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Yaroslava 21 years online

About myself

I'm a single, vibrant bride from Ukraine, thrilled to be part of this online dating community. If I were to describe myself, I'd say I'm a cheerful and joyful individual. My nature is one of kindness and unwavering loyalty. I have an inherent fascination with people and enjoy sharing a multitude of stories from my own life. Weekends are my sanctuary for fun and relaxation. I relish in an active and dynamic way of unwinding, seizing the opportunity to make the most of my free time. At the same time, I find solace in the cozy confines of my home, occasionally immersing myself in the world of books.

About my partner

My heartfelt desire is to discover true love through this online dating platform, with the ultimate goal of establishing a deep and lasting relationship, possibly leading to marriage in the future. Physical appearance and age are inconsequential in my eyes. What truly matters is the love that we can nurture together, as it will be the cornerstone of a happy family life. I am fully prepared to invest my heart and soul into caring for my partner and our future family, but I yearn for love to be the foundation upon which our journey is built.


Cars, sport, dancing

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searching for a mature man

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Friendship, relatiosnhip, romance, marriage