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Natalya 36 years online

About myself

I graduated from the Cosmo Makeup Academy and thought that all doors open for me, all people will want to know me, and all employers give me a job as a makeup artist in their salon.
without results my hopes were collapsed, because I didnt have any success in life .
now I realized that I do not need to give up and try again, I want to live in a better world, with great man, find better job
Thats why I came to on dating site
I want to find on dating site that MAN who will be proud of me, to whom I will give so much love, and I already started my new way, you know where?

About my partner

Looking for man on dating site , who will simply love me and see my inner beauty, who can see the real me.
I do not need fancy gifts,restaurants, I just want the REAL closeness, that only native people can have, be like a family - this is all I really want from dating site.
And of course somebody who wants to take everything from life and enjoy every moment of it . Where are you my LOVE?


Dancing, singing, hiking, cooking

Age criteria

searching for man aged 40 to 85

Dating goal

Marriage, Relationships, Romance