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Mariia 19 years offline

About myself

I am a sweet and cheerful girl from Ukraine. My family brought me up in strictness, but I cannot call myself a gray mouse. You will see it if you hang out with me a little. I am sincere and honest with all the people in my life, because I believe that lies are not needed if you value the trust of another person. I easily get in touch. I don't have many friends, but I'm quite talkative.
At the university I study ecology in order to work in the laboratory in the future. I am also a good teacher, it is not difficult for me to explain something to other people, I have a lot of patience and I am not at all an aggressive person. I have two cats and I love them madly.
I dream of becoming one of those happy Ukrainian brides in the future.

About my partner

Feelings, happiness, love - what I need. I decided on a web date on the recommendation of friends who found their soul mate here. I want to take a chance, since I got the opportunity.
I am plasticine in your hands, learning something new from a loved one is what I really want and consider it necessary for a happy relationship. I will also be glad if my loved one is interested in what I do, it will make us closer.
Write to me if you like me. Don't risk losing your chance for love.


Books, sport

Age criteria

partner's age does not matter

Dating goal

Serious relationship and get some experience in the real meetings