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A "healthy relationship" is always a blessing for couples. Harmony reigns, the couple understands each other (sometimes without words), attention from the partner to the other, you can rely on each other. Your individuality and self-esteem should not depend on the opinion of your partner. We have prepared 5 characteristics of a healthy relationship, by which you can analyze your relationship according to these criteria and figure out if things are going so smoothly in your couple.

Characteristics of a healthy relationship worksheet

This list will help you identify characteristics of healthy relationships.

Characteristics of a healthy relationship list

  • You have common values.

A very important characteristic of a healthy relationship to accept some differences. You may hold different political views; date an atheist while being a deeply religious person; or have different opinions about Madonna or Lady Gaga

Perhaps the most important thing is to look in the same direction and share key life principles. And it's also great to have similar views on how family relationships should be structured.

  • You respect each other

Mutual respect is the key to a long and prosperous relationship. You don't manipulate your partner's feelings but go toward each other without trying to teach the other about life.

  • You bring out the best in each other, not the worst.

The 3 characteristic of a healthy relationship is to motivate your partner. Change is an important, positive, and rewarding part of life, but you have to want to change yourself. In a healthy relationship, you both grow and develop as individuals, not become an object of constant judgment and criticism from your partner.

  • Mutual Help.

Partners have common goals. They are not trying to put sticks in each other's wheels, not competing, not trying to "win" each other. Instead, mutual help and support prevail in the relationship.

  • Physical and Emotional Safety

Partners do not feel wary or tense in each other's presence. They know that their partner can be relied upon in any situation. They don't have to fear that their partner might hit them, yell at them, make them do something they don't want to do, manipulate them, humiliate or shame them.

Characteristics of a healthy relationship marriage

A good marriage has the following characteristics:

- Both spouses accept themselves; they do not need to humiliate the other in order to enhance their own self-esteem;

- Misunderstandings and differences are discussed rather than inflated to threatening proportions that can destroy the relationship;

- each partner is committed to the relationship, wants to continue and develop it, and is not looking for ways to retreat and escape.

What qualities are characteristic of healthy relationships?

Willingness to accept the partner as he is

At first glance, it seems simple, but in reality, our psyche works in the following way: as soon as we fall in love, we see in the partner only what seems attractive, and what we do not like, we simply ignore or find some acceptable explanation. When emotions subside, we begin to see the object of our romantic infatuation as a real person with its own advantages and disadvantages, which, of course, we also have. And that's when we need to understand whether we are ready to accept a person with this whole set of qualities without expecting him to change. Would we be comfortable around such a partner? It works both ways, and the willingness of lovers to accept each other is a very strong foundation for a happy relationship. 


Caring always involves two feelings worth and love. You take an interest in each other's moral and physical well-being and show consideration for what is important to each of you. And you also don't forget to maintain an emotional connection, not only in moments of stressful situations or important decisions but also on ordinary days. To put it even more simply, you both have an active interest in your partner's life and personal development.

Emotional and physical security

This point is least of all a romantic flavor, but remains one of the most important - the annual statistics of victims of domestic violence literally scream that we do not talk about it enough and not often enough. Let's make this point briefly, but very clearly: in a healthy relationship you do not feel tense or wary in each other's presence, are not afraid of your partner, do not fear that he may hit you, yell at you, shame you, humiliate you, make you do things you do not want to do. It's always about your own safety and concern.

What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship: bottom line

Sometimes you have to be patient. Of course, you shouldn't change partners every time you encounter difficulties. Putting your hand on your heart, it's hard to imagine that you can immediately see a stranger as your soul mate and start trusting your innermost feelings.

Relationships are a work in progress that requires patience, effort, and time. It is a difficult, but extremely interesting process, which is more correctly compared to a joint journey than the arrival at the destination.

Remember: a healthy relationship is not a battle, where there is room for competition and one side will win at some point. You are a team, which means you act together because you have a common goal.

Love is when things are difficult around you, but it's easy for the two of you.

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