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Anna 33 years offline

About myself

I believe in the power of open communication and creating meaningful relationships. I am looking for a soulmate who shares my values and desires to meet in person after this dating site. Kindness and creating strong connections are essential to me. I love traveling, engaging in sports, and making new acquaintances. I am seeking one man with whom the journey of dating begins, through stormy nights and moments of passion. Imagine us exploring nature, from the serene sea to majestic mountains. We could even embark on a thrilling adventure, traveling by ship. No matter where we go, we will always be together, solving problems and cherishing each other. Mutual understanding, friendship, and the ability to truly hear a partner are crucial to me. I desire a partner who is ready for a real meeting, with a strong shoulder to lean on.

About my partner

As an open and honest girl, Iam on a quest to find my perfect match on this dating site. I believe that creating strong relationships starts with genuine connections and meeting in person. I'm a firm believer in kindness and value individuals who share this belief. I'm looking for that one special man where dating begins, and we navigate through stormy nights with passion. Picture us exploring the beauty of nature, from the calming sea to breathtaking mountains. We could embark on exciting adventures, even traveling by ship. Throughout our journey, we'll always be there for each other, solving problems and cherishing our bond. Mutual understanding, friendship, and the ability to listen to your partner are qualities I hold dear.


sports, reading, watching movies, music, travel

Age criteria

searching for man aged 30 to 85

Dating goal

finding a soulmate, creating relationships, meeting in reality, marriage