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Anna 34 years online

About myself

I want to start with what really matters. What matters is the soul and the moral state. Based on this internal state, all external consequences in the form of material goods and success flow out.
I came to this dating site not to find a man with a big wallet, but to find a man who can truly love and appreciate what is happening inside, in the circle of his family.
For me, family is important, and therefore I could not live with a man for whom all this is not of paramount importance.

About my partner

Money, social status, power - all this is so secondary! And I cannot communicate without bitterness with people for whom all this is of great importance. I am a Ukrainian woman who came to the dating site not in search of a rich man, but in search of feelings and love! I really heard a lot about the gallantry and upbringing of men and I want to meet these qualities in my chosen one!


I like to draw, study foreign languages,model work,singing,leading work

Age criteria

searching for a mature man

Dating goal

serious relationships, real meeting