The topic of relations with foreign women, especially with Ukrainians, is at the peak of its popularity today. For the search request in Google, which will contain the cherished words "ukrainian" and "dating", you will find so many articles that it was not even dreamed of by the most prolific writers and graphomaniacs of the past and the present. However, all the information contained in these articles is generic. What if you’d significantly narrow the scope of the search? After all, life is not as simple as it is on the Internet. No one is immune to the fact that your new relationship will have a small "bonus". In this case, these are children. Relations with a single mother are very different from the relationship with a single, young woman. And we will speak about these differences today.

tips for dating a single Ukrainian mom

Introduction: Are Single Ukrainian Mothers Different From Other Women?

The answer to the question in the title is obvious. Any woman who experienced the joys and difficulties of motherhood has transformed. And it changes not only her external appearance - the main changes occur in the depth of consciousness. The very essence, the meaning of the woman's existence, is changing. Her dreams and aspirations become more sublime, and a sense of responsibility for others is exacerbated to the utmost. And not every man is ready for a relationship with such a complex being. This is only possible for those who look at life with a sober look and are ready for the difficulties, without which real love can’t be born. We are talking about that love that time cannot control. We are talking about the kind of love that poets extol and that teenagers, having met for the first time in their life the bitterness of losing the "significant other", consider as absolutely impossible. Single moms dating is not for weaklings — we hope you are clear with that. Let`s go further now.

As you might have noticed, we are very fond of complicating everything. Obviously, single mothers are different from all other women. From this we can conclude: dating a single Ukrainian mom is a very difficult puzzle for a Western man. Relations with such a woman - this is something from the ancient epic, where a courageous hero staunchly endures all the blows of fate and finally finds happiness. However, in reality, everything is not as scary as it seems. All that is required of you is the knowledge of key differences:

dating a single Ukrainian mom 1. The role of mother for Ukrainian women is the most important. The cultural environment in which Ukrainians grow creates a certain mentality. A very young girl from the early age is preparing to realize herself in two main roles - as wife and as mother. Many will argue, which is more important, but for a Ukrainian woman everything is obvious. As soon as she has offspring, the very way of thinking changes completely. All her attention rushes to only one object - the well-being of her children. Proceeding from this goal, a woman chooses a man for herself. And if he does not match the high criteria that she asks, nothing will come of it. Therefore, any man should be ready to give himself completely and provide her children as if they were his own.

2. The woman is the main one in raising children. For many representatives of Western civilization, this may seem wrong. Moreover, many modern Ukrainian women abandon the familiar model of the family in favor of an equal division of responsibilities. However, women following the old unspoken rules still make the majority. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that many questions concerning the upbringing of children will be resolved without your participation. However, you can always express your opinion if you disagree with something. You will be listened to and satisfied in your requirements if they have a rational basis, of course. In addition, you can always take advantage of the male authority, which means a lot to Ukrainian women, and veto an unacceptable, in your opinion, decision.

These are two key differences that you should know if you want to start a relationship with a Ukrainian single mother. In other respects, the rules of the game are not particularly different. The main thing - be ready to prove that you are not only a worthy husband but also a good father. So would you date a single mom? Let`s check it out together.

Tips for Dating a Single Ukrainian Mother

Dating as a single mom can be a real nightmare if a woman deals with guys who do not want to be burdened with holy siblings now and who are afraid of children like of demons from the underworld. We have met a huge number of absolutely adequate men who were sure that meeting a girl who had a marriage that ended up with a broken heart and a few children is absolutely stupid. "There are so many girls around, man, why do you want someone who has a baby in her arms?" I understand that it can be cool, but why not make a baby with a girl who does not have it yet? " - surely you have heard this words every time you told your friend about the beauty with a "bonus" in the form of a screaming little kid. But if you want to get a Ukrainian girl, a single mother, you should understand that the usual approaches do not work here. Also, do not show, please, too much sympathy. Be unfeigned and sincere. These are the main rules. And now check our tips for dating a single Ukrainian mom:

Other Methods

Unfortunately, we are accustomed to connecting with the new girl using the experience of our previous relationships. But the approach to the Ukrainian single mother should be somewhat different. Of course, the essence of any dating with the opposite sex is to impress and thus win. It never changes. But the methods must be different. We are all equal. That is, a woman has every reason to give a green light or not to give it. The fact that no one asks a woman is an illusion. Be prepared even for the fact that the Ukrainian single mother will completely erase everything that you thought about women before, and change your approach to them. If you are so fond of this girl, be ready for serious changes. Now you know the first rule of how to date a single Ukrainian mom — use other methods.

single moms datingSingle mom and dating ... What to Do?

If you have a beautiful, lonely mother in your field of vision, you urgently need to develop a strategy to earn her trust. And now forget about the strategy. Your main weapon is honesty. This is the number one tip. Give up the selfish desire to take over and think about the line that you and she must step over. Do not try to fool her. She had been fooled before, so she has a special scent for it. Not ready for a serious relationship? Get out. No Ukrainian woman will waste her time with a jerk who does not know what he wants. Her protective mechanisms, of course, may be weak, but they do exist. What a single mother cannot tolerate is the repetition of the past. The fact that she is a mother and she is alone hints at it, right? Most likely, she is quite well versed in the games, in which men play. And we are not talking about poker, man!

There is something else. This is a child, it must also be taken into account. In order to start meeting with this girl, you need to regulate things with her and with her child. We have already talked about the special attitude of Ukrainian women towards children at the very beginning, but it is worth repeating. Do you want to possess this beauty? First, conquer her with your quivering attitude towards the child. Do not spare money for gifts and do not regret words to show you care for them. Do you think that your life is difficult? So, her life is much more difficult! She is responsible for herself and for one more life. She almost does not have enough time for herself, and yet she needs to work a lot.

Your main weapon is patience. If you know how to set goals and go on the road, no matter how long it may be, you will succeed. Remember that Ukrainian women are very cautious and prudent. And if a girl has a child, she will treat the world around her with double fear. Therefore, do not lose your temper if she arranges another test for you to check the limit of your patience. For you, it is only a source of irritation, but for her, for a person who has a dual responsibility, your excerpt will be the main indicator that you are worthy to be with them.

Reasons to Date and Not to Date a Single Mom

Should I date a single Ukrainian mom? Now let's talk about whether you need all this. Here everything is very simple: we will tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages of this kind of relationship, and you will draw the appropriate conclusions.


As you already know, the downside of a relationship with a single mother is her child. It sounds cynical, but it's true. She has more responsibilities than you, more bills to pay, more problems and a lot of stress. Her life is far more serious than yours. And she has much less time for leisure. The main part of her compassion, devotion and sympathy will be occupied by her child. Can you fight for a second place? Because her child will receive significantly more of her love by default. You must be able to understand and accept this fact. And the child can start to hate you ... Nobody will blame the child for hating you for no apparent reason. You're a foreign man. You are a threat, a contender for his father's place, whether you like it or not.

There is no rule for winning the child's attention. Of course, one can advise working on relations with the mother and waiting for the child to follow her example. But we will not advise such an approach, because the child is still important. Expect resistance and resentment, no matter how sincere and handsome you are. You are in a very difficult life situation which will take a lot of time and effort to make the conditions more or less comfortable. Are you ready for such a sacrifice? Don’t date single moms if you are not sure about it, or you will break not only your life.

No Risk Without a Reward

The advantage of a single mother is that she knows all the rules of the game and she really needs a relationship. For most girls, you need an interpreter to understand what they mean. A single mother has no time to be playful and mysterious. She will sincerely tell you what she is waiting for and what she wants from you. Now you are also freed from the need to be insincere. A single mother welcomes honesty and sensitivity more than other women who have suffered in the past from insensate acts or romances. She needs to change diapers, work, and teach the baby the basics of life. Do you think she has time to fight with your cockroaches in your head and indecisiveness? So come on, tell her everything frankly. A reward for a relationship with a single mother can be the most significant. She can end up being the most devoted and loving woman you've ever met if you show patience and compassion from the very beginning. Her child will perceive you as a friend of the family, and afterwards — as a father. You will make the whole family happy!

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