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Anastasia 38 years offline

About myself

I am a very positive Ukrainian girl, living life in the present while keeping an eye on the future. I have a philosophy of not dwelling on the past, and I'm open to embracing spontaneous decisions when they feel right. Don't you agree that sometimes the best moments are born out of spontaneity? I have a bustling career, working with a diverse array of people, but it's proven challenging to nurture a fulfilling personal life amidst the professional hustle. Hence, I've decided to take a chance on this online dating platform.

So, what are my likes? Well, they include the pleasures of cooking, savoring romantic moments, and exploring new destinations through travel interests that resonate with many. Hahaha. However, I hold the firm belief that I can be a special woman for the right, special man. As I embark on this journey into online dating, I hope to find a connection that sets my heart alight and creates memorable moments for the future.

About my partner

I am on this online dating journey in search of a man who possesses genuine qualities that resonate with me. I am not drawn to men who show off or try to impress. Instead, I find self-confidence and a clear sense of purpose incredibly attractive. What I seek is an ordinary man with traditional values someone who understands the importance of friendship, love, and partnership in building a meaningful connection.

I firmly believe that it's the ordinary moments that can transform a relationship into something truly special. If you share this sentiment and are ready to put in the effort to make our connection extraordinary, then let's embark on this journey together. I hold the belief that dreams can come true, but they require action and dedication to become a reality. Do you share this philosophy?


I want a family

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partner's age does not matter

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real meeting,marriage