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Victoria 29 years offline

About myself

I consider myself a very active person - I always need to move forward. I dream of realizing myself in work, personal life, and family. I always try to surround myself only with those who are reliable and loyal to love.
As for the rest, I have a good character, calm, always dreamed of a large and strong family, like the one in which I was born and grew up. By the way, I was born in a car - maybe that's why I'm such a fidget, haha?
I like to keep myself in shape. Not only for aesthetic reasons but also because it is very important for me to have a healthy and resilient body. The harmony of the inner and outer world is paramount for me. I believe that a person needs to devote equally a lot of time to an active lifestyle, and reading books and learning in all areas of life.

About my partner

I have always had a special weakness for more mature men. It seems to me that it is always necessary to adopt the experience of your soulmate, grow, and strive for his level in order to match my man. I would really like us to always have something to talk about and what to do - joint rest is always very important in a relationship.


Active lifestyle

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searching for a mature man

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