, as a matter of fact, this is not what they really seek in a girl. Doormats just can’t be confident enough, and insecurity isn’t sexy. That’s why, what men really want to see in a woman is the strength and assertiveness; it always takes to tell them that their girlfriend just won’t put up with their particular actions and decisions.

How to stop being obsessed with a girl

Women, we tell you. They are almost irresistible, aren’t they? Well, at least the one you are trying hard to stop obsessing with. You might probably feel like you are some kind of a prisoner of your own mind just because you constantly fail to get that woman out of your head. But don’t worry. Here we got some of the best ways how to stop being obsessed with someone you just can’t forget.

1. Become a bit more selfish

Listen, when you are obsessed with a woman, your life is focused fully on her. Whatever you do is because of her, and you basically stop living your own usual life. So, if you want to remove her from your mind, you need to become more about yourself. This isn’t a bad thing, though, sometimes it is very important to be a little selfish. If you are not focused on self-care enough, you might end up in the situation you are in now. So, the first tip on how to stop obsessing over something is to switch your thoughts from the object onto your own self.

2. Tell her about the way you feel

We don’t know where your obsession came from, perhaps that girl you’re madly obsessed over has been your good friend, or maybe she has never shown interest in you.

But, the main point here is that you should let the woman know how you feel about her, and that way you will finally get immediate feedback. However, avoid doing it over text messages or via the phone, better do it in person. You’ll need to see her face and reaction – and that is important.

3. Stop being around her all the time

Alright, so you did not get the response you expected. It happens pretty often, you can trust us. So, now, if you genuinely want to find out how to stop obsessing over someone you like, you will need to clean the slate. That is why, the first thing to do in this position is to remove the person from your life.

Stop hanging out with her, don’t show up at her favorite café, just don’t do it. Instead, if you fail to cut it, at least be sure to limit your interactions with the girl. You don’t need to act a dick, yet don’t be overly friendly with her either.

4. Stay away from the girl’s social media profiles

Now this is a huge one. Don’t be torturing yourself by staring at the girl’s new selfie she posted on Instagram. You need to move on, so the best thing you can ever do is unfollow the woman on all your accounts, at least until you can feel better about it.

But if you happen to find yourself creeping on all the girl’s social media services literally all day, it’d be good for you to remove yourself from social media for a while. This is extremely crucial if you want to stop obsessing over a girl.

5. Don’t text her

Obviously you still want to keep some sort of connection with her, however, it might be absolutely pointless. She just doesn’t want to be with you, so why do you bother? If you were good friends, then this might have been different. But we still think you must take a fine break from interacting with her– at least for a few weeks. The point is, you’re actually going to deal with a withdrawal.

6. Do a cleanup

This can really be highly effective both for relieving stress and pain as well as unburdening your mind. Clean up your apartment, do your laundry, or just fix something broken. If you want your mind to be clean, you’ll need to make your living space look like your mental state. Have you ever seen somebody’s place while they’re going through a breakup? For sure, it’s a mess.

7. Look at why you still like her

Why do you actually like that particular girl? Is it because she’s so hot and sexy? Has a nice booty? Has a sweet personality? You’ll need to define what is it about that woman that literally makes you fall to your knees. But before you move on, you will also need to see those qualities in her that you like the most. That way, you will be able to discover them in some other lady who’d actually want to be with you.

8. Hope dies last

Hope is usually considered to be the last thing to die, so you can’t be hopeful. Do not be thinking, “Oh, what if she suddenly changes her mind,” because she won’t – well, at least not now. Yet that’s not the point. You actually need to go ahead and live your own life and then if she happens to come around, then great, and if not – great as well! The point here is that if you remain hopeful with your current situation, you will never be able to fully move on.

how to stop being obsessed with a girl 9. Start interacting with other women

Just be okay jumping right in and starting a conversation with as many women as you ever want. Just head out and socialize, talk to different women, organize some dates, and live your life to the fullest!

10. Do some activity that keeps you focused

Feel free to do something that you’ve always wanted to do but never had enough time to. Now that you are not spending all your free time on the girl, so you will be able to concentrate on your wishes and needs.

How to stop obsessing over an ex

The more you fight to stop thinking about someone, the more you will be thinking about them. It is especially hard when you are doing your best to not think about the person you loved dearly and actually still have warm feelings for.

So, the best way to deal with obsessing over ex is to realize you are already separate from this very moment. Instead of trying to control the nasty thoughts, separate your own from those thoughts. Make sure you follow these useful pieces of advice on how to stop obsessing over an ex girlfriend.

1. Clear off all reminders about her

Pack up everything reminding you of your ex-crush and throw it all away. This means all the items she gifted you, all your pictures together (including those on social media), etc. In short, toss anything that reminds you of your former lover every time you see or use it.

2. Delete her contact information

Delete her phone number, unfriend her on every single social network you have, and remove the girl’s email from your contact list. In a nutshell, cut off all routes to that person. Nothing can set you back faster than contacting your ex-girlfriend, so be sure to prevent this by permanently removing the woman from your life.

3. Think about your personal goals in life

What do you wish to achieve in your career, your private life and your relationships? Imagine a future without your ex-girlfriend and force yourself to paint a picture of yourself being absolutely happy without that person. In fact, you can try writing down some of your thoughts on how to stop being obsessed with your ex so you will be able to help someone else in similar situation later on.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a lot like exercising your brain. In this way you can make your consciousness much stronger and learn to separate your mind from the thoughts of your ex. Although, make absolutely sure you are not attempting to control or anyhow suppress your thoughts when meditating.

5. Work out

Physical activity releases huge amounts of endorphins which are the hormones human body produces in order to keep us happy and stress-free. After all, getting in shape will give your mind something really positive to think about.

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