When choosing a sexual partner, women take into account both psychological and physical qualities. But, perhaps, the most decisive factor for a woman is the height of her chosen one. That's why men who are not as tall as their girls are doomed to failure. Such choice lies in the subconscious and is based on instincts. But is height really the most important thing in a man?

what do girls like in a guy

What kind of men women actually like

What do Ukrainian girls like in men? Appearance, of course, is not the most important thing in a man, but, nevertheless, it plays an important role in choosing a companion for life. Girls prefer and are very fond of reliable, courageous and determined men, and if all these qualities are combined with a beautiful and charming male appearance – then this is just perfect! A beautiful appearance is an additional plus for absolutely any man and it is advisable not to ignore it.

Any beautiful girl wants to be with a handsome man. No beautiful girl will want to date and build a serious relationship with a guy who doesn’t care about himself. Hygiene, beautiful and stylish clothes, clean hair and good smell – this is what you should take care of. But what else do girls like in men?


Yes, that is right. Some traits of man’s character are more important than his appearance. And the first place takes self-confidence. Girls like strong and courageous guys. They need confidence that they are safe when they are with you. A guy should radiate self-sufficiency, masculinity, be strong and persistent. Therefore, a great body, muscles, straightened shoulders and a firm gait — all this contributes to success.

Sense of humor

Every representative of the stronger sex should have a sense of humor. It is much easier to communicate with such type of man. Your task is to avoid embarrassing situations with a protracted silence when you can’t find the right topics and words for communication. Learn more about a girl: be interested in her hobbies and life principles, about her friends and plans for the future. But don’t laugh too much and remember that it is strictly forbidden to ridicule the shortcomings of the appearance of a young lady. This is what girls don’t like.

do short girls like tall guysPurposefulness

A young man, who has a goal and moves towards it slowly (or quickly) but surely, is interesting to a girl on a subconscious level. She understands that such man will not sit on the couch and wait for something. She intuitively feels that connecting life with such a person, she will not worry about the future of the family and children because the partner, who knows how to set reasonable goals and achieve them, is a guarantee of a successful and prosperous future. Girls are attracted to purposeful men, who are educated, intelligent, with dignity and have great ambitions.

Understanding and support

Girls like when men are attentive. Such men will listen to, advice how to act, cheer up and calm down. Any girl needs to feel that she is important, to make sure that a man considers her attractive, and to hear compliments and confessions. Girls have their own problems, disappointments, and resentments. It is important for them that their close people support and comfort them, give effective advice or make them look at the situation from another angle. Try to become indispensable.

Sexual tactfulness

Some men are completely unresponsive to the word “no” and any adequate girl regards this as a direct threat to her own safety. What do girls want to hear refusing sex? At the very least, they want men to stop pressing them. In general, it would be nice to say to a girl: “All right, darling. I'll wait. You'd better take a rest.” This is what girls like in bed. If a young man behaves like an egoist, tries to act rudely and persistently, a girl ceases to trust him and tries to stop further relations


If a guy is respected at least by his friends or is an irreplaceable expert in some field, it not only flatters his girlfriend but also inspires confidence in his prospects and reliability. Agree that it is not difficult to gain credibility of a girl. There just has to be a desire.


Women like men who are both attractive and with whom she can talk on different topics. Every woman believes that a man should maintain a conversation on a variety of topics (he should talk not only about annoying football, politics, fishing or beer). If a lady understands that she is more intelligent and developed than her man, eventually she will completely lose interest in him. Psychologists say that every girl has her own list of qualities that she would like to see in her chosen one. Usually, these positive features of a good person are – kindness, intelligence, reliability, inner strength, etc. This is what girls like in guys besides their appearance.

Why girls like taller guys - our top 7 reasons

Do short girls like tall guys? Look around and you may notice that we are surrounded by couples where a man is at least a little bit taller than a woman. In life, there are very few couples where a girl is taller. Psychologists note that most women give their preference to men who are tall. But why do girls like tall guys? What is the reason for this trend?

Do girls really like tall guys? Of course, the tastes of girls are different. But most of them will surely answer “Yes, I love tall men.” Note that in our time, as in the past, girls are quite serious about choosing partners. Short guys are almost never considered to be sexual partners. Some girls experience a sense of security next to a tall man. And it is very important for women to have a support in the person of a man.

A woman by nature is considered as weak and defenseless and needs a strong male shoulder. Since ancient times, a woman dreamed of a hero who would protect her from troubles and save her from any misfortunes. Today we live in the 21 century but, in fact, nothing has changed. Women try to look self-sufficient and independent, they look for a highly paid job, they gain great achievements, but they still cherish the hope of meeting mighty knights with whom they can feel like behind a stone wall. They clearly represent the image of knights who are broad-shouldered, and what is more important, tall.

why do girls like tall guys A woman simply needs to feel like a “flower” that is guarded and protected. A tall man is a symbol of that very security, reliability, and ability to feel fragile and defenseless. That's why women are striving for tall representatives of the stronger sex. And the taller a man, the more chances he has. Someone just wants to wear high heels and don’t look down at their mates. Many believe that they look good enough and attractive next to tall men. And there are hundreds of answers that are not similar to each other. But we will present you 7 main reasons why girls like tall guys.

Why do girls like tall men?

1. Tall men are just perfect for going to some solemn event together. Such men make an impression of importance and seriousness. A tall and elegant man will attract dozens of glances of envious admirers.

2. It is better to go to a nightclub or stroll through the evening city with a tall man? Of course, if he is not a coward who shudders from any rustle.

3. Women often admit that it is more convenient to kiss and hug tall men. This is the third reason why girls like tall guys. Embracing such man, a girl can cuddle up to his chest and feel the beating of his heart.

4. Women feel weak next to such men. Being with a man who is much shorter than a woman, she subconsciously feels a dominant role in the relationship. It seems to her that all responsibility rests on her fragile shoulders. However, the temperament and personal qualities of short men can be very different from those of tall men and even surpass them in many respects. But women still prefer men who are taller than they are.

5. Girls can wear high-heels. When a man is tall, then he is the best option for a woman who likes high-heeled shoes. In this case, she will not feel awkward. Of course, if a woman doesn’t care about it, then she will wear high heels even with a short man.

6. Tall men seem more successful. Why do girls like tall guys? On unconscious level, women believe that tall men are more successful in their careers and have a higher social status than short ones.

7. Tall men are sexier. American scientists have found a correlation between the height of men and women’s choice of a partner for sex. It turned out that representatives of the weaker sex prefer tall lovers. 63% of women consider tall men to be more sexual than short ones. 71% of women say that they will not go even on a date with short gentlemen, not to mention intimacy. That is why girls like tall guys.

It is proved that tall men have more chances for mutual relations with female representatives if the height of a man is more than average (175 cm). Studies have shown that, first of all, women from dating sites look at height and then at everything else. According to the research, this is the result of the so-called natural selection. That is, women choose tall partners for procreation on a subconscious level. Also, women prefer tall men due to aesthetic beauty, because women feel more comfortable and protected next to tall men.

Sum up

A modern woman is an emotional person and the key to the success of future relationships is to create an indelible impression during the initial acquaintance. Experts also noted that such advantage as the height matters only for the first impression. Later, personal qualities become more important for women. Over time, they will reward their chosen ones with all the necessary qualities. They begin to appreciate kindness, sincerity, and care in a partner, but not his height. And the main thing that is especially important for women is a worthy relationship. When a loved one surrounds her with care and attention, appreciates only the best and tolerates all her shortcomings, then he truly loves her. Of course, every lady has her own preferences and requirements for the opposite sex. This is a certain set of qualities that allows you to be attracted to each other.

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