People stop going out on the real dates and have almost forgotten that going to a bar or a party where there will be dozens of acquaintances is not a date. A date is when you try to follow certain rules and do that not incidentally but consciously, trying to find something bigger than just a company for talking.

Growing up, each girl begins to dream of a romantic relationship, first kisses, flutter in her chest. She thinks about dating as about an invariable attribute of the relationship between a man and a woman, often imagining the ideal version of it. Sometimes the girl's dreams can vary, but some important elements remain unchanged. They come from the depths of women's instincts and female psychology. A romantic meeting, a passing smile, a casual walk, an old cozy place, shared themes, flowers, walks hand in hand, a man’s jacket over girl’s shoulders, an overnight walk under the shimmering lanterns, and an unforgettable goodbye kiss. It is quite a familiar picture, isn’t it? Girls imagine, and guys have to implement their dreams. Further continuation of the relationship depends on the well-defined plan. Check this article on our Ukrainian brides site to figure out how to plan your perfect date.

important first date questions​

How important is the first date?

There is a widespread opinion that the first impression of a person is rarely erroneous. This statement applies also to the first date because the first dates are the most important. It is believed that the first ten minutes can be decisive for the whole date, it is such a critical moment that determines how the further relationship will be built.

However, how can you understand in these ten minutes whether a person is yours, whether this person is a suitable partner for you or not? How should you behave on the first date? After all, these are important first date questions, the replies to which are critical because they determine the further development of the relationship. So, the first date has its own rules which everyone should know necessarily. They should always be remembered, no matter how experienced you are.

How important is the spark on the first date? A first date is not just a romantic meeting or communication with a pleasant person. This is something more, the first step on the path of your relationship, and just a chance to find love, so the spark acts as a magnet. Any person might make mistakes on the first date. Therefore, it is very important to know how to behave on the first date and how important the first kiss is. You will hardly get a second chance to make things right.

In the run-up to this event, many people worry or panic, having a very strong desire to make a favorable impression on their partner and trying to do everything as best as possible. In the end, they make a lot of mistakes because everything happens in a hurry. That's why some moments need to be prepared in advance if you don't want to spoil the first impression.

People’ expectations of the first date are primarily related to what they generally want from these potential relationships. For example, if both partners want just to communicate then it is likely that further development will take place in such relationships and if both partners have different views on the further development then such relationship will fail soon. However, do not forget that the relationship is very dynamic, both the goals and expectations of partners can be changed during the first date.

first date ideasOf course, first of all, men expect to find sexual relations, but they should not dwell on that. If a woman is interested in a man then she can arouse a deeper interest and make a man perceive herself not only as a sexual object. A sexual interest is a normal reaction that can move to a different level of the relationships.

It is very important for a woman to trust a partner. When a man deserves trust, a woman will make a physical contact.

Impressing her on a first date: do's and don'ts.

One of the main questions that worry people before the important event is how to make a good impression on a first date and to make everything right. If you forget about all the secondary things, you will understand that natural behavior is the most important. You are who you are, and the partner should be interested not in your fake image but in your true personality. It is very important to treat your partner with respect. You should carefully assess and understand how interesting you are for your partner as well as how much your expectations will be justified. It is most important to deal not with your ideas but with a real partner.

Punctuality is important

Punctuality is not an ordinary courtesy but a vital necessity because for women this is a confirmation of your serious intentions. Unfortunately, many men, living on "their own wave", do not attach due importance to it and thereby lose, even without starting, a "real race". Take into account that any excuses only aggravate your guilt. Have you enough on your plate? What case can be more important to you that evening? Why should vital love interest get in the queue? Punctuality is key to the first impressions first date.

Pay for your dinner

This point may seem delicate and ambiguous. It's not just about money, it is about the first impressions on a date. It is a symbolic gesture. Today in many Western countries, people are used to paying for themselves, showing their independence. However, the fact of the matter is that a woman wants consciously or unconsciously to see a real provider in a man. She is going to make sure that a man can earn a living and that he has enough potential for such an important matter. It means that he should pay in a restaurant at least on the first date.

Do not worry. Like any modern woman, a lady will use "your wallet" only once or several times. Nonetheless, she will know that you are aware of how to impress a girl on a first date, not only with a glorious smile but with monetary gestures also.

Call her after the date

Calling is an indispensable element in the continuation of a relationship. This issue is extremely painful for women. Who should call first? A man should "check in" on time, without making the woman suffer. The best time is not in three days. Call her not later than the middle of the next day. During a conversation, do not forget to make an important statement that sounds something like that, "I was very pleased to meet you. Thank you for a pleasant evening. Do you have any plans for the next Sunday?" This is just a sketch since your phrases should be formulated much more romantically.

Of course, not every man can overcome himself and call the next day, having some worries. In such cases, a message may come to your rescue. After it, the call will not look annoying.

Do not tell about your ex-girlfriend

You should know that communication and sincerity always fetch a good price and this can become an answer to how to impress a girl on a first date. These qualities are attractive to every woman. Stories about man’s life attract women's attention, of course, but not in this case. The theme of ex-girlfriends is an absolute taboo for your first date with a woman. You should know that they do not tolerate it physically. They are not interested in whether your previous passion was blonde or brunette, how long you lived together, etc. Just forget about your ex-girlfriend and do not tell anything about her, especially on your first date.

Do not talk just about yourself

The fact that a man wants to show his best is worthy of praise but only to a certain point. It will be naïve to assume that a man who talks all the time about himself, about his successes, talents, and wealth, will not bother a woman in an hour of such “communication.” Try not to overdo. Be sure, a woman sees something special in you, otherwise, she would not even show up or leave in twenty minutes, referring to the upcoming business meeting.

Remember, you will do yourself a big favor if you begin to ask her questions and then will selflessly listen to the answers, showing how interested you are in her life.

great first date ideas First date ideas and tips to ensure your success

It is a real challenge for many guys to ask a girl out, especially if she is an attractive one. Some men hesitate for a long time because they are afraid to get a categorical refusal. However, waiting for the first step from the girl is an unproductive thing. How to invite a girl out? You should develop a clear plan and learn some first date conversation tips before asking the girl out. You should have at least two options of the great first date ideas, including a place and time of the meeting. Having prepared in this way, you can safely make an invitation.

Remember that women like confident men, so you need to speak cheerfully and without trembling in your voice. The success of the future meeting depends on your invitation and using first date advice correctly.

Don’t forget about the attributes of the perfect date

Dance. It helps bring people together. When there are only a couple of inches between a man and a woman, it's hard not to feel a sexual appeal. Someone said, “A slow dance is a vertical model of a horizontal desire.” Dancing, people are slowly getting used to new feelings, new emotions, new smell. And the girl decides whether she likes you or not. Champagne. It relaxes, takes the edge off, promotes the exposure of instincts. A girl will stop controlling her speech and express her thoughts honestly.

Where to ask a girl out?

Most men invite girls to standard places like a cafe, ordinary walks, movies, etc. If a woman was in the cafe many times, then she would not be interested to go there one more time. No matter how hard you try to interest her, there will be no result. It's the same thing with a park. Look for some good first date ideas and choose several ones. There are several possible options that can be used.

Ice rink. It's better to find out in advance whether the girl can skate or not in order not to turn one of the great first date ideas into the worst one. As a rule, people don’t visit such places too often. Therefore, she will be interested. Such places give emotions and bring people closer. It is better to go there in winter. In the summer, you can go rollerblading.

Sports game. There are some girls who like different sports games, especially football. If your girl is one of them, you are lucky. The stadium is a great place and can become a good option of the first date ideas. Noisy, funny songs will definitely cheer up. The only negative side is that you will not have a little privacy. Therefore, after such a date, you need to find a calm cozy place for continuation.

Zoo. If you live in a big city then it is not difficult to choose a cool zoo. Maybe she was there earlier, but it is much more pleasant to visit it with a man. Women love animals. Such places will give both of you a lot of emotions that will bring you closer. So, use this first date advice in addition to something else.

Golf. The young lady most likely does not know how to play golf. However, it's even better because you can teach her. This is one of insidious first date tips for men. Imagine how you teach her to hold a golf club, showing how to hit the ball. If these places are not suitable for you for some reason, you can look for other first date tips for men on the Internet. After all, you will find something perfect.

What is the ideal date?

The ideal first date is the opportunity to listen to each other, to understand if you have common topics for conversation and common interests. Communication, first emotions, smiles are very important when you are on the first date. Excessive pressure from a man’s side can scare a girl, so, try to be a little bit gentler if you want to get a serious relationship. Do not rush, follow the rules of the first date and enjoy your time together. This game, including easy flirting, the moving from one line to another can be very interesting and exciting, and romance is important for a woman.

A first date is a quite exciting event in itself. There are no insignificant details. It is necessary to start the evening correctly, but it is more important to make its end bright and memorable.

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