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Lera 31 years online

About myself

My life is the dance and I work as a dance teacher. I really love to dance and I enjoy when someone learns it from me. I like to help people, especially if I see or know that they need it, because one day I can need a help. I like music, I spend most of my life listening it and that is why the a lot of my days can not be without it! So I am a peace-loving, kind, generous, and caring person.

About my partner

In my partner want to see a sincere and cheerful person. I wish we sought to better and helped each other. I want to be with a curious, interesting, intelligent, relaxed, energetic and talented person and I believe that every person is talented and good in their own way! I want my future beloved man to be one of those people who tries himself not to lose heart and not allow it to happen to his beloved.

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