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In one recent film, there was a telling scene where a man asks his girlfriend what does a woman want from a man. And she tells him a terrible secret, which, she says, must not be disclosed in any case. Leaning towards him, she whisperingly confesses - "We have no idea what we want!"

This, of course, is not quite true. Women are quite aware of what they want. If you ask the right questions, it is easy to bring to the surface the set of requirements and wishes that a woman would like to present to a man. So, in this article, we will analyze 5 things every woman wants in a man.

What women really want in a man?

Yes, women are complex creatures. But still, if you try, you can figure out what is inside them, understand their desires and finally get the answer "What does a woman look for in a man?"

Of course, they like to hint. Not to speak. To be offended by outright nonsense is understandable only to them. To invent in your head the names of your children and mentally book a room in the most expensive hotel in the Maldives, where your honeymoon will definitely take place.

And yes, we will open the curtain to the female world and give you some tips on what woman like in man. What qualities women want in a man? How to seduce her forever? How to keep, tame, and fall in love? What does a woman expect from a man?


What attracts women first of all? Pumped-up press? A six-figure bank account? Do they need a tall handsome man on a white horse? No, no, and no. The very first of things women like in men is extremely simple: reliability. Yes, yes, reliability.

Trustworthiness is not just about not gambling, for example, or in the case of a long-term relationship, never cheating on her.

When it comes to courtship and marriage, the meaning of trustworthiness is that you are exactly who you say you are and your words match your actions. This is where trust, responsibility, and not trying to appear to be someone other than who you really are come to the fore.

Remember: a woman asks herself every minute: "Is he reliable? Will he support me? Can he be trusted?

Emotional connection

The next thing what a woman looks for in a man is emotions. Reliability is built through emotional connection. A woman needs a man who will be there for her when she needs him, who is willing to take an interest in her and care about her. Women want to be respected, listened to, and connected to.

Give a woman your undivided attention. This means the following: if she wants to talk to you, turn away from the computer toy, put aside your cell phone and demonstrate by your actions how important she is to you and what she says to you.

Your task is to understand, and understanding can be achieved by asking questions. If your companion complains about her best friend, do not offer her a ready-made solution, do not joke, and do not perceive the problem as insignificant. Ask questions about how she feels and what it all means to her. You need to show genuine interest, and try to understand why it is so important to her.

Body language

Doctors of Sciences Lee Ann Renninger, T. Joel Wade, and Karl Grammer from the University of Vienna tried to determine which non-verbal cues increase the likelihood for men that a woman will choose them.

The men that women paid attention to were "spatial maximizers". They demonstrated their dominance in the social environment by stretching their legs, throwing their arm over the back of a chair, or otherwise claiming ownership of the occupied space. In addition, successful men were much better at the art of the gaze. This means that they looked women in the eyes, often accompanying their looks with smiles.

Successful men also made fewer "closed body movements" - imagine wrapping your arms around yourself like a schoolboy being scolded. If you are in a group of people, you will not be perceived as a dominant person. Therefore, never stand with your arms around yourself, and do not cross your legs at the knees. Of course, among the things women love in men is confidence, and you can show it in this way.


The 4th thing a woman wants from a man is obvious to everyone - compliments.

As a man, you may think it's funny to make jokes about the donut she ate or the size of her hips. Well, it's not funny. And for every statement that diminishes her dignity, you will have to pay hundreds of compliments. Nothing will hurt a woman deeper than criticism about her appearance. A man - the Dream of any Woman never allows himself this.


Studies have shown that women's anger usually comes from one of three main reasons: helplessness, injustice, and irresponsibility of other people.

Of course, the very important things women want in a man is the ability to listen. When you don't listen to your woman, she gets angry because she feels helpless. When you don't treat her as an equal or betray her trust, she feels injustice and, accordingly, angry. When you do not come on time (irresponsibility of others), she gets angry with you.

If a conflict has broken out, a woman wants only one thing: to be listened to. Her task is to make her partner understand better than her. And how do men react to criticism? They perceive it as a personal attack. Their innate defense system is activated, their heart rate accelerates, and they are ready to repel the attack with the same pressure with which their ancestors attacked the bison or the neighboring tribe.

Imagine you are trying to watch a sports channel at the end of the day, and then a woman says: You never listen to me. If you were a cartoon character, your face would turn red at that moment, and steam would fall from your eyes.

Heroes in this case use three simple strategies that have been scientifically proven to lower heart rates. First - take a few deep breaths. Second - count to ten. If you see that you have not lost the hunt for a verbal attack on your woman, then there is a third strategy: take a time out. You need to say something like this: "You know what, right now I don't have the strength to listen to you. I'll be back in half an hour and we'll continue." Believe me, calmness is exactly what a woman likes in a man.

What women want from a man in a relationship: tips from a psychologist

  • Keep your word

If you want to know what does a woman really want from a man, remember: a woman saves important resources for herself: the ability to have children and raise offspring. She can become a mother a limited number of times, unlike a man, whose opportunities in terms of parenthood are almost unlimited. This physiological difference largely determines the difference in emotional reactions. A woman evaluates the candidate more critically, she needs to feel confident and protected.

  • Listen

Most men think more abstractly than women and try to generalize information to find the best solution immediately. This often hides mutual understanding. A woman interprets the lack of interest in details as inattention and indifference. She often does not expect practical answers but looks for sympathy and a sense of emotional connection. What women want most from a man is to be able to talk to him after a hard day.

For a man, help means effective participation and solving the situation. Understanding this will help women not to demand the impossible, and men to be more aware of the emotional request addressed to them.

  • Take the initiative

A man who takes care of the meeting scenario means leadership, self-confidence, and the future of the relationship. He seeks the woman's affection and fights for her to choose him. To fully live the period of care as a stage in which the symbolic separation of roles is realized: a woman shows the qualities of femininity, and a man of masculinity, is important for further relationships. A man who understands this will understand exactly what women need from a man.

Things women like about men: bottom line

Studies show that the duration and success of a relationship depend on how much each person is able to respect the other's goals. If you do not respect her dreams and are not ready to do everything in your power to help her realize them, you will suddenly find yourself next to a defeated woman, who has given up, suffering from depression.

Any man wants to be next to the one who is happy and full of love for life. If you do not know what every woman wants in a man, ask. And then move mountains if you have to, but help her fulfill her aspirations.

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