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Anna 30 years online

About myself

More about me If I can find a man here on dating site, I would like to talk as simply. I don't think this will be a big problem on dating site ,because now a diverse number of platforms for this.And since I work as a Buyer and travel a lot to different countries ,to purchase exclusive goods, I need to have mobility with my future love and easy and fast communication.Do you think I'm right about this?

About my partner

I don 't know what my ideal man looks like , I think it's just necessary to feel this. What you should know about me on dating site is that I like to be active in life , I like to learn something new, so I probably chose this job because I see a lot of new in my life when i come to another country.I do not like to delay, if I take something I try to do it as quickly as possible .
That is why it is so important for me to communicate in good messengers that do not put you in the frame , and if we meet each other here, we must choose a convenient platform for us to communicate . But we have to start on dating site ?


I have several intimate hobbies and there are those hobbies that may surprise you. you can ask me and I will tell you

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searching for a mature man

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find someone who will offer a real date with a continuation

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