Are you satisfied with your sexual life? If yes, I bet you are young and sexy and have a thousand and one ideas on building sexual tension.

creating sexual tension

What Is Sexual Tension?

The definition I use when explaining the term sexual tension is sexual energy that two people release when being around each other. Natural instincts make a male body feel tense about a female body. At some level, we are looking for a mate to continue the race, and while a woman is looking for a strong and well-to-do, and a man is looking for a young and beautiful woman. Even without being aware of all the reasons, the bodies manifest themselves rationally and logically – they are looking for worthy successors of their gens. This is the precise point when sexual problems are born - a woman is ugly and old, and a man is weak and poor - as a result, it is difficult for them to find a worthy partner (and the body will always choose and fall in love with the most beautiful and strong one, regardless of what this body is like). Well, according to practical cases, we sometimes see the opposite: partners living with unresolved sexual tension to other people.

It may seem strange, but before a person can dive into the lovemaking process, one should realize their own sexuality and how to create sexual tension in general. In a sense, you should want yourself, look at your own body as an object for pleasure. If you feel nothing but disgust to your body, then even if it comes to bed, sex will resemble a war, full of stress, and embarrassment. You will not allow your brain to fully enjoy the process because it is engaged in analytical and emotional work instead. Even when you eat a piece of cake thinking about your excess weight, you will hardly call it delicious, let alone such a thing as the pleasure when the sex is full of embarrassment in front of your partner.

To tell the truth, there is nothing difficult in penetrating the idea of the sexuality of your body, or in feeling the sexual tension that she is experiencing when looking at you. This is not only about the cult of the body, so D size or abs will hardly help in creating sexual tension. Sexuality flows from sexual tension between friends when you do not think about your “shapes” or “age” or “poor skin,” and the very fact of having your body causes sexual tension in her, and therefore the desire.sexual tension

Signs of Sexual Tension

Hidden non-verbal signs of interest are used unconsciously by a person in many cases. Our thoughts and feelings can be read by some gestures and types of behavior. Thus, it’s not difficult to understand another person’s secret thoughts and desires if you keep an eye on their movements. Women and men use different gestures to express their interest: the fair sex, according to experts, is more sophisticated and can present something long-planned and carefully rehearsed as spontaneous, while men are usually more natural in their actions. And yet there are so-called hidden body signals that indicate the sexual tension. So, how do you know if you have sexual tension with someone?

Women’s Signs of Sexual Tension

  1. Demonstration of armpits, neck, and legs. The woman takes a relaxed position so that the armpits become visible or bends down as if exposing the neck. She behaves like this in the presence of a man she is interested in. If a woman changes the position of the legs often (throws them on one another, weaves, shakes with a shoe), there is no doubt about her sexual tension and interest in a man.
  2. Close contact. A woman is sitting very close to a man who attracts her. How do you know what is a close contact? Well, that is, at a distance not exceeding 40 cm. This means that she is waiting for a response. For example, that the man should embrace her, or at least smile at.
  3. Playing with hair and jewelry. A looks into your eyes and plays with her hair, this is a hidden signal that she wants to be touched. The same happens when she is playing with jewelry, earrings or a chain.
  4. Easy exhibitionism. A shoulder strap fell accidentally or the hem of a dress that suddenly became short, these things aren’t a surprise for a woman at all if this happens at the very moment when she is watched by a man.
  5. Peepy glances. Noticing the gaze of the man and immediately looking away means a woman wants to become closer.

Sexual Tension Signs from a Man

  1. Interest. During a conversation with a woman, a man begins to touch his hair.
  2. The desire to hug. When communicating, a man spreads his arms to the sides or leans on the back of a chair or stair railing. This is a sign that he wants to hug the one next to him at the moment.
  3. The desire to be close. The distance between interlocutors from 1.5 to 3.5 meters is considered to be comfortable for business, from 75 centimeters to 1.5 meters is during chatting in a friendly manner, and if it is less, this is an intimate distance. If a man gradually approaches during a conversation, most likely his interest is by no means platonic.
  4. How to tell if there’s sexual tension? Watch for touches. A man casually touches a woman’s hand or elbow. This means that she seems cute to him.
  5. The desire to catch the fancy. A man starts to preen, straightens his hair, clothes, back.
  6. Sexual desire (when sexual tension is on its peak). Emphasizing the genital area when a man puts his thumbs on his belt or holds his hands on his hips, is the most obvious sign of sexual tension.

How to tell if sexual tension is mutual?

If during chatting you and your interlocutor watch carefully each other, focus attention on the same things (a man looks at something, and a woman follows his sight as vise versa), both trying to look attractive, witty and sometimes somewhat mysterious, the sexual tension between you is obvious. If you feel that the air in the room seems to be electrified when you are alone, your respiration and heart rate increase, or that you can’t sit still when the other is watching, you’re definitely interested in each other.

How to Build Sexual Tension

Sometimes it happens, when meeting someone we start to perceive them more than just friends. In a nutshell, you’re in love with them, and they’re not. Then a person starts to think about what should be changed to win the heart of a crush. While some people don’t know how to deal with sexual tension in such situations (as sometimes it’s an obstacle during leading a proper conversation), others are looking for tips to build sexual tension between friends because they want to take their relationship to the next level.

Maybe the situation is worth a little change? Let’s highlight several points to make someone be interested in you and build sexual tension.unresolved sexual tension

  1. Focus and concentrate. Try to understand what attracts you more: appearance or personal charm. Thus, you will establish what kind of partners you should focus your efforts on. Seduction is a great art and a great gift for both sexes. Do not scatter it randomly and cause the desire of everyone.
  2. Look good and smell good. Vulgar and scruffy appearance, drunkenness and rudeness will only scare others away. It’s not for nothing that they say that any person should have at least one ugly friend to go on important dates with (kidding).
  3. Signs of attention and communication. Flirt can only be successful with an optimistic attitude. You should smile openly and naturally, show a friendly mood. Do not be afraid to start the conversation. Thus, people will feel more comfortable with you. You can behave in such a way that the behavior is similar to both flirting and friendly chatting.

Sexual Tension at Work

All of us may get in a situation where the brain gives such powerful sexual tension that it’s almost impossible to think about anything except sex. You are on public transport and look at beautiful ukrainian brides like a madman, and then you stay at work and also look in the direction of sexy coworkers and express your desire. Usually, signs of sexual tension between coworkers are easy to notice.

People around you can’t help but notice your weird unfulfilled energy, they see that everything in you is tense and boiling. You can’t work normally, you can’t respond adequately to comments, you can’t even think reasonably since you perceive everything through the prism of sex. Happy is the one whose suffering can be revealed with the help of a beautiful woman, but not everyone has the one. So what do we do if there is no girl? There are plenty of options.

  • Masturbate
  • Take a 30 minutes break and get a massage or a few workouts in a gym
  • Video chat
  • Get a hobby
  • Make yourself busy
  • Take a cold shower
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