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Janna 53 years online

About myself

Tell me, will you let me give you CPR and breathe a new start in your life? Maybe compared to young girls I only offer a breath of air, but as a woman who has seen the world, I think it makes more sense than cheap provocations. They say that after forty five, life will no longer be so bright, but I refuse to even listen to such stupid people and am not going to live a recluse and stick to someone's prejudices. I am free and young and ready to meet a man with similar thinking and willingness to take a breath of air and be sure of tomorrow with a woman like me

About my partner

What kind of man am I looking for? First of all, independent and free from the opinion of others. With the desire to have a better day tomorrow. I would like to have a relationship of trust, when you can relax and be sure that you are loved at home and waiting for this feeling of warmth, care and affection can not be bought for any money.



Age criteria

searching for man aged 50 to 80

Dating goal

Life together